Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Sixteen 12/29/09 Notes


  • Kennedy started at DT in place of the inactive P. Williams
  • Sapp was again the Vikings nickel corner
  • Vikings at times utilized a 3-3-5 package against Bears 3 WR personnel, That kept Brinkley on the field
  • Clark 26 yds on 3rd + 3 came with both Clark and Olsen on the field, Vikings stayed with base 4-3 personnel
  • Olsen utilized as a “Joker”, aligned all over the formation; He dictates matchups based on personnel package and formation – Olsen’s ability to align as a WR allowed the Bears to utilize “22” personnel as a major part of their offense
  • Forte no juice to his movement, Methodical but with one speed, No burst or acceleration
  • One tendency I’ve noticed is that defenses drop DL into coverage against Cutler inside the 10 yard line given Cutler’s propensity to throw the ball inside with little definition
  • Brinkley a tendency to play laterally, At times seemed tentative and hesitant in his reactions to run – Brinkley also a little uncertain in his recognition and reaction to pass, especially off play action and designed movement
  • In the Vikings nickel package, Winfield played inside over the slot and Sapp played outside
  • Olsen 7 yd TD in the second quarter came with him split wide outside the numbers, He was matched against Winfield and beat him to the inside
  • Bears attacked Winfield in the pass game; Winfield a much better zone defender than man defender, He’s a reader and anticipator, He does not have great change of direction or speed
  • Griffin a better cover corner than Winfield, especially when the Vikings play “cover 3”
  • Aromashodu a vertical receiver with build up speed, A long strider who eats up ground in a hurry
  • Cutler underthrew Aromashodu in the second quarter on a stutter-go; Aromashodu ran right by Winfield, who really struggled with stop and start and change of direction
  • Bears blocked Allen with 2 when they went with deep drops and wanted to get the ball down the field, Allen not a factor as a pass rusher
  • Vikings pass defense is a function of their pass rush; Their corners Griffin, Winfield and Sapp can be attacked and exploited, especially at the intermediate and deeper levels
  • Cutler does not see the field well, He’s a half field reader – He’s not very good in the pre snap phrase, which is why he forces a lot of throws
  • LT Williams did an excellent job on Allen when he was asked to block him one-on-one, Allen never beat him
  • Aromashodu game winning 39 yd TD came against a 5 man rush with “man free” behind it, Aromashodu ran by Winfield – Winfield can’t run very well
  • Vikings did not rush the QB with any consistency and they really struggled on the back end in coverage


  • Neal started at RG and Vollmer at RT for the Patriots
  • Patriots used OL Connolly as a FB in short yardage
  • Smith and Alexander started at S for the Jaguars, in place of Nelson and Considine
  • Faulk has been effective running the ball this season out of 3 and 4 WR personnel packages
  • Maroney did not carry the ball again after he fumbled on the goal line to end the Patriots opening possession
  • Harvey has shown to be a solid run defender, His best position in the NFL is LDE in a 4-3; He is not an edge pass rusher and cannot be a starting RDE, nor is he an OLB in a 3-4
  • Connolly unbelievable block from the FB position on 3rd + 1 to spring Morris on his 55 yd run
  • Navarre and Harrington played snaps at DE for the Jaguars
  • Patriots do an excellent job of spreading the field out of base personnel: Welker 29 yds in second quarter was a great example, “12” personnel with Watson split wide outside the numbers on one side and Welker and Moss split on the other side – A 3 level stretch route combination that broke down the zone coverage
  • Jaguars rushed 3 and dropped 8 in coverage on 2 snaps on the same Patriots 2nd quarter TD drive: Welker 29 yds and Welker 12 yds
  • Patriots utilized the bunch concept very effectively inside the 10 yard line: Moss first 2 TD catches came out of bunch concepts and both times the Jaguars were confused in their coverage responsibilities
  • Jaguars have one of the least challenging defenses I have seen on film this season: They generate no pass rush, They play almost all zone coverage concepts and they do not blitz with frequency or success
  • Patriots more spread shotgun in the second half, A function of the Jaguars inability to generate any consistent pass rush pressure
  • Jaguars played a lot of dime personnel and even used 7 DBs on a number of snaps against both the Patriots 3 and 4 WR personnel
  • Jaguars increased their blitz frequency in the second half, It was not effective – They also were more diverse with their fronts and alignments, and played more snaps of man coverage; They had to get more aggressive given the score and their lack of game plan success
  • Patriots got the ball with 12:41 remaining in the fourth quarter and held the ball until there were only :29 left in the game: It was a 20 play drive with 11 runs by Taylor

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