Fantasy Guru Daily: 2/7/11

Sooo, yeah. The Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl champions, and thus concludes the 2010 NFL season. Obviously, there will be tons of doom and gloom thrown about in the media over the looming labor situation, but we are confident that the differences will be settled soon enough for a complete 2011 NFL season. With a great Super Bowl taking all of the attention in the media, today’s Fantasy Guru Daily will be a series of Quick Hits from the Super Bowl and around the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers named Super Bowl MVP… And in doing so, can he finally put to rest the notion that “Super Bowl experience” is little more than talkshow fodder to fill up hours of programming? With the Packers’ win, Rodgers becomes the third QB in the last four years to win in his first Super Bowl appearance against a “proven Super Bowl winner,” joining Eli

Hey, is Rodgers a "PROVEN WINNER" yet? Who decides these things?

Manning over the Pats in Super Bowl XLII and Drew Brees’ triumph over Peyton and the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV.

Hines Ward to return in 2011… Ward had a great Super Bowl XLV, but he ain’t used to losing. So Ward, showing that he still had a good deal left in the tank, plans to return for redemption in the 2011 season.

Tom Brady named NFL MVP… This should come as no surprise. Brady was fantastic this year, and the vote was unanimous. This is Brady’s second MVP award, following his dominant 2007 campaign.

NFL Hall of Fame class named… While some great fantasy players were inducted this yearShannon Sharpe, Marshall Faulk, and Deion Sanders (for you IDPers) included – we’ve got to be particularly excited about the inclusion of NFL Films founder Ed Sabol, who helped turn football from a game into a breathing entity for so many fans. His contributions are countless.

Eagles shoot down coaching rumor… You know, Twitter is a funny thing. Some low-end source reports something, and then actual reporters have to go out of their way to deny a rumor that someone with no connection to the team starts in the first place. That’s exactly what happened after the Super Bowl on Sunday, when an Internet rumor reported that Andy Reid was stepping down as Eagle head coach, to be replaced by Jon Gruden. Today, the Eagles formally denied the rumors, squashing them after they had permeated social networking for a few hours.

Fitzgerald wants Kolb… So the Arizona Cardinals are apparently interested in pleasing their best player. The Cards asked star WR Larry Fitzgerald to name his preference in QB for the 2011 season, and the names might be surprising. Fitzgerald’s first suggestion was Eagle QB Kevin Kolb, a young guy who hasn’t had a chance to develop yet, and Raven backup Marc Bulger, a veteran who might give John Skelton an extra year or two of seasoning. With Fitzy’s contract expiring after the 2011 season, you had better believe the Cardinals will be going out of their way to try to make him happy.

*UPDATE:* Just minutes after publishing the blog today, the Tennessee Titans announced offensive line coach Mike Munchak will be promoted to head coach, replacing the departed Jeff Fisher. Munchak was considered the early favorite for the job, but the Titans did their homework regardless, bringing in several big names for interviews. But Munchak ultimately won out in the end.

­- Joe Dolan

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