Fantasy Guru Daily: 4/13/11

While the draft is just a few weeks away, the buzz does not seem to be the same as recent years. Obviously the lockout looms large, but the lack of a consensus #1 pick does not help much either. You know things are bad when in papers across the country, the majority of stories deal with braking down the preseason schedule, which was released on Tuesday. Oh and we have another report from the police blotter, regarding a significant fantasy player. Let’s talk some NFL(-related news)!

Kenny Britt and his car during happier times.

Britt arrested in New Jersey … after police chase resulted in him being hit with three charges. Britt was clocked at doing 71 in a 50-mph zone, but they eluded a pursuing officer before exiting his vehicle and denying he was even driving the car. The Titan receiver was charged with eluding a police officer, lying to an officer/hindering apprehension, and obstructing governmental function. While the latter two charges are misdemeanors, it is a felony to elude an officer. This latest run in with the law continues a trend for the former Rutgers Scarlet Knight, which includes an arrest in January 2010 for not paying traffic tickets and a benching last season related to his presence at a bar fight in Nashville.

Mediation begins in Minnesota … with the players’ side meeting with U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan. With the Brady v. NFL and Eller v. NFL cases being consolidated, lawyers representing the players (current and past) were present at Boylan’s chambers for the discussions, which lasted about five hours in total. According to Michael Hauseld, who is the lead attorney for the retired players, “The mediator was very open, it was a very constructive session, he heard from the Brady plaintiffs and the Eller plaintiffs as to what issues they considered that need to be addressed during mediation. The mediator intends to have the same type of session tomorrow with the league (counsel), and then hopefully to bring everybody together on Thursday to see what areas of agreement can be achieved, and how quickly.” Boylan will meet with the league representatives on Wednesday before both sides meet with the judge on Thursday.

Quick Hits

  • On Tuesday, the preseason schedule was announced with the Bears and Rams kicking things off in Canton for the Hall of Fame Game on August 7. Many beat writers are breaking down these games, but we haven’t hit that point of desperation…yet.

Johnny Cash kicks off Wednesday…

-Matt Camp

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