Fantasy Guru Daily: 3/15/11

As the league and NFLPA continue to put their own spin on what happened during negotiations over the last two weeks, we continue to deal with the lockout and the ramifications of having absolutely no player movement to discuss.

If the NFLPA gets their wish, we won't be seeing top prospects like Cam Newton at the 2011 NFL Draft.

NFLPA considering boycott of draft … by “recommending” to 17 top prospects that they skip the annual event. Reports state that instead of the draftees showing up at Radio City Music Hall, they’ll be given the “same experience down the street.” This may include getting the prospects who don’t attend on another network for interviews or having them appear on social media platforms. The league has been very diplomatic in their response, stating that the decision to accept the initiation to attend the draft has always been up to the players. NFLPA Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs George Atallah responded to the backlash from fans against the idea by tweeting, “Lots of interesting commentary on the possible NFL Draft issue. Fans rightfully frustrated. We will set the record straight today (Tuesday).”

Lockout injunction case to be heard April 6 … by U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson, who scheduled the hearing after being the third judge assigned to the case. The injunction request was filed before the lockout began last Saturday in addition to an antitrust lawsuit. It has been widely believed that Judge David Doty would oversee the case since he’s dealt with NFL labor issues for the last two decades, including the 1993 settlement that kick started what is now free agency. Doty could still end up hearing this case in the end if it’s determined the lockout injunction is related to a case he’s already been assigned to in the past. However, for the case to be reassigned to Doty or any other judge, Nelson must sign off on it.

-Matt Camp

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  1. bp says:

    The “green room” kids are really getting hosed on this. If they show up, it’s like parking a rice-burner in a GM lot: your going to get hassled by the rank and file. If they stay away, then they miss a once in a lifetime event. It is bad karma to use these guys as bargaining chips. They should be able to take the stage, put on a cap and show their new jerseys. Not cool by the NFLPA.

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