Fantasy Guru Daily: 3/18/11

With the NFL at a standstill, we openly wonder if there will be anything to talk about in this blog, yet we continue to have content with either the league or the players finding the need to open their mouths to convince the fans that they’re the ones doing whatever it takes to make sure there’s football in 2011. It hasn’t changed anything and at this point, we’d like both sides to keep quiet unless they’re announcing a resolution to this mess.

Is this what Comissioner Goodell meant when he said there will be football in 2011?

Goodell sends out letter to playersdetailing the final offer the league made last Friday in an effort to get back to negotiations. The letter details the proposal and tries to convince the players that that a fair offer was made to prevent a work stoppage. While the league is presenting this as the Commissioner trying to communicate with the players who weren’t at the negotiating table, it’s obvious he’s trying to create a divide among the players and pressure those who weren’t there to urge their leaders to get back to negotiations. Early reactions indicate that the players aren’t biting, as evidenced by Seahawk player rep Chester Pitts saying, “I’ve told my guys to take the letter and set it on fire. We’re not that stupid.” Pitts’ comments were what we expected to hear, but we also heard a rather funny response from Patriot CB Leigh Bodden, who tweeted, “Who gave Goodell my email address?” In addition to the letter sent out by the Commissioner, the league has said they intend to enforce the personal conduct policy during the lockout, which doesn’t make a lot of sense when they are the ones keeping the players from doing their job.

Blaine Gabbert impresses at pro day … by completing 44 of 49 passes. With six head coaches in attendance and GMs from multiple teams, it was the largest contingent of team representatives at any pro day thus far. The former Missouri Tiger impressed former scout and current Sirius NFL Radio host Gil Brandt with his accuracy, which had been questioned by draft analysts in the days leading up to Thursday’s performance. Brandt gave Gabbert a big compliment, saying, “Gabbert couldn’t have done better had he borrowed Drew Brees’ right arm.” Experts who saw both Gabbert’s and Cam Newton’s pro days seem to be keying in on Gabbert having better accuracy and showing a bit more polish. Also working out at Missouri’s pro day was DE Aldon Smith, a projected 1st-round pick, who continued to show why he could be a dangerous pass rusher because of his speed.

-Matt Camp

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