Fantasy Guru Daily: 3/25/11

There is really nothing more to say. If you have not heard about the latest doom and gloom story of the lockout this week, just know that it comes from an unusual place. It is getting a lot of play, but, uh… well, you’ll see. In the meantime, ya gotta get down on Friday!

Labor rhetoric: FUN FUN FUN FUN

Boston columnist hears the scuttlebutt… That’s pretty much the best term I can use for it. Longtime Boston writer Ron Borges gives us our latest apocalypse prophecy, setting the scene with something he overheard from whom he thinks to be NFL lawyer Bob Batterman. Where did Borges overhear Batterman say we’re in for a “long battle?” Well, while he was taking a crap of course! Not doubting Borges’ reporting… but… yeah. Remember, there can be a long court battle while football continues, hinging on a Minnesota court ruling on April 6. In other words, it’s still not time to lose your $#!+ over what a guy heard in the commode.

Labor rhetoric: belongs here

League wants HGH testing… In a piece of news that few fans are likely to disagree with, the NFL told that it wants all players to be subject to human growth hormone testing as part of the new CBA. Getting the players to agree to this is a lot tougher than getting the fans behind it, and the players were insistent that any HGH testing in the new CBA would come as a result of a litigation settlement. No surprise there.

Quick Hits

As soon as it’s possible, expect WR Mark Clayton to re-sign with the Rams.

Auburn QB Cam Newton is working out for Buffalo, Miami, and Minnesota.

Free agent KR Brad Smith is really upset with the new kick-return rules.

Lion QB Matthew Stafford has started throwing as he rehabs his injured shoulder.

- Joe Dolan

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