Fantasy Guru Daily: 3/16/11

Welcome to another day filled with exciting talk about he lockout. The vow of silence of a few weeks ago seems like ancient history, as the two sides continue to do anything but discuss a new CBA together. With that, we pass along some lockout reading to you.

The commissioner speaksRoger Goodell appeared on the NFL Network on Tuesday to discuss his view of where things stand. Goodell doesn’t want draft prospects to boycott the draft, saying players who worked hard to get to that point shouldn’t be denied the spotlight on the stage in New York. Of course, as soon as they walk off the stage, they’ll be unable to negotiate contracts or deal with their new teams, and one of the top prospects happens to be involved in the players’ lawsuit. I’m guessing Von Miller won’t be shaking Goodell’s hand on the stage. Goodell went on to say that he’d return to mediation in a heartbeat, although we wished everyone involved had that enthusiasm when they seemed to be quietly sitting on their hands during most of the sessions before speaking up at the last moment. Other than that, Goodell wisely avoided taking shots at the other side, instead opting to clarify the position of the league/owners while avoiding name calling.

From the Super Bowl fiasco to new details from negotiations, Cowboy owner Jerry Jones hasn't had a great couple months.

Jerry being Jerry … If you were to create an All-Lockout Media team, Sports Illustrated’s Jim Trotter would surely be on the list. He’s been all over a lot of the inside information, and he continues this week with a look at some details from mediation. Not surprisingly, Cowboy owner Jerry Jones doesn’t come out looking good with his actions inside the negotiating room. Grab some popcorn and take a few minutes to read Trotter’s piece, as it’s well worth it.

Peterson says something he’ll regret … Public support appears to be split between the owners and players, but one thing that won’t help get sympathy on the players’ side is to make over-the-top comments exaggerating the situation. Viking RB Adrian Peterson spoke to Football Outsiders’ Doug Farrar, and in speaking about the owners’ treatment of the players, he equated the situation to “modern-day slavery.” Now, you don’t want to overreact to one comment, and as a trained journalist, I like when players actually speak their minds instead of delivering coach speak. Still, with nothing else going on in football, any controversial comment is going to be subject to intense scrutiny, and guys like Peterson might want to take a breath and think about what they’re going to say before actually saying it. Many players make more money than any fan could ever dream about making. Slavery references aren’t exactly going to get fans to relate to you.

What about the fans? …  Sally Jenkins of The Washington Post points out that most stadiums are at least partially taxpayer-funded. When tax dollars went to building stadiums, it came with the reasonable expectation that football would actually be played in them each fall. Obviously, we’d like to agree that these stadiums need football in 2011.

-Matt Brown

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