Fantasy Guru Daily: 4/15/11

Mediation resumed in Minnesota on Thursday, and for once, it appears as if both sides of the table plan on honoring the gag order put in place. So while it appears there is a long way to go toward a new deal, the two sides are at least talking (even if it was forced). Why do I feel as if I’ve written this intro too many times before?

NFL, NFLPA meet under auspices of Judge Boylan… Mediation between both sides of the Brady v. NFL lawsuit were forced to meet on Thursday at the order of Judge Susan Nelson, who is still waiting to issue her ruling on the NFLPA’s request for an injunction against the NFL lockout. This time, the mediation (including several NFL owners) took place in the court of Judge Arthur Boylan, who has extensive mediation experience and, unlike George Cohen, has the power to report any wrongdoing in the sessions directly to Judge Nelson. That will certainly keep either side – especially the owners, we think – from trying to be overtly unreasonable in the sessions. The good news is that we do know, simply because intrepid reporters waited outside Judge Boylan’s chambers in Minneapolis, that the two sides met for about 10 hours on Thursday and will return for more talks on Friday. Other than that, the only tidbits we got were from’s Albert Breer, who suggested the talks were “tough” and there needs to be extensive “fence-mending” between the two sides. Neither of these things is a surprise, but the fact that the two sides are getting back together Friday is a small positive. After all, the court said talks will continue as long as it still makes sense for the two sides to meet, and Judge Nelson could delay her ruling until it’s obvious neither side is willing to budge in negotiations.

Kolb seeking long-term deal… This should be no surprise, but Eagle backup QB Kevin Kolb will want a big contract extension from either the Eagles (unlikely) or his next team when he is finally anointed the full-time starter of his next NFL team. The general opinion is that Kolb, who is signed through the 2011 season, will be traded as soon as the Eagles are allowed to make a deal. But team executives could be apprehensive to pay Kolb as if he’s a proven starter. Remember, even a guy like Matt Cassel, who signed a huge deal in Kansas City after being traded from the Patriots, was more proven than Kolb is at this point. We think Kolb is well equipped to start in the NFL, but he needs a strong run game and the right timing-based system. That, coupled with the supposed price tag, could be enough to drive prospective suitors away from any deal.

Just fishin' for a new deal is all

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