Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Fifteen 12/22/09 Notes


  • Maroney showed the ability to make the unblocked defender miss, a critical attribute that he has not consistently exhibited
  • Maroney ran hard downhill, More north-south; He has evolved into a sustaining downhill runner with power – He’s not vertically explosive
  • Connelly started at RG and Volmer at RT for the Patriots
  • Brady interception was an inaccurate throw under pressure, He had Welker on the shallow cross but pressure from Schobel impacted the throw
  • Patriots went deep to Moss on designed big play opportunities twice on the first 2 series, The second one would have been a TD (PI was called on S Whitner) but Brady was hit on his plant leg by blitzing S Wilson as he delivered and the result was an underthrown pass
  • Brady great throw under pressure on Moss 13 yd TD, LT Light by beaten quickly to the inside by blitzing LB Scott
  • Patriots continued to utilize both unbalanced OL formations and 6 OL personnel
  • Brady was consistently under pressure; Impacted a number of throws that led to incompletions to open receivers
  • Morris was the FB in the “I” formation for the second week in a row, He’s a very versatile player in the Patriots offense
  • Bills as the game progressed played more “man free” coverage concepts with a lurk defender in the middle to double on Welker: An excellent strategy against the Patriots, since they do not have a viable 3rd WR, Moss is a limited route runner, and Brady has not been consistently sharp
  • Patriots OL struggled in pass protection, Light had a hard time at LT
  • Patriots again went to run personnel and run formations in the second half, just as they did last week versus Carolina; A lot of “12” and “22” personnel
  • Patriots pass game right now has no flow or rhythm to it, Against the Bills there was no intermediate element to it – In addition, Brady was not sharp
  • Bills defense was aggressive with blitz and aggressive, A lot of man coverage concepts disrupted the timing of the Patriots pass game


  • LT McKinnie a liability as a pass protector, He has gotten worse as the season has progressed
  • MLB Beason a very aware player, Excellent hunting up crossing routes off play action – A very athletic player with speed and range
  • Wesley was the Panthers 6th DB in their dime package
  • Vikings continued to struggle with double teams at the point of attack in the run game; The interior 3, particularly guards Herrera and Hutchinson, really have a hard time getting movement
  • Vikings OL big and not very athletic, Panthers excellent job slanting and moving after the snap to force the OL to have to move before they blocked – A great tactic against a plodding OL like the Vikings
  • 3 man rush with 8 in coverage was clearly a significant part of the Panthers game plan – Panthers had an excellent feel for the Vikings route combinations
  • McKinnie a very tough time run blocking in space, It was a big problem against the Panthers when he tried to block LBs on the move
  • Focus of Panthers pressures was zone blitz concepts, with the DEs dropping out as pass defenders
  • Panthers aligned in “over” fronts (DL shifted to the strong side of the offensive formation) as a significant part of their defensive front mechanics; They zone blitzed at times from the strong side with the weak side DE dropping out
  • Zone blitz concepts were the predominant pressure schemes utilized by the Panthers; Low risk without sacrificing too much in coverage
  • Panthers corners did an excellent job on the Vikings WRs; They were physical with them at the line of scrimmage, and they disrupted the routes, which forced Favre to lose his timing and rhythm – Very few intermediate and downfield throws by Favre in this game
  • Peppers sack in the third quarter came out of a 3 man rush with Peppers one-on-one versus McKinnie – McKinnie plays with no physicality and toughness, He’s not a competitor
  • McKinnie was benched in the fourth quarter, replaced by Hicks – Hicks was terrible at LT, He was physically abused by Peppers on a number of pass rushes that led to big hits on Favre
  • Vikings OL is a problem that’s getting worse; Against Carolina, it significantly impacted both the running game and the passing game
  • Vikings again went away from the run game too early, even though it was not effective – Vikings have had no real commitment to the run over the last month or so
  • Two things really stood out about the Vikings offense: No running game, and no intermediate and downfield passing game

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