Fantasy Guru Daily: 4/26/11

The lockout has been lifted, but will it stay that way?. On Monday, Judge Susan Richard Nelson ruled in favor of the players by granting them an injunction to lift the lockout after 45 days. While the general consensus was Nelson would side with the players, she was also expected to grant a stay of the lockout, but did not. With no stay granted, the league filed an appeal of Nelson’s decision to the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis and would like it handled by June, as they feel Nelson exceeded her jurisdiction. The league also filed a motion with Nelson for a stay, and she has given the players’ side until 9am central time on Wednesday to respond. In the meantime, the league held a conference call with all 32 teams on Monday night to determine how to handle players reporting for work on Tuesday morning. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told NFL Network’s Albert Breer that players would be allowed into team facilities if they showed up on Tuesday morning and would “be treated courteously and with respect.” With players looking to earn their workout bonus, some agents have told their clients to report to work, such as Redskin LB Lorenzo Alexander, who said he showed up to the team’s facility to make sure his bonus couldn’t be taken away on a technicality later on because he wasn’t there. Sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that teams were told not to open their weight room and avoid engaging in contract discussions. While the lockout has been lifted, no rules have been put in place by the league to open up free agency or any roster moves, but that would change if Nelson’s ruling is upheld by the 8th circuit. Basically, everyone is in uncharted waters right now and the word being used to describe the current situation is “chaos.” If you want to keep an eye on this chaos, may we suggest checking out our Twitter feed of every national and team beat writer as they report from various team facilities around the country as well as passing along any information that comes down from the courts.

With the lockout lifted, the doors have once again opened for players. Let's hope they stay that way this time.

We’ll let The Strokes describe our emotions of the day with “Hard to Explain”

-Matt Camp

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