Fantasy Guru Daily: 5/3/11

After a flurry of noteworthy news items over the weekend, we’re left scrambling for scraps on Tuesday. It is actually a relief that there are no lockout updates to write about today, even though a major one (a decision on a stay pending appeal) is expected this week. Until then, we’ll get down with some usual maintenance.

UFL draft takes place on Twitter… Usually, this isn’t even worth mentioning, but the UFL held its draft entirely on Twitter last night. That’s pretty cool for about 15 seconds, until you realize that it’s the UFL. However, there is a little bit extra drama this year: guys who would typically be undrafted NFL free agents haven’t been able to sign with teams yet, and the UFL could provide them an interesting opportunity to show their stuff or at least have some sort of financial security for the next year. But even if the NFL season goes off without a hitch, the UFL wants to position itself as a unique opportunity for players like Boston College’s Mark Herzlich: play in the UFL and hone skills, or go to the NFL, be a camp body, and have a big chance of getting cut. Remember, if the NFL is unable to hold the same amount of minicamps (or even training camp practices) that we are used to seeing, then underdog UDFAs have less of a chance to prove themselves worthy of a roster spot over established veterans. Playing in the UFL could be more strategic than anything this year.

Eagles reportedly have an offer on the table for Kolb… This shouldn’t be surprising, since Kevin Kolb is easily the hottest available commodity at the QB position, but SI’s Peter King is reporting that the Eagles have a 2012 first-round pick on the table for Kolb, and could choose to trade him once the league year kicks off (which, of course, could be this week or this summer). We’ve been through the NFL a few times over, and after the NFL Draft, the picture becomes clearer. In essence, we see two major suitors for Kolb – Arizona and Seattle. San Francisco and Minnesota drafted young QBs, Buffalo seems content with Ryan Fitzpatrick for the time being, and there’s no chance the Eagles trade a young QB with upside (sorry, Donovan) in the division to Washington. Arizona is interesting because Larry Fitzgerald apparently wants to play with Kolb, and in general it’s a good idea for a franchise to try to appease the best player in its history. Seattle makes sense because it’s a team coming off a division title, but QB Matt Hasselbeck does not want to come back and the Seahawks say they “have [their] plan” but “just can’t execute it right now.” That seems to come up roses for Kolb. But if King’s report is true or if the Eagles can engage teams – especially division rivals – in a bidding war for Kolb, we’d expect him to be shipped outta town as soon as is possible.

Quick Hits

  • Patriot QB Tom Brady’s foot injury is healing as expected and he should be ready for the 2011 season.

Brady should also be ready to cut some rug, as well.

- Joe Dolan

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