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Now that we have taken an extensive look at the games, I figured I would share what I am watching for this week.

Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills

Can Jahvid Best get going against the Bills 32nd ranked run defense? His turf toe issue is getting better and the Lions might want to lean on him a little more since QB Shaun Hill is back, but isn’t quite 100% over his broken forearm. I think he may have his first big game since he went off on the Eagles in Week Two. Also, with WR Roscoe Parrish out for the season, I’ll be interested to see if the Bills use their RBs more in the passing game, specifically rookie C.J. Spiller.

Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears

If you’ve held on to Sidney Rice or picked him up off waivers, this could be the week you finally get to see him on the field. I’m not expecting him to play more than half the snaps, even if Percy Harvin is banged up, but it only takes one fade pass from Brett Favre to put Rice back on the map. You can beat this Chicago secondary down the field, but it’ll be interesting to see just how explosive he can be coming off the hip injury. As we saw a couple of years ago when he had the PCL injury, Rice isn’t one to excel when injured, so if he’s not ready to go at it full bore, he could disappoint. I’m also interested to see if the rejuvenated Viking pass rush will cause problems for Jay Cutler, who was sacked only once last week. Did the Bears improve or did the easy matchup keep Cutler off the turf?

NY Jets at Cleveland Browns

I refuse to consider the Jets as a legit Super Bowl contender unless Mark Sanchez can start playing consistent football. He had big numbers last week, but he looked lost for most of the 1st half against the Lions. Brown DC Rob Ryan uses an “amoeba” defense that could be hard for Sanchez to read and might cause some trouble for him. The Jets have also talked up Shonn Greene in the last couple of weeks, but until we see him in more of a sharing situation with LaDainian Tomlinson I won’t be sold on Greene as a fantasy option. However, I do believe the Jets would be smart to get Greene more involved because they’re going to need LT in January.

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts

The Colts continue their struggles in the running game on both sides of the ball. They’ve struggled to run it and will have to roll with Donald Brown yet again since Joseph Addai and Mike Hart are still banged up. Brown hasn’t looked overly impressive, but faces a Bengal run defense, which has not been very good against the run either and should be without Tank Johnson yet again. That does make Brown a better than usual option this week if you need him. Cedric Benson surprisingly came through against the Steelers last Monday, and it looked the Bengals had a renewed commitment to him. We should see plenty of him against the Colts, who are quick on defense, but don’t have the bodies to handle a load like Benson.

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

If you’re looking for entertainment, look no further than this game. Two terrible secondaries + Gus Johnson = Fireworks. Both QBs have been shaky at best this season, but with neither team having a great pass rush, they should have time to make some plays. Mike Sims-Walker has become just a matchup play, but I think he can have a big game against this young, inexperienced, and frankly bad Houston CBs. Heck, I’d even play Mike Thomas with confidence this week. Also, Marcedes Lewis could be a top-5 TE this week since he should see Bernard Pollard, who couldn’t cover, you guessed it…Adam Caplan.

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins

I completely disagree with the move to Chad Pennington as it reeks of a panic move for a team that could be in transition after this season with new ownership. I don’t think it hurts Brandon Marshall or Davone Bess since Miami didn’t have much of downfield game anyway. Pennington is more accurate, so Bess should remain at the same level and Marshall could see an uptick in catches. I’d be very interested to see what they do with the running game, and think we could see some more Wildcat. Randy Moss is better for everyone on Tennessee, but I don’t think he’ll have a game where he catches more than 5 balls for the rest of the season.

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This Panther team may be the worst I’ve ever seen. There’s no reason to watch this game other than the Josh Freeman-Mike Williams connection, which we will be talking about for years to come. Other than that, let’s see if LeGarrette Blount can bounce back from last week’s disappointing performance.

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

Talk about two completely different offenses. The Chiefs have a great rushing attack and want to hide their QB. The Broncos have a fantastic passing offense and can’t run it with any consistency. To those of you who are frustrated with the use (or lack of use) of Jamaal Charles, I understand. However, you have to remember that Thomas Jones is a power, rhythm runner who needs carries to get going. They still need to find different ways to get Charles more involved, even if it has to be in the passing game. They’re not a very dynamic team, but he is the one true dangerous weapon they have on offense, at least until Dexter McCluster is healthy. I really like Tony Moeaki and think we’d be talking about him a lot more if his QB was better than Matt Cassel.

Dallas Cowboys at NY Giants

I don’t want to hear that the Cowboys will be more fired up with the coaching change. Why? Jason Garrett has done a terrible job as an offensive coordinator, but we’re supposed to be sold on him as a head coach because he’s organized? How about he organizes a rushing attack? I’d be thrilled to have any Giant in my lineup this week. In fact, I think the Giants are the best team in the league and Eli Manning should be right up there with Philip Rivers in the MVP talks. More than half of his interceptions have gone off his receivers’ hands, so that’s not a stat I’m holding against him.

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals

Wow, this is an ugly game. With Bean Wells still banged up and Tim Hightower looking shaky for most of the season, I believe the Cardinals need to get LaRod Stephens-Howling more involved in the offense. He’s already shown how dangerous he can be in the return game and could be a Darren Sproles-type player in this offense, especially as a nice dump off option for the typically inaccurate Derek Anderson. Big Mike Williams should be good again this week because Arizona’s corners aren’t very good and Matt Hasselbeck is back. Keep an eye on Deon Butler to see if they take shots with him downfield since Adrian Wilson is just awful in coverage.

St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers

Say it with me now: The NFC West-leading St. Louis Rams. We talked about them earlier this week as the Chiefs of the NFC. They might not have as good of a secondary, but I’ll take Sam Bradford over Matt Cassel any day of the week. Outside of Danny Amendola, we’ve not seen much of the Ram WRs since Mark Clayton went down. I’m feeling Brandon Gibson this week against the terrible Niner CBs, specifically Nate Clements, who probably shouldn’t even be starting.

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers

Many in the national media thought the Patriots were the best team in the league heading into last week because they had the best record. So much for that. They cannot go far with this mediocre offense and shaky secondary. I’ll go as far as saying Tom Brady is not a weekly starter anymore, at least not one I’d feel good about. Mike Wallace should be able to make a few big plays in this one, as he always seems to do. Will the Patriots bounce back from the drubbing Peyton Hillis gave them last week? I’ll say no. Rashard Mendenhall will give them trouble and could see a lot of carries after the Steelers go up big in this one. The Steelers have some protection issues, but New England’s pass rush isn’t very good. This one could get ugly.

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins

Throw the last game these two teams played right out the window. A healthy Michael Vick against this very beatable Redskin secondary should be fantasy gold. DeAngelo Hall is the prime example of why interceptions mean very little. He leads the league with 6 INTs, but you continue to see defenses throw at him because of his overconfidence and the fact that he’s lost a step. DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin should make his life hell this week. Donovan McNabb is a below average QB. He’s had one big game. That’s it. Washington has given up 17 sacks in their last four games and will have their hands full with Philly’s pass rush. If the Eagles are on their game, this one should be totally one-sided.

I’ll be looking to make this a weekly feature, so all feedback is appreciated. For those of you following the @Fantasy_Guru account on Twitter, feel free to follow me too @MattCamp23. I try to answer questions on there, so feel free to ask, especially since the company account gets so many. Good luck in Week Ten!

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16 Responses

  1. JBeau says:

    Good job Matt. I love a section like this where we can interact with comments. PPR league…D. Brown or Torain? I have K. Williams on bench in case Torain is a late scratch, so not worried about having an empty spot on Monday night. Thanks.

    Also Knox vs Moss?? PPR.

  2. JBeau says:

    Sorry, that is Santana Moss

  3. Matt Camp says:

    Phish: Liking Brown more because of the matchup and of course because he’s actually healthy. Eagles have done a real good job against the run and might blow the ‘Skins out. Knox is the upside play, but Moss is probably a little safer especially if Redskins have to throw it if they’re trailing.

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  5. Rob C says:

    Great feature! Look forward to reading every week. Thanks for all the hard work!

  6. JBeau says:

    Interesting Matt. I actually like the Skins to win this game. Still on the fence with those two. I agree with you on Knox vs Moss.

  7. Dave says:

    Great info Matt like this feature. In a PPR would you go with Donald Brown or Pierre Garcon vs. Bengals this week? Seems like Pierre left the game last week to go wait tables or something.

  8. Matt Camp says:

    Thanks Dave. I’d still have to go with Garcon. Eagles played him pretty well last week. Brown does have a good matchup, but he doesn’t really look anywhere near the player we thought he’d be.

  9. Sam says:

    Thanks for the insights Matt! Another RB question for you: I’m deciding between Ryan Torain or Ricky Williams as my #2 but could drop Ricky from my roster for either Donald Brown or Tim Hightower. Thoughts?

  10. Matt Camp says:

    Sam: Dropping Ricky would be a short-term move. I think Miami might look to run it a bit more and possibly get some Wildcat going. Plus, they have a pretty nice schedule down the stretch. They both have shaky matchups, but I think Ricky is the better player and he’s healthy.

  11. RK says:

    Great insight Matt! Hope you make this a regular blog!
    Would you start DBrown over LBlount (vs CAR)? BMW over Knox?

  12. PH says:

    Solid article! Would you go with knox or miles austin and what are your thoughts on VJack or Sidney Rice as potential studs weeks 12 – 16, I have them both stashed on the bench….

  13. ivanapfister says:

    I religiously get Def/ST wrong, even after looking at all I can. I have Minn in over KC. Reason, Bears should give up sacks thus increasing odds of turnovers. Also, Denver is off a bye, chances are that Den offense is a bit more ahead. Even with the toxic locker room in Minn is this a winning play. I’m out of Mulligans, I have to produce.

  14. Eric says:

    Great read Matt.

  15. Nate says:

    Matt…..desperate at TE this week without Gates. Scaife, Fells, Gronk (NE), Fred Davis, Matt Spaeth, Evan Moore?

  16. Matt Camp says:

    KK: PPR go with Brown and BMW. Non PPR, Blount and Knox.

    PH: Since neither guy is in a great situation, I’d roll with the better player and that’s Austin. VJack should step right in and be a huge addition for the playoff weeks and he’s healthy while Rice is still a little more up in the air.

    Ivana: I’m with you on the Vikings. Looks like they found their pass rush and could force some turnovers.

    Nate: That is some serious desperation. I actually like Fells. He seems to be the most involved of St. Louis’s TEBC and Niner rookie S Taylor Mays has struggled in coverage.

    Good luck this week everyone and thanks for the feedback.

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