Fantasy Guru Daily: 4/12/11

The news cycle has really slowed down since free agency cannot yet begin and the draft is still two weeks away. Once either of those things happen, we will finally be able to assess actual football teams. Until then, we have to speculate on mediation and courts and whatnot, and yeah, it still sucks to do that. Oh well.

Judge Nelson appoints Judge Arthur Boylan to mediate talks… The NFL and decertified NFLPA are meeting in a Minneapolis court in mediated settlement settings this week, as ordered by Judge Susan Nelson, who is overseeing the Brady v. NFL case. Nelson is expected to take another week or so to issue her ruling on the NFLPA’s request to block the NFL’s lockout, and in the meantime she ordered the two sides into Judge Boylan’s court for mediated sessions. She also issued a strict gag order; you might remember federal mediator George Cohen doing the same, but there is a difference. As an appointee of Judge Nelson’s court, Judge Boylan actually holds authority over these sessions. If, in Judge Boylan’s opinion, either side is being unreasonable or difficult without cause, he can report to Judge Nelson. It’s possible, then, that Judge Nelson could hold the offending party in contempt of court, and neither side wants that (especially the owners, who already seem to be treading on thin ice). The mediated talks will begin Thursday, and in the meantime the players’ side will meet with Judge Boylan today, and the owners will state their case on Wednesday. Most “pundits” assume these talks won’t be very productive until Judge Nelson issues her ruling, but there’s always a chance that the owners may want to settle their differences before they get hammered in court, which seems to be the way Judge Nelson is leaning if we can read into her comments during the initial injunction hearing.

We have found no reason to believe Judge Arthur Boylan is a descendant of Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII of England.

In way of news, that’s about it for today. So here’s a link to a mega video. The madferit lifestyle brings us all down, but what are we to do?

- Joe Dolan

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