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Here’s an early list of upside players that I would want to build my fantasy teams with (some obvious, some not so obvious) over the next 2-5 years (in no particular order). Some of these players have not “arrived” yet, but are on their way to fantasy prominence based on their talent and situation. Some players who did well last season are not included because their situations aren’t looking as good (IE-Sidney Rice possibly without Brett Favre).

Aaron Rodgers/Green Bay Packers
Philip Rivers/San Diego Chargers
Kevin Kolb/Philadelphia Eagles
Joe Flacco/Baltimore Ravens
Matthew Stafford/Detroit Lions
Chad Henne/Miami Dolphins
John Skelton/Arizona Cardinals

Running Back
Chris Johnson/Tennessee Titans
Ray Rice/Baltimore Ravens
Chris Wells/Arizona Cardinals
Ryan Mathews/San Diego Chargers
C.J. Spiller/Buffalo Bills
LeSean McCoy/Philadelphia Eagles
Rashard Mendenhall/Pittsburgh Steelers
Felix Jones/Dallas Cowboys
Jahvid Best/Detroit Lions
Shonn Greene/New York Jets
Donald Brown/Indianapolis Colts

Wide Receiver
Greg Jennings/Green Bay Packers
Miles Austin/Dallas Cowboys
DeSean Jackson/Philadelphia Eagles
Mike Sims-Walker/Jacksonville Jaguars
Hakeem Nicks/New York Giants
Jeremy Maclin/Philadelphia Eagles
Robert Meachem/New Orleans Saints
Jordy Nelson/Green Bay Packers
Pierre Garcon/Indianapolis Colts

Tight End
Jermichael Finley/Green Bay Packers
Brent Celek/Philadelphia Eagles
John Carlson/Seattle Seahawks
Jimmy Graham/New Orleans Saints

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  1. austin says:

    I love the list and liked that you put some deep sleepers in there. I was wondering why you didn’t list Peterson. Secondly I’m curious what you think Best and Spiller can do this year in a ppr type format. Can both of these guys catch 50 passes and be nice flex or low end #2 type guys? I think Best is going to put up low end #1 numbers in a ppr format but realize Im in the minority with him. Thanks in advance!

  2. Stretch says:

    Speaking of Dynasty TE, what about R.Gronkowski/New England. This guy will probably start this year or see significant playing time. We all aware of his back injury but Coach B.Belichick would not drafted him in the 2nd round, if he did not think he can play but more important produce right away.

    I feel he will be the 1st TE come off the board in this year all rookie draft. Plus as long as T.Brady at QB, R.Gronkowski will be a top 15-TE the next 5-10 yrs.

  3. Bill Cervi says:

    Thanks for the lists Adam.

    QB Curious about the Skelton ranking considering how raw he is and his lack of experience with 3-5-7 step drops. I assume you think his arm strength and opportunity merit the listing…

    RB I am not sold on Felix Jones, Donald Brown or Jahvid Best. I think they are all very talented but they need to prove (to me at least) they can stay healthy and be a feature back.

    WR Do you think MSW can stay healthy for a whole season. His injury history terrifies me. Like the Jordy Nelson call, Driver can’t play forever and he will blow up if given the chance to start IMO

    TE Love the Jimmy Graham call! I have stashed him in almost all my dynasties!

  4. Burton says:

    Thanks for the early list!
    It’s never too early to start thinking of some strategies around drafting some of these guys.

    Here are my keeper options (3 max) this year:
    - RB P Thomas NO for a 6th Rounder
    - RB A.Bradshaw NYG for a 7th Rounder
    - WR S.Smith NYG for a 11th Rounder
    - WR D.Mason BAL for a 10th Rounder

    S.Smith and P.Thomas are probably the best values. I don’t know if either Bradshaw or Mason are worth keeping at these places?
    Anyone want to comment?

  5. David says:

    Burton – yes pierre thomas and S Smith are your keepers – if pierre was like a 1st or 2nd – then I would keep bradshaw. Mason should even be on the list

    About the keepers – why not ROMO? he has a incredible team around him – took a huge step forward and will be great for the next 3 / 4 years.

    What about roddy white? he averages 80 catches and hit 11 tds while his QB was hurt – only getting better!

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