Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Twelve 12/4/09 Notes


  • Bears clearly game planned more man coverage concepts, especially early in the game, and single high safety schemes – A more aggressive and less predictable defensive approach
  • What I notice every week is how Favre moves and manipulates coverage defenders with his head, his eyes and his body – That opens passing lanes, and often leads to critical 3rd down conversions
  • Hicks started at RG in place of injured Herrera, He’s a journeyman with an average skill set
  • Bears really tried to do more from a coverage standpoint in this game, Become less predictable; They got their underneath coverage defenders more involved with the wide receivers, buzzing them out to try to take away passing lanes, but still predominantly playing zone concepts like ”inverted cover 2” – They were trying to get defenders from atypical locations into underneath coverage to try to slow down Favre’s decision making or create a forced throw
  • Shiancoe a movable chess piece in the Vikings offense, He aligns all over the formation – The only concern with him is a lack of consistent hands, He tends to be a body catcher
  • Vikings have evolved into more of a passing team as the season has progressed: More 3 WR formations in normal down and distance situations, Less emphasis on Peterson
  • Bears much more multiple with their coverage schemes than I can remember in any other game I watched
  • LT McKinnie had a good game in pass protection, He was singled up the large majority of the snaps and he handled the pass rush
  • Bears played predominantly man coverage concepts in the 2 minute at the end of the first half: Rice 33 yds came against a 5 man rush with “man free” behind it, Rice beat Bowman on a go route, Great outside shoulder throw by Favre
  • Vikings OL an excellent job in pass protection, but they continued to struggle with run blocking; Peterson very little room at the point of attack
  • RT Loadholt not very quick laterally, Problems with balance and body control
  • Favre making big time throws routinely, He’s throwing with outstanding velocity and accuracy
  • Harvin 31 yds in third quarter came against “Tampa 2” but Hillenmeyer was in the “A” gap at the snap; Favre knew Hillenmeyer would not get the needed depth in his middle drop – Unbelievable throw in terms of touch and accuracy, Great hands catch in traffic by Harvin
  • Vikings offense was very methodical and sustaining, Favre now a disciplined QB – Favre very decisive with his reads and throws, The ball comes out quickly
  • Vikings offense loaded with weapons: Harvin and Shiancoe are the “Jokers”, the move players who dictate defensive adjustments


  • Jaguars again aligned predominantly in a 4-3 front
  • Rookie free agent Williams started at RDE for the Jaguars
  • S Nelson again played the nickel corner position, aligned inside over the slot; The 5th DB was S Smith – When the Jaguars went dime personnel, the 6th DB was S Alexander
  • Harvey really flashed early in the game, both as a pass rusher against RT Snyder (a below average NFL RT) and as a run defender
  • Crabtree needs works against press coverage: On one play in the first quarter he was stoned at the line of scrimmage by rookie corner Cox
  • Groves and Navarre rotated at DE with Williams and Harvey for the Jaguars
  • 49ers utilized more shotgun spread in this game, It gives Smith the best chance to be successful – One thing you get in the shotgun is more 3×1 sets with Davis the inside receiver on the 3 receiver side, That primarily gets him matched on a LB on vertical routes
  • Smith is not a naturally comfortable pocket QB; Tendency to move too early, when there is no pressure
  • Smith big time NFL throw on 3rd + 10 to Crabtree for 27 yds in the second quarter; Shotgun versus Jaguars zone blitz, 3 under / 3 deep coverage
  • Crabtree great change of direction in-and-out of breaks on intermediate routes, An explosive quickness to him – Plus I love the way he attacks and snatches the ball with his hands; He surprisingly had 2 drops in this game, one which would have been a TD
  • Jaguars mixed in some 3 man fronts, Their blitz schemes predominantly came out of their 3 man fronts
  • Smith needs to become quicker with his decision making in the shotgun, Some throws were there that he did not get to
  • 49ers OL did not do a good job in the run game, Some missed assignments and some poor execution
  • Smith big time throw to Davis for 30 yds on 4th + 1 on second quarter TD drive; Smith looked down the gun barrel, Took a big hit from Smith right as he delivered the ball, It was impressive pocket toughness
  • Smith showed the ability to look down the gun barrel on Davis 30 yds, but for the most part, he does not consistently display pocket toughness; He does not stand firm and tall in the pocket
  • Smith still needs room in the pocket and functional space in front of him to drive the ball at the intermediate levels, Not a naturally strong arm
  • Davis and Crabtree clearly the focus of the 49ers passing game, and I think that will only increase as the season progresses

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