Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Thirteen 12/10/09 Notes


Jenkins and McKenzie started at CB for the Saints, Dunbar started at OLB in place of Fujita, Evans also got snaps at OLB in the base 4-3
Jenkins does not have the skill set to play press man corner in the NFL: No suddenness to his movement, Not the necessary lateral quickness or change of direction, Lacks recovery speed
Redskins clearly went after Jenkins on their first series, and they had success with a 32 yd PI penalty and a 10 yd pass to Thomas on 3rd + 7 from the slot
When the Saints went with 3-3-5 as their nickel package, Evans was the third LB with Vilma and Shanle – Jenkins played in the slot in the nickel
Campbell very robotic and mechanical in his reads and throws, Does not recognize and react to coverage on his drop, Strong tendency to throw the ball where the play is designed to go
Campbell not a move and re-set QB, That’s when [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Thirteen 12/9/09 Notes


Butler started at LCB for the Patriots; In the nickel, Wilhite predominantly played over the slot
Chung was a nickel safety, replacing starter McGowan
Dolphins utilized unbalanced OL as a significant part of their offense, including long yardage situations when they threw out of it
Seau played some snaps at ILB for the Patriots, in place of Guyton
Patriots played primarily 3-4 in this game
Henne excellent arm strength, He snapped the ball with good velocity – He threw the ball well to the outside, with consistent accuracy
Camarillo 29 yds on 3rd + 4 came out of an unbalanced OL, Patriots “man free” coverage with press across the board, Camarillo beat Butler on a fade route – Great throw by Henne
Patriots matched up to the Dolphins “22” personnel package with 3 safeties, Chung was the third safety
Bess 13 yd TD on 3rd + 5 came out of 4 WR personnel versus Patriots “cover zero” blitz; Great poise by Henne handling a [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Thirteen 12/8/09 Notes


Scandrick was the Cowboys nickel corner, Carpenter and James were the nickel LBs
Jenkins is the Cowboys best corner, especially in man-to-man coverage; His growth as a very good NFL corner has been evident throughout the season
Cowboys always want Ware on the open side of the offensive formation
Giants clearly tried to establish a physical presence running the ball with Jacobs; Jacobs at this point only gets what’s blocked, nothing more
Manning did not look comfortable early in the game, A little jittery and frenetic in the pocket
Cowboys a lot of man coverage concepts; Jenkins aligned predominantly in press position, while Newman’s tendency was to play 4-5 yards off the receiver
Smith at his best working from the slot, A mismatch favoring the Giants when matched against Scandrick
Ware was not a defining factor as a pass rusher: Giants a variety of tactics to deal with him that involved both single blocks by tackles McKenzie and Diehl, and at times TE Boss, [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Thirteen 12/7/09 Notes



Sapp again started at CB in place of the injured Winfield
What was immediately evident was the Cards gave DE Allen a lot to think about: On 5 and 7 step drops, they always had a second body to his side, whether it was a TE or a back
Cards did not match up LT Bridges on Allen one-on-one; Depending on the Vikings DL alignment, there were times LG Wells helped Bridges on Allen
The hat on the Cards OL was worn by RT Brown, He often was matched one-on-one with Edwards and Robison as a result of the focus on Allen
Allen was the Vikings nickel corner, aligned over the slot – In the Cards 3 WR sets, that was predominantly Boldin
When the Cards went 4 WR personnel with Doucet, the Vikings matched up with dime personnel: Paymah was the fourth corner, He played on the outside with Sapp and Allen on the inside
Warner timing and [...]

Week 13 Reaches

Note: Players are not ranked for order.


Vince Young at Indianapolis – He doesn’t have a good history playing at the
Colts, but at least SS Bob Sanders won’t be involved in this game. Young has
played pretty well of late and he’s working with the best group of receivers
that he’s been able to work with. He should be good enough this week and
provides good enough upside to take a risk on if you’re desperate.

David Garrard vs. Houston – This is a huge game for the Jaguars and Garrard
seems to play much better at home. Have to think he puts up good numbers in a
game that could be high-scoring. The Texans simply don’t have a good enough
secondary to keep the passing game of the Jaguars down.

Running Backs

Jonathan Stewart vs. Tampa Bay – Even if starting RB DeAngelo Williams can play,
look for Stewart to see more carries than usual. Williams’ ankle is not going to
allow him to likely take in his usual amount of work even if he can play, so
Stewart figures to become a bigger part of their running game this week. Stewart
is looking like a rock solid #3 RB or better if Williams is out.

Jamaal Charles vs. Denver – This matchup isn’t [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Twelve 12/4/09 Notes


Bears clearly game planned more man coverage concepts, especially early in the game, and single high safety schemes – A more aggressive and less predictable defensive approach
What I notice every week is how Favre moves and manipulates coverage defenders with his head, his eyes and his body – That opens passing lanes, and often leads to critical 3rd down conversions
Hicks started at RG in place of injured Herrera, He’s a journeyman with an average skill set
Bears really tried to do more from a coverage standpoint in this game, Become less predictable; They got their underneath coverage defenders more involved with the wide receivers, buzzing them out to try to take away passing lanes, but still predominantly playing zone concepts like ”inverted cover 2” – They were trying to get defenders from atypical locations into underneath coverage to try to slow down Favre’s decision making or create a forced throw
Shiancoe a movable chess [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Thirteen 12/2/09 Notes


Chargers again ran the “Wildcat” with Tomlinson taking the direct snap, They aligned in an unbalanced OL
Gates 19 yd TD in the first quarter: Chargers got Gates matched on LB Belcher in the short middle, Gates ran the “jerk” route
Belcher, Johnson and Walters were again the LBs in the Chiefs nickel package, Hali was the only starting LB who played in the nickel
Gates a real matchup nightmare when the Chargers align in 3×1 or 3×2 empty sets and Gates is the #3 receiver on the inside; Normally he gets matched on linebackers out of those sets in the short to intermediate middle of the field
Gates 15 yd TD came out of 3×2 empty set but the Chargers had base personnel on the field, so the Chiefs stayed base; Chiefs “quarters” coverage, which is a predominant league trend in the red zone – ILB Mays jumped Jackson on the underneath route, Gates cleanly up to S McGraw
Both Chiefs [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Twelve 12/1/09 Notes


Titans defense more independent movement at the line of scrimmage with more players in stand up positions and fewer in 3 point stances, An attempt to create problems of identification in pass protection
Titans matched up to the Cards 4 WR personnel with their dime package: Fuller and Kaesviharn were the extra DBs; Fuller is the nickel corner aligned inside over the slot
It was clearly a part of the Cards game plan to chip Vanden Bosch, either with a back or a TE
Titans a quick DL, and they were effective with stunts and movement against the Cards OL
One thing that stood out about the Titans defense is that both corners Finnegan and Harper are willing to hit and play with physicality in the run game
Titans align their DEs very wide in passing down and distances (the wide 9 technique); That can be difficult for offensive tackles, and it will be for Colts OT Johnson and Diem
Titans doing more [...]

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