Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Thirteen 12/10/09 Notes


  • Jenkins and McKenzie started at CB for the Saints, Dunbar started at OLB in place of Fujita, Evans also got snaps at OLB in the base 4-3
  • Jenkins does not have the skill set to play press man corner in the NFL: No suddenness to his movement, Not the necessary lateral quickness or change of direction, Lacks recovery speed
  • Redskins clearly went after Jenkins on their first series, and they had success with a 32 yd PI penalty and a 10 yd pass to Thomas on 3rd + 7 from the slot
  • When the Saints went with 3-3-5 as their nickel package, Evans was the third LB with Vilma and Shanle – Jenkins played in the slot in the nickel
  • Campbell very robotic and mechanical in his reads and throws, Does not recognize and react to coverage on his drop, Strong tendency to throw the ball where the play is designed to go
  • Campbell not a move and re-set QB, That’s when he breaks down and struggles
  • Saints utilized the 3-3-5 package quite a bit as their nickel, More pressure combinations with S Harper added to the mix
  • DC Williams still aggressive with his pressure and man coverage concepts even with Jenkins and McKenzie at CB, McKenzie still has some quickness
  • Redskins continued to attack Jenkins as the game progressed
  • Thomas did not show the kind of vertical explosiveness that matches his fast 40 yard dash time; At this point, he does not play fast
  • Redskins do not really have any consistent intermediate passing game, In fact I rarely see those kinds of throws
  • In the third quarter the Saints at times changed their nickel package: Jenkins stayed on the outside, and Prioleau became the slot defender
  • Saints did not generate any consistent pressure on Campbell, Occasionally they got bodies around him but they never really hit him
  • Randle-El 44 yds on 3rd + 11 was definitely a coverage breakdown by the Saints defense; Randle-El ran down the middle seam with no one accounting for him
  • This was not a good performance by the Saints defense
  • When Randle-El got hurt on the final play of the third quarter, Moss moved into the slot in the Redskins 3 WR packages
  • Campbell panicked in the pocket on his fourth quarter interception with :35 left, He lost his pocket poise and composure
  • Saints had coverage breakdowns in the secondary on a couple of the Redskins big pass plays
  • Despite his impressive numbers, Campbell did not really look that impressive on film; He’s not really a comfortable QB with a refined sense of reading and timing


  • 6 OL continued to be a staple of the Bengals run game
  • Rookie LB Levy can run, Excellent sideline-to-sideline range
  • Bengals an excellent job with double teams on the 2 DT out of 6 OL in their zone blocking based run game
  • With FB Johnson in a wing TE position and Coles motioned also to a wing TE position, the Bengals basically utilize 8 blockers at the line of scrimmage in their 6 OL personnel package
  • Rookie OT Smith was utilized in the unbalanced OL formation, and in the 6 OL personnel package
  • Johnson 36 yd TD came out of 6 OL personnel off play action, Post / cross combination versus “quarters” coverage; Lack of coverage coordination between CB James and S White – Great route by Ochocinco, Outstanding throw by Palmer
  • Bengals OL continued to struggle with pass protection, especially tackles Whitworth and Roland when matched one-on-one – Another reason it makes sense to play with 6 OL when they want to throw the ball down the field in normal down and distance situations
  • Bengals began the second half with 5 consecutive Benson runs, That’s what the Bengals identity is
  • Bengals actually utilized RT Roland as a TE, motioning him across the formation
  • Bengals pass game clearly not very consistent right now; Pass protection problematic at times, Lack of weapons on the outside other than Ochocinco, No pass catching TE – It’s a very limited pass game despite the throwing ability of Palmer
  • Bengals play 1960s offense: Heavy focus on the run game with unbalanced lines and 6 OL personnel


  • Merriman, Castillo and Weddle were inactive for the Chargers
  • Starting S Gregory moved to the slot in the Chargers nickel package, Spillman and Oliver played safety in the nickel – Starting S Ellison did not play in the nickel
  • ILB Siler stood out, Decisive and instinctive, Showed excellent sideline-to-sideline range
  • Quinn clearly looked much better fundamentally than in previous games, Much lighter on his feet, He bounced in the pocket instead of his feet being stuck in cement – Overall, he just looked more comfortable
  • Browns threw the ball down the field, They looked like an NFL passing game
  • TE Moore looked good as a receiver, He moved very similarly to a Witten or a Celek
  • Harrison showed excellent lateral agility and explosiveness, Great ability to get into and out of cuts, Stop and start
  • Quinn looked poised and composed in the pocket on the first drive, which ended with his TD pass to Massaquoi; He was much looser and much less stiff and robotic – He was decisive and accurate
  • Chargers struggled to generate any consistent pass rush, both out of their base 3-4 and their 4 DL nickel package
  • Browns utilized the no huddle as a featured part of their approach, clearly in the 70-75% range
  • English played OLB in the base 3-4, and DE in the 4 DL nickel package
  • Ellison more of a box safety, He’s really a glorified LB, That’s why he leaves the field in the nickel package
  • Quinn still had some moments of inaccuracy, especially when he had to move in the pocket – I still question whether he is a naturally accurate passer
  • Browns ran 4 consecutive “Wildcat” plays with Cribbs in the shotgun in the fourth quarter with the Browns trailing 27-7: Why? Give Quinn as many snaps as possible, and as many throws as possible
  • Chargers a lot of different personnel groupings on defense, especially at LB: Harris and Holt both played OLB as rotation players with starters English and Phillips
  • Quinn struggles with accuracy on passes in which he has to lead the receiver across the field; Short crossers and intermediate digs are not his strength – He’s better leading the receiver up the field, like seam routes; Also routes in which the receiver comes back to him, like curl routes and comebacks
  • Cason played the fourth quarter at LCB in place of Jammer
  • Chargers defense was not very challenging, either in terms of pressure or coverage

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