Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Ten 11/17/09 Notes


Washington 19 yds on 3rd + 8 on first quarter TD drive: Bills rushed 4 and played “cover 3”; Washington deep out versus CB Youboty – Deep outs will always be one-on-one versus “cover 3”, Excellent anticipation throw by Young
Bills predominantly played single high safety with 8 in the box in normal down and distance situations
Britt 38 yds on 1st + 10 came out of straight “I” right with “x iso“ left to the field; Bills 8 man front with single high safety – Excellent deep throw by Young, Britt versus CB Florence
Bills utilization of 5 man DL as a part of their game plan, Clearly designed to keep Young in the pocket
Johnson 28 yd TD and Johnson 32 yds on 3rd + 2 off the speed option were both designed to isolate the play side corner in the tight formation with a closed side – Great play design to force the corner to become a primary defender in the run front against [...]

Week 10 Reaches

Chad Henne vs. Tampa Bay – The Tampa Bay secondary is one of the worst in the
NFL and while Henne won’t be asked to throw a lot, he should find success when
he does throw it. I’m not looking for big numbers from him, but he’s worth a
shot if you’re desperate.

Vince Young vs. Buffalo – Buffalo has all sorts of injury problems on defense
and Young should find success in the air and on the ground. He’s certainly worth
a shot if you’re looking for some upside.

Running Back
Mike Bell at St. Louis – Have to think the Saints win this one going away and if
that transpires, Bell should be the ball that finishes off the game. He should
be able to score and post over 60 yards on the ground.

Chris Wells vs. Seattle – Not too long ago, the Cardinals won easily at Seattle
and they get to face a shaky Seahawk defense again this week. Wells has become a
bigger part of the Cardinal running game in recent weeks and he should post good
enough numbers for you to start him as your #3 RB.

Jonathan Stewart vs. Atlanta – Even if starting RB DeAngelo Williams plays, this
matchup is good enough against a weak Falcon run [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 11/13/09 Notes


NT Franklin stood out, Played with strength and leverage and quickness – A force on the inside in the 49ers run defense
Young showed timing and anticipation on 18 yd out route to Washington on the first play of the second series; Excellent throw from the pocket with bodies around him
Titans ran the option, Young pitched to Johnson for 5 yds on the second series; Something defenses must prepare for – The Titans ran the option 3 times
Young great throw to Gage for 49 yds out of “12’ personnel, Play action on 2nd + 5, Gage deep corner route versus single high safety coverage – Young threw it 55 yds in the air with great accuracy
Johnson made a great block on LB Willis on Young designed QB run TD
Young sack on 3rd + 9 came from a corner blitz as part of a 5 man rush with a “man free” coverage concept behind it, Corner blitz got in clean – Titans receivers ran [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Nine 11/12/09 Notes


Hawk started at ILB in place of the injured and inactive Chillar; Rookie Matthews started at OLB
Woodson played safety at times in the Packers base defense (in place of Bigby), with Williams outside at CB – In the nickel package, Woodson was the slot corner, and Bigby was the second safety with Collins
Packers even played nickel at times versus the Bucs base personnel, like 1 back and 2 TEs; In that package, Woodson essentially played as a LB
Hawk really struggled with change of direction, He’s a heavy mover, Not a lot of quick twitch – At his best as a downhill box run defender; A 2 down player, not an impact defender
CB Harris played a lot of press coverage, Back to his comfort level as a corner
Freeman has a low delivery point for a tall man, His throwing angle makes him smaller than his 6’ 5 ½” height; He also drops the ball too low, near his waist [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Nine 11/11/09 Notes


Eagles continued to get FB Weaver more involved in the run game as a feature back; He ran 8 times, the same as last week versus the Giants, almost all out of single back sets
McNabb often does not pull the trigger on stick throws into tight windows against zone coverage; He has a tendency to wait until the receiver breaks into the open void, and by then it’s too late – McNabb is not an anticipator
Cowboys align Ratliff at DT in their 4 man DL in their nickel package, and he has quickness and explosion as a pass rusher
Maclin beat “quarters” coverage with a post route early in the second quarter, He ran by CB Jenkins and S Hamlin was slow to respond; The problem was Ware beat LT Herremans (who was slow off the ball) to the outside and hit McNabb as he delivered – It could have been a TD
Eagles OL really struggled in pass [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Nine 11/10/09 Notes


Colts personnel approach on the first series was 3 WR, with Collie in the slot and Clark aligned on the LOS in a conventional TE position – Texans matched up with their nickel personnel, with rookie CB Quin over the slot on Collie
In the 3 WR package, with Clark on the LOS, he worked inside on LB Cushing; While Cushing didn’t necessarily play Clark man-to-man, he had to match up based on matchup zone concepts
Colts a fast no huddle in this game to maintain the matchup of Clark on Cushing, Manning did not want the Texans to have time to substitute
Colts a very controlled pass game; Texans played predominantly zone coverage and Manning attacked the short voids in the zones, including taking advantage of the check downs that were there
Texans on first play of 3rd series went with “fire x” inside blitz, It was a 3-4 blitz from a 4-3 front with the focus on inside pressure [...]

Dynasty League Prospects

The following are players to look at for the future who have yet to break
out, but have value for future seasons.


Kevin Kolb/Philadelphia – Next year, he’ll be on the final year of his four-year
rookie deal. But the coaches remain very high on him and they were very pleased
with what they saw from him in his two starts. In fact, a team source said
there’s no reason why Kolb can’t be one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL if he
gets to start next year. It will come down to how veteran QB Donovan McNabb
plays the rest of the season. If McNabb struggles and they miss the playoffs or
get knocked out early, Kolb will likely be the starter next year. He’s seen as a
more accurate passer than McNabb and with the frequency that they throw with,
Kolb could put up big numbers if he gets the job.

Chad Henne/Miami – Like with Kolb, I first saw Henne play during Senior Bowl
week and I was very impressed. In fact, I thought Henne threw the ball better
that week than Joe Flacco did. Henne has a strong arm and I like how he places
the ball away from the defender and on the correct shoulder for the [...]

Week Nine Reaches

Note: Players are in no particular order.


David Garrard vs. Kansas City – Yes, he’s been mostly a bum so far. However,
He’ll face a Chief defense which gives up about 260 yards/game and about 2 TDs.
The Chiefs are not deep in their secondary and are down to their third free
safety because of injury. All signs for Garrard to have a solid game for a

Matt Hasselbeck vs. Detroit – The Seahawk offensive line is always a concern
because of injury, but they were decent last week against the Cowboys. The Lion
secondary is one of the worst in the NFL and Lion defense is giving up about 260
yards/game and almost 2.5 TDs. They’re starting two journeymen at cornerback, so
look for Hasselbeck to post good numbers in this matchup.

Running Back

Julius Jones vs. Detroit – He’s probably been in moth balls for most fantasy
owners for several weeks (see Kevin Walter), but this is the kind of matchup for
Jones in which he could do pretty well. Jones will face a struggling Lion front
seven and he should get a decent amount of carries in this game. Start him as
your #3 RB.

Jamaal Charles at Jacksonville – He’s expected to handle a majority of touches
in this game against a [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Eight 11/6/09 Notes


Rookie Martin started at FS for the Panthers, Munnerlyn and Wilson were the nickel and dime corners versus the Cards 4 WR personnel packages
In the Panthers nickel package, Marshall moved inside over the slot, amd Munnerlyn played on the outside
First thing I noticed was the press position played by the Panthers corners on the Cards WRs, They challenged the Cards receivers at the line of scrimmage – A lot of man coverage concepts
LT Gandy struggled to get Peppers blocked in the pass game, unlike last season in the playoffs when Gandy dominated Peppers; Peppers played with quickness and tenacity
Panthers defense played with an aggressive mentality, They looked fast and proactive
Panthers did not blitz much at all; They relied primarily on their 4 DL to rush, and combined with a multiple mix of zone and man coverage concepts that did not Warner to define throws quickly, they were able to generate consistent pressure
Peppers played one of his best [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Eight 11/4/09 Notes


Lt Staley injured on the first play of the game, He was replaced by veteran journeyman Sims
Colts often align DEs Freeney and Mathis very wide in passing situations, Very difficult for OTs to play with solid technique against them, It often looks like the tackles are in recovery mode as soon as the ball is snapped
Colts DTs struggled to stalemate and win versus double teams in the run game
Crabtree great ability to stop on a dime and break; Outstanding lateral explosiveness as a route runner
Smith’s interception was on Crabtree, He did not run through the skinny post with speed and acceleration but rather throttled down – Part of the learning curve
49ers could not get ahead of the down with their run game, Too many 2nd + long situations
Smith still struggled at tmes to drive the ball on intermediate and sideline throws that demanded some velocity, There’s not a lot of snap to his throws
Smith very comfortable in [...]

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