Fantasy Guru Daily: 4/22/11

The Fantasy Guru Daily returns today after a productive one-day hiatus. Yesterday, the staff joined Greg Cosell, Adam Caplan, Brian Billick, Ron Jaworski, Sal Paolantonio, Ray Didinger, and others for a mock draft at NFL Films. It was a great way to hear different opinions on the players and draft strategy, and we came out of it feeling like we have an even greater grasp on what this year’s rookie class is like. On to today’s news…

Schedule has flexibility … While we remain cautiously optimistic that Judge Susan Nelson will end the lockout and the owners will lose their appeal – therefore giving us football in a month or two – the NFL has built in some flexibility in the 2011 schedule to help make sure that every game will be played. We already knew there were two weeks of flexibility, as the off week between the conference title games and the Super Bowl can be eliminated and the Super Bowl can be moved back a week. ESPN’s Adam Schefter points out that every matchup in Week Three features teams that share a common bye week. In other words, if three weeks were lost, Week Three games could be made up in place of teams’ bye weeks. That means the season could start up to three weeks late on Oct. 2 without losing any games. Still, we’re holding out hope that this is a last resort. We’re hoping either a deal gets done or the courts force football to happen earlier, therefore giving us free agency, training camp, and a somewhat normal season. That’s all anyone really wants.

Mediation takes a break … After minutes of mediation, the NFL and the players will get an undeserved break. Mediation broke on Wednesday and is scheduled to resume May 16 in Minneapolis, partly because of scheduling conflicts with Judge Arthur Boylan. Perhaps a judge with a more convenient schedule should have been appointed. The break also probably means that part of Boylan’s job was to see how serious the two sides were about getting a deal done, and we’re guessing they’re probably not very serious. While we wait, Judge Susan Nelson will soon make her ruling on whether to grant an injunction and stop the lockout. All signs pointed to that happening, but we’ll likely have to wait for the appeals process to play out. Of course, we’re all used to waiting, although it’s gotten old fast. In other courtroom football news, the NFL has denied a law firm’s conflict-of-interest waiver request to represent a new group of players that supposedly want to be involved in Brady v. NFL. It’s a shame, because obviously what we really need more lawyers involved. This latest report also downplays Sports Business Journal’s report of a developing rift in the players’ camp. Finally, the mediation date of May 16 is four days after a scheduled hearing with everyone’s favorite judge David Doty on damages in the TV case. Hopefully all this will get even more complicated soon.

Quick Hits

  • New Titan coach Mike Munchak has reiterated that QB Vince Young will not be back under center for the team in 2011. While RB Chris Johnson wasn’t sure that the decision was final, his coach disagreed. Despite the complete uncertainty of the Titans’ QB situation, it’s the right move. Ideally, they’ll either bring in a new veteran or bring back Kerry Collins and draft a QB to develop for the future.

Who has a better chance at starting a game for the Titans this year? Our pal Rusty Smith.

  • Bear PK Robbie Gould blamed owners’ greed for the lockout before singing a rousing rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at Wrigley Field Wednesday.

-Matt Brown

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