The Weekly MATTchups

If you are playing your championship this week, I would have to call you crazy. However, I am still here to help you get through these crazy times. Without further ado, it is time to look at the final regular season games.

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons

The loss to the Saints on Monday Night Football means this game actually means something to the Falcons and that’s good news for any one who owns their big-name players. Michael Turner had a big game the last time these two teams played and I’d expect more of the same in this one. Matt Ryan is worthy of a starting spot in your lineup, but I wouldn’t let your expectations get too high since I don’t think he’ll have to do too much in this one. As usual, Jonathan Stewart is the only one worth even considering for the Panthers, who might cut their entire offense as soon as this game is over.

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

The Patriots will apparently start their usual guys, but the question is more about how much they’ll play. I’d steer clear of their RBs since they have about 293 they could use and I’d be fine with [...]

The Weekly MATTchups

Happy Holidays to all! Hopefully you have made it to your championship game and are looking for some last minute tips and thoughts to help you make those tough decisions. The blog will be a little condensed today since I still have a little shopping to get to, but I am going to stop wasting time and get to the games.

Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals

If you trusted Tim Hightower last week, you probably never will again. As I’ve said, Larry Fitzgerald will be fine because he’s the only player John Skelton should be targeting on a regular basis, especially against this shaky Cowboy secondary. Dallas’ offense has been running very efficiently and that’s because Jon Kitna does exactly what he’s asked and doesn’t make mistakes. He’s pretty much the anti-Tony Romo. The one issue I have with Dallas is the insistence in getting Marion Barber back in the mix. I know Jason Garrett said he will use all three backs, but we’ve seen how well this team has run the ball with Felix Jones and Tashard Choice, so why mess with a good thing?

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

New England’s defense got a lot of well-deserved praise, but as [...]

The Weekly MATTchups

Congrats to those of you still alive and congrats to those of you who started Vincent Jackson and/or Philip Rivers against the bad 49er secondary. A good start helps, but we still have 15 more games to go and plenty of tough decisions to make.

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys

I’m no Donovan McNabb fan, but Rex Grossman is not the answer. My crazy theory is that Mike Shanahan realized he made a giant mistake taking this job and is now openly trying to get fired. The move pretty much takes any Redskin off the table for fantasy purposes outside of Chris Cooley and maybe Ryan Torain. I’d be thrilled to have Miles Austin in my lineup going against that very beatable Redskin secondary and could live with Jon Kitna as my QB this weekend. The Cowboy defense should be a nice reach play as well.

New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens

To borrow a phrase from Greg Cosell, “This is an intriguing matchup.” Baltimore’s offense is about as Jekyll-and-Hydish as it gets with last week’s game against the Texans being a perfect example. In the 1st half, they took advantage of all the mistakes Houston made, but in the 2nd half, [...]

The Weekly MATTchups

Peyton Manning quieted the critics with his superb performance against the Titans on Thursday night, but we still have fifteen more games to go this week and we will look at those right now.

Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills

So Peyton Hillis finally had a disappointing performance against the Dolphins, but I full expect him to bounce back against the worst run defense in the league this week. I have trouble trusting Jake Delhomme, but with a very short list of reliable TEs, Ben Watson is a guy I’d have no problem rolling with this week, especially since he’s a favorite red-zone target of Delhomme. No one on the Bills performed well against the Vikings, and I’d be a little worried about Ryan Fitzpatrick going against this Buffalo defense, which gave Chad Henne some problems, although Steve Johnson should be able to make some plays against this improved, yet still beatable Cleveland secondary.

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers

Although the Falcons are sitting with the league’s best record at 10-2, I’m not ready to throw a ton of praise at Matt Ryan just yet. While he’s played more consistently this season, he’s still a bit too uneven for me and it’s not like [...]

The Weekly MATTchups

There are a lot of terrible games on the schedule this week, but it also means a lot of beatable matchups are out there to make things interesting as we get into fantasy crunch time.

New Orleans Saints at Cincinnati Bengals

Talk about two teams going in different directions. The Saints got off to a slow start, and took some time to right the ship, but it looks like they have done so as they get healthy and rolling down the stretch. The Bengals are just the opposite. Their secondary is banged up, they can’t stop the run, and the passing game is one of the most frustrating in the league. I know Reggie Bush is back, but that doesn’t mean Chris Ivory is going anywhere. He’s a nice play this week, especially with weather possibly being an issue. If you saw “Sound FX” on NFL Network last Saturday, they presented the Bengals/Jets Thanksgiving game, and Chad Ochocinco’s issues with route running were highlighted. We’ve been talking about that being a problem all season, but it was interesting to see the coaching staff’s reaction to it.

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

It looks like we have to take the Bears seriously after what [...]

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