Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Fourteen 11/16/09 Notes


  • Butler and Chung played in the Patriots nickel package
  • First impressions watching Moore: A little impatient in the pocket, not comfortably going through his progressions, bailing mentally and physically a little early; Tendency to be a little wild high, missing open receivers
  • Patriots base defense in this game was the 3-4; They went to a 4 man DL in their nickel package
  • Moore threw with a low arm angle, did not come over the top; Inconsistent release point, which produces erratic accuracy
  • Smith 41 yd TD came out of “22” personnel with Smith the only WR, Patriots “cover 3”; Post/cross combination, a great route combination versus “cover 3” – Springs played with outside leverage versus Smith, clearly expecting inside help; Deep safety Meriweather jumped the cross, and back side CB Butler carried the cross too far, leaving Springs with no help
  • Panthers utilized the “Wildcat” with Smith taking the direct snap in the shotgun
  • Wilfork a dominant force at NT versus the run: Strength, leverage and quickness
  • Moore missed a lot of open receivers in the first half, He was consistently wild high
  • Again, the Patriots showed no consistent pass rush
  • Patriots 2 significant weaknesses at LB versus run: ILB Guyton and OLB Tully-Bain
  • Arm strength an issue for Moore, Did not show the ability to drive the ball down the field
  • Adams replaced an injured Wilfork at NT in the base 3-4 when Wilfork was injured on the first play of the second half – When Warren got hurt in the fourth quarter, Wright and Green aligned at DE in the base 3-4
  • Patriots defense a scheme and discipline defense, Not a high percentage of blitz, More zone coverage in this game than man – They relied on execution more than deception and disruption


  • Jenkins and Gay started at CB for the Saints, Prioleau was the nickel aligned inside over the slot – They also used Gay inside with McKenzie on the outside
  • Interesting the first time the Falcons got in the red zone and faced a 3rd + 2 from the 12 yard line, Saints matched up LB Shanle man-to-man on Gonzalez; That’s where Redman looked, and Shanle had Gonzalez covered like a glove
  • Saints played a lot of “over” fronts (DL shifted to the TE side) with a 2 deep shell behind it against the Falcons base personnel in normal down and distance situations; They did this primarily in the first half – Ayodele was the nose shade, and Ellis was the “3 technique”
  • Redman just overthrew Jenkins on a double move versus “cover 2”, Went off Jenkins fingertips; Sharper made a mistake and jumped the in move by Jenkins
  • Redman threw the ball well in the short to intermediate areas; Compact delivery with some snap – Did not drive the ball down the field
  • LB Casillas played at times in the dime package, and showed some downhill burst as a blitzer
  • Saints defense not very strong from a personnel standpoint, DC Williams tried to do a lot with zone pressures and coverages to camouflage the weaknesses – They are particularly weak at CB with Gay, Jenkins and McKenzie playing as a result of the injuries to Greer and Porter
  • Jenkins 50 yd TD was a deep post, It came against a double corner blitz (the second one the Saints ran on that drive); Sharper was matched against Jenkins and he got beat easily – It was also Sharper who got beat on the first double corner blitz 3 plays earlier, That was a skinny post to Jenkins
  • Saints played a lot more single high safety coverages in the second half, after playing predominantly out of a 2 deep shell in the first half
  • Jenkins cannot play press man coverage, That has become very evident over the last 3 weeks – He simply does not possess the necessary athletic attributes
  • Redman clearly did not read the “Tampa 2” coverage on his fourth quarter interception, He did not account for Vilma in the middle hole – Just a poor read by Redman
  • DC Williams really mixed up his pressure and coverage looks throughout the game, even on the Falcons last series – He has to orchestrate a defense that is lacking in personnel
  • Redman a solid game – He’s a decision maker more than a passer; Ball came out quickly, more often than not to the right receiver – His style of QBing is similar to Schaub, but he’s obviously not as efficient or as consistently accurate


  • Groves and Harvey started at DE for the Jaguars in the 4-3 front
  • Brackenridge again started at LCB in place of the inactive Mathis
  • Henne’s comfort in the pocket was evident on his first throw of the game
  • In the Jaguars nickel package, S Nelson moved to nickel corner over the slot, and Considine came in at S; They also played Wyche at nickel corner with Nelson staying at S
  • Harvey at times played in a stand up LB position, often against the Dolphins 3 WR personnel
  • Henne really firm in the pocket, Oblivious to bodies around him – Showed the ability to progression read with awareness and decisiveness
  • Dolphins commitment to run the ball, A high percentage of 2 back sets with Polite the FB
  • Jaguars front seven played the run well, with toughness and physicality; Their LBs did a good job filling their gap responsibilities
  • Henne great throw to Hartline for 25 yds in the second quarter, It came against “2 man” coverage on 2nd + 11; A stick throw into a very tight window, Not many NFL QBs even attempt that throw much less complete it – Henne continued to show the attributes that lead to quality QB play in the NFL
  • Love Henne’s willingness to pull the trigger, He intuitively understands what open means in the NFL; I don’t think you can teach that – He’s a decisive and confident passer
  • Groves and Harvey continued to show little ability to rush the QB from the edge
  • Henne also showed the intuitive ability to move and manipulate coverage with his head and body, Also a critical attribute to be successful as an NFL QB
  • Williams ran hard throughout the game, A strong physical presence – His problem in this game was fumbling
  • On the ball Henne overthrew Bess in the third quarter Bess slowed down for no reason, It would have been a perfect throw if Bess did not throttle down
  • Bess really lacks speed, He just can’t run – He’s a short area receiver with some lateral quickness, good hands and toughness for a small man
  • LB Allen stood out for the Jaguars, Very active, Made a number of tackles
  • Henne misread the coverage on his fourth quarter interception, He anticipated Cox running vertically with Hartline but he dropped off and sat on the out to Fasano – The defense did not react the way Henne anticipated they would
  • Jaguars a predominant zone coverage defense, Not surprising given their corners Cox and Brackenridge – Problem is when you play zone and can’t rush the QB that’s a bad combination

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