Fantasy Guru Daily: 3/29/11

We are just eight days away from the big April 6 court date, so for now, we bring you news of another lawsuit, this one filed by retired players, and a football guarantee from an owner.

Retired Holmes still a fantasy stud? … It wasn’t too long ago that former Chief RB Priest Holmes was a fantasy beast, like in 2004 when he averaged 24.7 FPG – 5.6 more than the next best RB Shaun Alexander. Now, Holmes, along with former players such as Hall of Fame DE Carl Eller, could help fantasy football again by filing a federal class action, antitrust lawsuit against the NFL, as Yahoo! Sports reports. We’d recommend reading Dan Wetzel’s story for yourself, but the most important point is that Eller v. NFL also covers draft prospects, as they are not represented by the NFLPA. Essentially, the suit argues that draft prospects were not involved in decertification but are being negatively affected by the lockout. Many fans aren’t interested in the details and simply want to see football, and obviously, we want to see football too. It’s tough to tell how much of an impact the Eller v. NFL case will make, but there’s certainly a chance this will help toward our desired goal.

NFLPA won’t stand in way of draft … With no court hearing until April 6, the big story has been a potential boycott of the draft by players. Well, the NFLPA says it won’t prevent prospects from attending the 2011 NFL Draft. Instead, the NFLPA will hold a reception and dinner in the hours before the 1st round of the draft on Thursday, April 28, along with some other events that won’t interfere with the draft itself. The prospects are caught in a tough situation here, as they want to show solidarity with their soon-to-be union trade association, but draft night is a moment they’ve been waiting for all their lives. So it’s good to see that players will still get their moment on the stage in New York, shake Roger Goodell’s hand, and then go on having no contact with their new teams.

Bud Adams makes a guarantee“It’s going to be a few months here, but we’ll be playing this year. I guarantee we’ll be playing.”Titans owner Bud Adams.

So there you have it. Football in 2011! Okay, maybe not. Adams may be an owner, but we’re not necessarily going to trust what he has to say. Still, we’d like to say we agree with him. There’s just too much at stake for there not to be football this season, right?

Everyone can stop worrying. We have a Bud Adams guarantee.

Quick Hits

  • Saint RB Chris Ivory is making progress, but he still has a ways to go as he works his way back from Lisfranc surgery on his foot. If he can come back healthy, Ivory will be part of a crowded backfield, especially given the new contract for Pierre Thomas.
  • And in perhaps the most unexpected news of the week, our Greg Cosell has decided to join the Twitter world. We of course highly recommend following @gregcosell.

-Matt Brown

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