Fantasy Guru Daily: 3/21/11

We are in Week Two of Lockout 2011, and the owners have arrived in New Orleans for their annual meetings. Anything important for them to talk about? Hmmm.

Players answer Goodell’s letter … First both sides in the CBA talks quietly met in mediation. Then they started taking shots at each other over Twitter and through the media. Now, they’re writing letters to each other. Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a letter to the players at the end of last week, detailing the owners’ offer and asking the players to return to negotiations. Many players didn’t enjoy the letter, and the NFLPA’s executive committee sent a reply to Goodell on Saturday. The gist of the letter: “Your statements are false.” So there we go. Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post says the letters again show the distrust between the two sides as they battle for public support. The April 6 court date still seems like ages away with nothing but this back-and-forth war of words happening. Brant also delivered a nice overview of what to expect from the Brady v. NFL case that will begin in a few weeks. The latter piece is required reading for anyone interested in the upcoming courtroom battle that will help decide if we have football or not, which is all anyone is really interested in.

Owners to talk player safety … Although the lockout is obviously the top story right now, the owners will also discuss player safety at their meetings in New Orleans this week. On Tuesday, owners will vote on increasing protection for defenseless players. The player safety issue was the big ongoing storyline of the 2010 season, as several players – most notably Steeler LB James Harrison – were outspoken critics of the NFL’s crackdown on vicious hits. Harrison was tagged with several fines, and now the NFL might also use suspensions as deterrents. The off-season has only increased attention paid to effects of football on the brain, most notably in the case of Fred McNeill, as detailed in GQ, and the death of Dave Duerson.

Eagle QB Kevin Kolb might not have to spend his Sundays on the bench in 2011 if the Eagles make a deal.

Reid talks Kolb … Whenever the NFL resumes operations and the new league year finally begins, the hot name will be Eagle QB Kevin Kolb. With Michael Vick back in the fold in 2011, HC Andy Reid said the Eagles have already heard from teams who are interested in dealing for Kolb, the former 2nd round pick who was thought to be the successor to Donovan McNabb. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King reports that one team is already willing to send a 1st round pick to Philly for Kolb. With several teams in the market for QBs, Kolb could provide an instant upgrade and help a club like San Francisco take a big step forward.

Quick Hits

  • Patriot TE Alge Crumpler, who was used mainly as a blocker in 2010, underwent surgery in January to repair a “significant” shoulder injury.

-Matt Brown

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  1. Burton says:

    Here’s what I wrote in the other blog… it seems more appropriate here:
    I hate to say it, but there will be no season if the Players don’t actually participate in negotiations through mediation. The Players need to get real and quit trying to demand full open books from all 32 private clubs. The NFLPA has been misleading the Players by telling them that this is owed to them by the Owners simply because they executed a clause in the contract to opt-out of the current deal. It is the fault of the NFLPA for even allowing that opt-out clause into the contract in the first place. I see it just like those player contracts that the agents negotiate that state that the player will make some ridiculous huge sum of money the last year of their contract. Everyone knows that the team can not afford that last year salary and will have to release the player, but it makes the Agent look good at the time. If Upshaw never got the Owners to 100% open their books, what makes the Players think that Mr. Smith can do it? or that it is somehow owed to them all of a sudden? Players need to drop this stumbling block and actually get back into mediation and actually START negotiating a NEW deal. They are only wasting everyone’s time and money with this lawsuit strategy. Players, please back into mediation and start negotiating a deal before you ruin this season!

  2. Burton says:

    It takes two participants to negotiate. The NFLPA made it very clear to the NFL that they were not willing to negotiate prior to the mediation. Actually, the NFLPA made it very clear to the Players over a year ago that the NFLPA was not willing to negotiate in its Players Guide to Lockout. The NFLPA has made it clear to everyone that they are not going to negotiate, so you can not blame the NFL/Owners for waiting for a fair and objective Mediation process to Professionally mediate the negotiations. Unfortunately, the NFLPA/Players still were unwilling to negotiate and followed through with their original plan to hope that the courts somehow and over many months impose some rulings that help the NFLPA’s cause. What a waste!

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