Fantasy Guru Daily: 3/30/11

Today is one of those days that can occasionally be expected during a lockout. By that, I mean there is very little football news. Fortunately, when struggling to find news to post on the blog, we learned we can count on Buc CB Aqib Talib to mess up.

Felony warrant issued for Talib… Talib has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon as a result of a March 21 incident outside of a Dallas suburb. Police say Talib and his mother, Okolo, fired a gun at his sister’s boyfriend, then interfered with an emergency phone call from the same location. While we’re obviously in no position to judge Talib outside the

Mark Mangino coached Aqib Talib at Kansas. That is not Talib on the right.

court of law, he has been in trouble before and the Buccaneers have to seriously consider cutting ties with him. That’s easier said than done, however; Talib is certainly one of the top young CBs in the NFL, and it’s such a difficult position to get consistent play from. Because of the labor situation, the Bucs didn’t say much regarding the incident, other than that they were “deeply troubled.” But there’s no doubt the Bucs have to be assessing their draft board in light of the news.

Bryant received jewelry while at OSU… Cowboy WR Dez Bryant owes about $500,000 in credit payments for receiving jewelry, merchandise, and tickets while at Oklahoma State, according to two lawsuits. Despite Bryant being suspended for most of the 2009 college season for unrelated offenses, the plaintiff said he anticipated Bryant receiving a big NFL contract, enough to pay off the debt accrued. To date, the lawsuits says, Bryant has paid about $21,000 of his debt. Bryant also has had a situation come up regarding unpaid rent. These incidents are another knock against Bryant’s maturity level, although we wouldn’t expect Cowboy owner Jerry Jones to take any drastic action (once he can, of course).

NFLPA to pay from lockout fund starting April 15… Several NFL players are eligible to receive payments from a fund set up by the NFLPA over the last two years to help them make payments during the lockout. If players have been on a 53-man roster for 34 weeks over the last two seasons, they are eligible for up to $60,000 in payments. Of course, $60,000 isn’t nearly the compensation players are used to, and the restrictive rules mean the players most hurt by the lockout – the last 10 guys on the rosters, for instance – probably aren’t even eligible for payments. In other words, this money won’t be enough to sustain players for a lengthy lockout if they aren’t already prepared.

Quick Hits

The newly expanded Pac-12 Conference will consider games on Sundays if the NFL lockout lasts into the fall.

DE Simeon Rice wants to attempt a comeback with the Buccaneers.

Packer coach Mike McCarthy doesn’t want to see off-season workouts change under a new CBA.

- Joe Dolan

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