Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Thirteen 12/8/09 Notes


  • Scandrick was the Cowboys nickel corner, Carpenter and James were the nickel LBs
  • Jenkins is the Cowboys best corner, especially in man-to-man coverage; His growth as a very good NFL corner has been evident throughout the season
  • Cowboys always want Ware on the open side of the offensive formation
  • Giants clearly tried to establish a physical presence running the ball with Jacobs; Jacobs at this point only gets what’s blocked, nothing more
  • Manning did not look comfortable early in the game, A little jittery and frenetic in the pocket
  • Cowboys a lot of man coverage concepts; Jenkins aligned predominantly in press position, while Newman’s tendency was to play 4-5 yards off the receiver
  • Smith at his best working from the slot, A mismatch favoring the Giants when matched against Scandrick
  • Ware was not a defining factor as a pass rusher: Giants a variety of tactics to deal with him that involved both single blocks by tackles McKenzie and Diehl, and at times TE Boss, plus double teams and chips by the back
  • Boss was late off the ball blocking Spencer on Jenkins interception; Spencer quick outside pressure on Manning forced a hurried and undefined throw – Jenkins had Manningham blanketed
  • Jacobs 74 yd TD catch came against a matchup zone concept, Spencer was ultimately responsible for Jacobs out of the backfield – Interesting personnel package and alignment by the Giants: “22” personnel with TE Johnson split wide left as the “x” receiver, S Sensabaugh had Johnson man-to-man
  • Boothe replaced the injured Snee at RG in the third quarter
  • Giants orchestrated a couple of big play opportunities, one in the first half and one in the second half; Both were on first down and both were to Smith on deep posts, Smith was open on both – Manning inaccurate throw on first one, and Ware beat TE Johnson quickly to the inside to force a hurried throw
  • Giants tried to play Giants football in this game, in terms of personnel, formations and play calling; Greater use of 2 back sets with FB Hedgecock and more emphasis on the run game – They just didn’t execute very well, OL not very physical like in previous years
  • Manning was not a comfortable QB in this game, Very few balls thrown to Nicks and Manningham


  • Brady got drilled on Moss 58 yd TD, Unbelievable deep throw under duress
  • Dolphins aligned Davis on Moss as the predominant matchup, That’s because Davis much more gifted athletically than Smith
  • Moses got a lot of snaps at OLB for the Dolphins, I’ve noticed him a couple of weeks in a row – Very lanky, Struggles with leverage when he engages with blockers
  • Dolphins in their nickel and dime packages matched up third corner Jones on Welker
  • Patriots still utilized significant snaps with 6 OL, LeVoir was the guy and he almost always aligned at TE
  • Aiken 81 yd TD was just a jump ball that Aiken won against CB Smith, Brady under pressure threw the ball to the one-on-one on the outside
  • CB Smith’s physical limitations are becoming more apparent with each passing week: Limited with lateral quickness, Struggles with change of direction, Not quick or sudden with his movement – Same things that showed up on film at Utah, Size is his best attribute but that’s not enough to be a quality starting corner in the NFL
  • Dolphins played significant snaps with 4 DL in base personnel situations – Overall the Dolphins very good against the run
  • Patriots no consistency with their run game, especially from base personnel packages
  • The difference in games: Brady just overthrew a wide open Aiken on a go route in the fourth quarter, Just off Aiken’s fingertips; CB Smith beaten badly – Play came with 6 OL on the field
  • Starks and Langford stood out on film for the Dolphins defense
  • Davis did an outstanding job on Moss throughout the game, He clearly won that individual battle
  • Jason Allen replaced Jones as the nickel corner over the slot late in the third quarter
  • Brady also overthrew Welker on a deep middle seam to end the fourth quarter drive that preceded the Dolphins game winning FG; It was a tough throw, but we’ve seen Brady make that throw in critical situations
  • Wake blew up Kazcur on the final interception, He drove him back into Brady
  • Moss a non factor in this game after his first quarter TD, He’s so limited as a route runner; There’s no sustaining element to his game
  • Patriots OL inconsistent in pass protection, I thought they really missed C Koppen


  • Weaver has good feet, Excellent lateral quickness for a big man, He actually runs more like a halfback than a fullback – Eagles utilizing him more as a runner, predominantly from 1 back sets
  • Avant continued to win against nickel corners, like the Falcons’ Jackson; He can beat man-to-man coverage in the short to intermediate areas
  • Celek a solid receiver, but a below-average blocker in the run game; Also not a very good pass protector
  • Brown not a very precise route runner, Bad tendency to round off his routes, No snap or quickness to his change of direction
  • What always stands out about McNabb is that he has a gun, Can make any throw from anywhere on the field
  • Weaver becoming a more central component of the Eagles offense, A versatile back with multi-dimensional skills
  • Eagles OL not very quick, susceptible to slanting and quick gap penetration by the DL; Falcons caught them a number of times with slanting in the run game
  • LG Herremans still struggled in pass protection, Bending too much at the waist, Balance and body control issues
  • Maclin great vertical acceleration, He showed explosive burst on his 56 yd catch; It was a 5 yd catch and a 50 yd run
  • Peters got hurt in the second quarter: Herremans moved out to LT, Cole to LG and Jean-Gilles came in to play RG
  • Falcons secondary continued to play soft and unchallenging, The corners consistently gave a big cushion, A lot of balls caught in front of them, Easy throws that sustain offense
  • Vick’s 43 yd completion to Brown was underthrown by 10 yds, It should have been a walk-in TD
  • McNabb a very efficient game, He was consistently accurate against a defense that did not challenge the Eagles offense in the pass game – An excellent matchup for McNabb
  • It will be interesting to see the running breakdown as the season progresses; McCoy only 6 carries in this game, Weaver had 5 – The game was over early in the fourth quarter, so Kolb and Buckley came in, so we didn’t get a true read as to how the carries would have been divvied up


  • What was interesting was the Texans matched CB Robinson, who has been playing the opponent’s best receiver in every game, on Holt, not Sims-Walker
  • With Quin injured, Reeves started at corner opposite Robinson, with McCain the slot corner in nickel
  • Busing the free safety for the Texans, Lacks speed and range, A liability in pass coverage
  • Jaguars continues to take orchestrated big play shots in the pass game on 1st + 10, That has been their MO all season: Lewis 47 yds on first series was a prime example, Hughes 35 yd TD was another example
  • Barwin showed good strength and leverage against LT Monroe on a first quarter sack, He always plays with high energy – He still primarily played in the nickel
  • Wilford is a TE, not a WR for the Jaguars; He predominantly aligned on the LOS in this game, or as an H-back; There were times he aligned in the slot, like on his 4 yd TD, and occasionally as a WR – A versatile player in the Jaguars offense
  • Garrard threw the ball very well in this game; Overall, he has a strong arm, good velocity – His inconsistencies at times stem from accuracy and anticipation, but in this game, he was sharp and the Jaguars orchestrated big plays were successful
  • Barber played FS in the second half for the Texans, in place of Busing
  • Texans a fast and active front seven against the run, plus SS Pollard is a very effective add-in run support player
  • Miller a very effective situational receiver for the Jaguars, Another versatile puzzle piece like Wilford who aligned in different positions and ran a variety of routes
  • Jaguars got the ball with 3:57 left in the game and a 5 point lead and ran out the clock, They featured 7 consecutive runs by Jones-Drew – Jaguars went “heavy” with 6 OL on a number of plays, and they consistently ran to the right, the side of the of the extra OL
  • Jaguars out-physicaled the Texans defense on the final drive

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  1. The Firm says:


    Any thoughts on Vollmer? You mention Koppen, but I think Vollmer’s loss is even bigger. The last time they faced MIA, Porter and Taylor were invisible. Oh well.

  2. Eric says:

    Koppen was playing. I think you probably mean Steve Neal, the right guard, who they did clearly miss.

    I’m not sure how you can say Davis did an “outstanding” job on Moss, he got burned for a 58 yd. TD and played most of the game with a safety bracketing deep behind him; this was clearly evident on Aiken’s touchdown, there was no one else on his side of the field.

  3. Stretch says:

    G.Cosell great analysis on the Falcons DST stating that the “Falcons secondary continued to play soft and unchallenging, The corners consistently gave a big cushion, A lot of balls caught in front of them, Easy throws that sustain offense.”

    I was going to start L.Evans over R.Meachem this week. But R.Meachem is red hot and after hearing your quote on the Falcons defense there is no way I’m benching R.Meachem in playoffs.

    Greg keep it coming. This is the info I need to win this week.

  4. Dave says:

    I was hoping to see a review of the Saints Patriots game. Any possibility we can see that greg?

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