Fantasy Guru Daily: 3/9/11

Honestly, we are getting sick and tired of writing about the CBA talks. Unfortunately, with transactions frozen, there is very little to writer about other than CBA talks. However, we did get a bit of a laugh from a former fantasy stud who wants to try his luck at the NFL level yet again.

NFL, NFLPA squabbling over financial transparency… We knew the talks would get to this point, but it still makes us uneasy just a few days from the new CBA deadline. The NFLPA is requesting significant financial information from the owners, and although the owners have already conceded more than they have in the past, the union is not yet relenting on its demands for full audited financials. We’ll see if either side blinks, and there are still three days (including Wednesday) left of mediation. But we implore you not to overreact to any news – positive or negative – that comes out in the next couple days. As we saw last week, deadlines have been sparking progress in these talks. Let’s hope it’s the same case again this week.

Former Giant RB Tiki Barber is making a comeback. Seriously.

Tiki Barber comes out of retirement… No, that is not a misprint. The Giants’ all-time leading rusher, Tiki Barber, has been inspired to continue his professional career, perhaps by the success of his brother, Ronde, in Tampa Bay. Barber has already filed papers with the league, and the Giants plan on releasing him so he can look for a job as soon as a new CBA is sorted out. Here’s the major issue: Barber will be 36 in April, and the last RB who had success at such an advanced age was Marcus Allen in the mid 90s. Allen played for the Chiefs until he was 37, and it’s important to recognize that Allen’s durability is an extreme outlier, and not the norm. Barber hasn’t played a snap since the Pro Bowl in February of 2007, which means he’s taken more time off than Plaxico Burress. Although Barber’s trainer says he’s in great shape, if he has any sort of success whatsoever, this will be a truly remarkable story. Don’t count on it.

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    Tiki will be in the UFL.

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    or the Lingerie Football League

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