Fantasy Guru Daily: 4/25/11

It is possible, if not likely, that a major step in the Brady v. NFL case will be taken today. And oh yeah, Brandon Marshall got stabbed. So in summation, it is just a usual case of the Mondays in the Fantasy Guru Daily.

Judge Nelson’s decision could come on Monday… For more than two weeks, Judge Susan Nelson has sat on her decision whether to issue an injunction against the NFL’s lockout in the Brady v. NFL case. Now, sources close to the case believe that decision will come Monday. To summarize, an injunction (requested by the players) would block the NFL’s lockout as illegal and would force the owners to open the doors of the league. Of course, it’s not going to be that simple. Should Nelson rule in favor of the players, as most expect, it seems likely that she will grant a stay of the injunction, pending the NFL’s appeal to the 8th Circuit Appellate Court, meaning we’ll have to wait for a decision on the appeal to actually learn anything definitively. Should the players win this decision, the NFL will immediately ask Nelson to grant a stay, pending appeal. Should Nelson deny that request, the request will move to the 8th Circuit. So even though Nelson could rule to block the lockout today, the injunction has several hoops to jump through before it actually goes into place. But don’t be fooled: this is a significant step in the process, if only because it gets the next gears turning. The sooner a ruling comes, the sooner either side can appeal to the 8th Circuit. And remember, while most insiders believe Nelson has always leaned toward ruling with the players, there have certainly been no guarantees in this labor mess. A ruling for the owners would really shake things up.

Dolphin WR Marshall stabbed… In yet another off-the-field incident that will make Dolphin executives and fans cringe, WR Brandon Marshall was forced into the hospital this weekend when his wife allegedly stabbed him in the abdominal region during a domestic dispute. Marshall, who also received defensive wounds on his hands, was fortunate, however: the stabbing missed all vital organs, has already been released from the hospital, and he’s expected to make a full recovery within a month or so. Marshall’s wife, Michi, has been arrested in connection to the stabbing, and insists she was acting out of self-defense. While the entire situation is tragic and messy, the Dolphins do have to make football decisions regarding Marshall. He signed a monster contract extension with the team last year, and Miami knew well that Marshall has had a history of off-field issues. In fact, some reports suggest that his teammates are not surprised in the least by this latest incident. The Dolphins reportedly are not considering releasing Marshall at this time, although once the lockout is lifted or settled more information could have made itself available. For now, we recommend that Marshall dynasty owners don’t panic.

Quick Hits

  • Do the Patriots need much? Not really. But don’t be surprised if they take a shot on Alabama RB Mark Ingram in the first round.


A guess: it won't be just the notoriously rabid Jet fans booing at the 2011 draft. Call it a hunch.

No draft week (especially one when boos are expected to fly freely) is complete without this video, documenting the hilarious history of Jets fans at the NFL Draft. Our favorite part is definitely at the 40-second mark, when Pete Rozelle doesn’t even have a chance to say the players’ name before Jet fans are leaping off buildings. Listen to the distressed fan yell “OH, NO!!!!!” as soon as Rozelle says “fullback.” Hysterical.

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