Fantasy Guru Daily: 4/6/11

HAPPY COURT DAY! Ah, yes, the long countdown ends. After weeks of pointless bickering via Twitter, the NFL and its players will be meeting again today – this time in front of U.S. District Judge Susan Nelson in Minnesota.

Brady v. NFL commences … Three and a half weeks after endless mediation sessions got us nowhere, the battle between the NFL

Judge Smails has sentenced lockouts younger than this to the gas chamber. He didn't want to do it, but he felt he owed it to them.

and the players’ union trade association heads to court for a hearing on whether to grant a preliminary injunction that could prevent the lockout and force the league to operate as usual. Of course, we don’t know how Judge Nelson will rule, we don’t know when she will rule, and the granting of an injunction will result in an appeal by the league anyway. Still, even in the event of an appeal, she could order the lockout lifted while we wait. What could that mean? Well, free agency, trades, and all the usual fun that we enjoy in the off-season. Sure beats talking about the lockout. Another possibility is that Nelson could order the two sides to go back to the negotiating table. That sounds terrible after how little the last negotiations got us, but who knows what’ll happen if they’re forced to talk again? At some point, progress will have to be made. For your recommended courtroom reading, Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post delivers a nice overview of what could happen today, and ESPN’s Lester Munson believes Nelson will end the lockout (which, again, will then be appealed). Of course, for how important this hearing seems, the following people will not be there: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Roger Goodell, and Jeff Pash. Soon-to-be-rookie Von Miller is there, however, so perhaps the rookie hazing has already begun.

MJD ahead of schedule … Jaguar RB Maurice Jones-Drew said that he’s ahead of schedule as he battles back from January arthroscopic knee surgery. MJD missed the last two games of the season after playing on a weak knee all season, but he still ran for 1324 yards, ranking tied for 6th among RBs with an average of 14.7 FPG. He said he has already started to run, which apparently puts him a month ahead of schedule.

Newton still has doubters … We’re only a few weeks away from the draft, and it’s still unclear who the Panthers will take with the top overall pick. While defense remains a possibility, most signs seem to be pointing to a QB – either Auburn’s Cam Newton or Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert – despite the Panthers’ selection of Jimmy Clausen in the 2nd round last season. If there’s a favorite, it appears to be Newton, but Panther owner Jerry Richardson is not quite sold on Newton yet, according to The report also says that Georgia WR A.J. Green could be an option for Carolina.

Quick Hits

  • Well, if you ask Raven WR Derrick Mason, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is a “joke” because of the HGH testing talk.

-Matt Brown

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