Fantasy Guru Daily: 4/4/11

So, Opening Weekend in Major League Baseball has come and gone, and hopefully it was a worthy enough distraction so you failed to realize that free agency has not yet started in the NFL. When will that finally commence? That remains to be seen, but mark down April 6 as a key day: that’s when Judge Susan Nelson will hear the first arguments in the Brady v. NFL case. We could get a ruling immediately, or it could take a couple weeks. Buckle in.

NFL refuses to negotiate with decertified NFLPA… The NFL and its relentless battalion of PR lackeys (see @gregaiello on Twitter if you need to vomit) has insisted since the union decertified a few weeks ago that it’s always ready to go back to the negotiating table. But an story suggests otherwise – the players requested to meet with the owners starting March 28 to work out a settlement before the April 6 date in Judge Nelson’s court. What’s happening here is a classic battle of semantics, something we should expect to see until this situation is resolved. In essence, the NFL is willing to negotiate with the players, but only in collective bargaining sessions. And if there’s anything we’ve learned in our labor negotiation crash courses, it’s that “collective bargaining” is not possible without a union. The players want “settlement talks,” the owners want “collective bargaining.” For that to happen, the players would have to reform as a union, thereby dropping their antitrust lawsuit in the process. The NFL is trying to win the PR war, but we argue that neither side is winning right now. They’re both making us gag.

Leslie Frazier has no idea who his QB will be… Thanks for confirming what we knew already, Leslie. In an interview with the St. Paul Pioneer-Press, Frazier declared his QB competition officially open. One problem: who will be, y’know, participating in this battle? We know Joe Webb will be around, but he’s as raw as QB in the league, and the Vikings absolutely must find a more stable option if they’re going to come anywhere close to challenging the NFC North elite in 2011. Frazier’s words weren’t exactly encouraging for Webb: “It’s kind of a matter of who’s available,” Frazier said. “And we need to find a guy who we can build around. That would be the ideal situation.”

Elway isn’t sold on Tebow… If you’ve been reading between the lines of John Elway’s Twitter account and his comments in the media this off-season, it’s evident that the Broncos’ VP of Football Operations isn’t exactly convinced that Tim Tebow can be a successful QB in the NFL. Elway said last week that the Bronco staff is evaluating all the top QBs in the NFL draft, and although it doesn’t appear as if the Broncos will be selecting one at No. 2 overall (they really need defense), don’t be surprised to see the Broncos bring in a guy they feel good about later in the draft, perhaps in the 2nd or 3rd round. If Tebow is going to be handed the job over Kyle Orton and others, he’s going to have to earn it. That’s a successful way to run a franchise.

Louis Murphy arrested for illegal possession of prescription drugs… What did Murphy have in his possession? This article doesn’t lay it out, but we’ll give you a hint:


- Joe Dolan

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