Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Thirteen 12/2/09 Notes


  • Chargers again ran the “Wildcat” with Tomlinson taking the direct snap, They aligned in an unbalanced OL
  • Gates 19 yd TD in the first quarter: Chargers got Gates matched on LB Belcher in the short middle, Gates ran the “jerk” route
  • Belcher, Johnson and Walters were again the LBs in the Chiefs nickel package, Hali was the only starting LB who played in the nickel
  • Gates a real matchup nightmare when the Chargers align in 3×1 or 3×2 empty sets and Gates is the #3 receiver on the inside; Normally he gets matched on linebackers out of those sets in the short to intermediate middle of the field
  • Gates 15 yd TD came out of 3×2 empty set but the Chargers had base personnel on the field, so the Chiefs stayed base; Chiefs “quarters” coverage, which is a predominant league trend in the red zone – ILB Mays jumped Jackson on the underneath route, Gates cleanly up to S McGraw
  • Both Chiefs DEs in the base 3-4, Jackson and Dorsey, not very physical at the point of attack; They consistently get moved in the run game – They are both high effort, high energy players who struggle to hold their ground
  • Chiefs generated no pass rush on Rivers, That’s been a big problem all season
  • Chiefs a serious work in progress with their front seven in the base 3-4: They lack stout DEs, they do not have a physical NT, and they don’t have a pass rushing OLB – It’s a 3-4 defense without the necessary components to play it effectively
  • Chargers a vertical pass game approach: They attack at the intermediate and deeper levels of the defense; Rivers excellent downfield accuracy


  • Jets continued to align with 6 OL as a significant part of their offensive approach – That has become much more of a league trend
  • Sanchez still not seeing things at all: First pass drop on 3rd + 7 he had a TD to Clowney, who had beaten the press man coverage at the line of scrimmage and was open on a go route; The safety to Clowney’s side rotated fast into the middle – It was an immediately defined read, but Sanchez did not recognize it; He had no clear picture of the coverage, and then he moved and reacted in response to nothing
  • Sanchez frenetic and chaotic in the pocket, Not comfortable reading coverage and delivering the football – At times he looked like a panicked player
  • When Sanchez is on balance and the throw is quickly defined, the ball comes out well in the short to intermediate areas
  • Jones excellent pressing the hole, setting up second level defenders so that they can be in position to be blocked – Jones a very professional runner who understands defensive fronts and blocking angles’ Patience and vision
  • What the Jets did in this game was run out of spread formations, They did that so they could eliminate extra defenders in the box and create more natural seams
  • My biggest concern with Sanchez is a total lack of pocket toughness, He throws to avoid hits, No element of look down the gun barrel to his game
  • Jets played offense in this game to hide Sanchez and minimize his impact on the game – It’s clear they’re trying to get him through the season so he can take every snap and get the experience
  • Peppers was invisible in this game, A non-factor – He’s not a physical player, He’s more of an athletic mover; This game demanded point of attack toughness, and that’s not Peppers game
  • Edwards not a precise route runner, He does not help a QB – That was evident on Sanchez interception: Edwards ran a skinny post poorly, not widening to create separation from Gamble; The ball was not quite out in front of Edwards as much as it should have been, but this pick was more a function of Edwards than Sanchez
  • Jets OL was the dominant feature in this matchup, They allowed the Jets to control the pace and tempo of the game with the running game – Sanchez only 17 passes


  • Fitzpatrick an erratic passer in terms of accuracy, Inconsistent fundamentals and footwork at the top of his drop leads to balance issues that produce scattershot throws
  • Jackson good lateral quickness at the point of attack, and he’s decisive – On the other hand, Lynch looked heavy and slow, plus he’s not a decisive runner
  • LT Scott not an NFL-caliber starter, Struggled with quickness in pass protection; Same with RT Chambers: His problems focused more on the bull rush, He was driven back too many times – Overall, the Bills OL was poor in pass protection
  • Dolphins dime package featured Jones as the slot corner and Culver as a deep safety, with Bell aligned as a LB
  • Jackson always gets positive yards, Runs through arm tackles
  • CB Smith often aligned in press position but immediately bailed at the snap; His lack of lateral quickness and change of direction is starting to show up more and more, He’s not a quick twitch sudden athlete, He’s big and long but not quick – That was a concern at Utah, and it’s evident on tape now
  • Fitzpatrick very little discipline as a pocket QB, His tendency to break down and move too quickly was encouraged by the poor protection of his OL – But Fitzpatrick is by no means a skilled pocket passer
  • Bills utilized the “Wildcat” with Jackson taking the direct snap in the shotgun
  • The other rookie CB Davis is a far better athlete than Smith, He’s quicker with better change of direction; He’s just more explosive overall with his movement, A better physical skill set for the position
  • Owens beat Davis on his 51 yd TD, It was a go route and Davis was with him stride-for-stride until Owens separated with the ball in the air; There was a little contact with the ball in the air, and Davis lost his stride – Great throw by Fitzpatrick; Bills OL a great job, especially LT Scott on Porter
  • Bills very limited offensively: A solid but not explosive run game with Jackson, and a very uneven and erratic pass game with Fitzpatrick behind an inconsistent OL – Fitzpatrick has toughness and grit about him, but he’s not a good enough passer to be a consistent NFL starter

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  1. Stretch says:

    G.Cosell thanks for insight on the Chiefs DST even though they are a bad team. You quoted “Chiefs generated no pass rush on Rivers, That’s been a big problem all season”.

    I’m 6-6 fighting for that last playoff spot this week.

    I know I’m getting ahead of myself, if I win this week screw it when I win. I’m without a shadow of a doubt starting L.Evans in week 14 against KC.

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