Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Twelve 11/30/09 Notes


  • Austin 49 yds on game’s second play: He was matched on Asomugha, who was in press position; It was “man free” coverage and Austin beat him at the line of scrimmage – Asomugha was clearly looking for inside help, but S Huff jumped the inside cross by Bennett
  • One thing Williams is not very good at is coming back to the ball, He does not do that instinctively – That’s one reason he’s a better receiver on the move, He’s not a throttle down and stop receiver
  • Deep safety S Huff showed excellent explosion downhill attacking intermediate routes
  • Scott really stood out on the Raiders defense, He showed a versatile skill set aligning as a starting LB in the base 4-3 and at DE in the nickel – Last season he flashed as a pass rusher at DE
  • “Wildcat” with Choice taking the direct snap was used 3 times in the Cowboys first 4 possessions, each time with an unbalanced OL: Choice ran 66 yds the first  time
  • Austin a very disciplined route runner, Excellent burst out of his breaks – A smooth and fluid athlete for a big receiver
  • Raiders predominant man coverage concepts on the outside, That defined the reads for Romo immediately – Romo a more effective QB against man coverage because the processing of information is easier, He struggles more against zone coverage concepts
  • Scott again flashed as a pass rusher from the DE position, He easily beat RT Free in the third quarter
  • Cowboys OL still struggled with pass protection, OL just not a quick or athletic unit – If you can dictate one-on-one matchups, you can win, especially against guards Kosier and Davis; RT Free also struggled at times in pass protection
  • One of Cowboys staple runs is “Power”, and they run it with all 3 backs: Jones is the most explosive out of it, His 46 yd TD came out of “Power”
  • If you have a good receiving TE with intermediate and downfield skills you can give the Raiders predominant man coverage schemes a lot of problems: Align in 3×1 sets with the TE inside as the #3 receiver and he will be matched on a LB
  • This was a big play game for the Cowboys offense, They still need more overall consistency running the ball


  • Giants matched up to Broncos 3 WR personnel with their dime package: Ross and Thomas in the slot, Webster and B. Johnson on the outside, M. Johnson and Brown at safety – Brown essentially played LB, with Ross kind of a hybrid corner/safety
  • Rouse started at safety with Johnson: He played in the nickel package, but he did not play in the dime package
  • Broncos ran predominantly to their left, behind LG Hochstein and LT Clady – Broncos were able to seal the edge and get to the perimeter with both Moreno and Buckhalter
  • Giants front seven not very physical against the run, DL was moved too easily
  • Moreno looked more decisive and therefore quicker, Showed one cut downhill explosiveness – He’s a tough physical runner with lateral quickness and good feet but not speed
  • Giants predominantly aligned Webster on Marshall, Marshall 28 and 33 yds both came against Webster
  • Giants struggled all game to set the edge in the run game, It was the second week in a row the Giants had problems setting the edge
  • Graham excellent game as a blocker in the run game, He was a significant part of the Broncos ability to get on the perimeter
  • Stokley 17 yd TD, Stokley motioned to bunch, Giants “2 man” coverage, Bunch release confused Giants, Stokely was the widest receiver in the bunch and he released to the inside, No one accounted for him
  • It was very evident from the Broncos offensive approach they felt confident attacking the perimeter in the run game, They exploited a Giants weakness
  • Orton was workmanlike, A solid performance against a defense that was on its heels all game


  • Titans came out throwing off play action, First 2 plays were called play action passes: Washington 29 yds on post/cross combination, and then Young did not pull the trigger on a deep corner route to a wide open Britt which had a chance to be a TD (Young scramble for 1 yd)
  • Cards predominantly a dime personnel defense, with Brown the third corner over the slot and Ware the third safety
  • It’s remarkable that Johnson just plays at a different speed than everyone else on the field
  • Cards predominant zone coverage schemes, which is what most teams will play against Young so that defenders can look at him; That creates voids that both play action and the threat of Young leaving the pocket expand
  • Young looked very comfortable in the pocket, He was poised and aware; He recognized blitz and attacked it with efficiency
  • Titans offense was more conventional in this game, No triple option and spread option, Young executed an NFL offense with composure and effectiveness, He made some great throws from the pocket
  • Young at times exhibited a tendency to break down in the pocket when he did not need to, He’s very confident in his running ability and there were a number of times he clearly felt he could make a play with his legs – Sometimes he’s effective, and other times he left pass plays on the field by not delivering the ball
  • Cards at times utilized a spy against Young, That removed a defender from both the rush and coverage – That’s a pre snap win for the Titans, and speaks to Young’s impact on the defense
  • I was surprised watching the tape how many plays Young left on the field; When the throw was defined quickly he was outstanding, When it wasn’t he at times lost his pocket discipline too quickly
  • Titans on first down attacked with vertical routes off play action, Obviously the throws weren’t always there but the aggressive approach was evident
  • Another way Young impacted the Cards defense was the pass rush approach, It was restrained with the focus on containment within the pocket
  • Young has a long arm in terms of distance, but he does not have a strong arm in terms of intermediate velocity – He throws a good deep ball, He gets air under it
  • First 4th down completion (4th + 4) the Cards played “2 man” with a 3 man rush and Wilson the spy on Young, Cards had LB Hayes matched on Johnson out of the backfield: Britt 10 yds with CB McFadden back turned
  • Second 4th down completion (4th + 4) the Cards rushed 5 with inside pressure and combination man/zone coverage scheme: Hawkins 13 yds matched against Adams
  • Young showed great patience on the GW drive, No sense of desperation at all – He was calm and in command
  • What was interesting about the final drive was that Johnson did not touch the ball
  • Britt 10 yd GW TD showed the impact of Young movement, Rolle had his eyes in the backfield and lost sight of Britt
  • This was a very interesting game, The Titans ran a conventional NFL offense; Young was at times very good and at times erratic, but all that became a moot point on the final drive


  • McNabb overthrew a wide open Smith in the end zone on 3rd + 1 on the Eagles first possession
  • Redskins dime personnel package featured Tryon as the third corner and Moore as the third safety – Hall was inactive in this game
  • On the next play McNabb, displaying the necessary red zone attributes of speed of decision making and accuracy, hit Jackson for a TD; It was called back due to an offensive PI penalty on Celek (A bad call)
  • LT Peters moving better as the season progresses, He looked very athletic in this game
  • Orakpo continued to look outstanding as a pass rusher, both from a speed and power standpoint; On one pass rush in the second quarter, he drove LT Peters right back into McNabb
  • McNabb is the same every week: He makes some big time throws, but is inaccurate on some routine throws – That’s a big factor in the week-to-week inconsistency of the Eagles offense
  • McNabb some great throws in the fourth quarter: 2 to Avant, and a fade to Maclin stood out
  • Avant has become a bigger factor in the Eagles pass game; McNabb clearly comfortable throwing to him, continually showing the willingness to make stick throws to Avant into tight windows
  • Overall McNabb not very accurate in the red zone; It negatively impacts the Eagles ability to score on pass plays, especially inside the 5 yard line
  • Buckley fourth quarter TD was a terrible play by LB McIntosh, He was clean in the hole but he focused on lead blocker Weaver rather than Buckley – Poor LB play produced the Eagles TD
  • Eagles got the ball with 5:35 remaining in the fourth quarter and the game tied: 6 of the 9 plays were called runs – That’s the second week in a row the Eagles ran the ball with conviction and effectively on a critical fourth quarter scoring drive
  • Maclin great burst to separate from Rogers with the ball in the air, That’s an essential attribute if a receiver is going to be a true deep threat in the NFL
  • 2 great throws by McNabb on the final FG drive: The fade to Maclin, and the 3rd + 5 throw to Maclin for 6 yds
  • Eagles offense more balanced at critical points in the game the last 2 weeks, in terms of personnel, formations and play calling – On the game winning FG drive against the Redskins, they used a heavy dose of “21” personnel (2 backs and TE Celek) and the straight “I” formation


  • Flacco as good as there is in the NFL in terms of pocket toughness, He will stand tall and look down the gun barrel in the face of pressure
  • McGahee 2 yd TD featured a key block by Ngata aligned at TE on the left
  • Ravens utilized both the unbalanced OL and 6 man OL, A lot of snaps with 6 OL with Oher at TE on the left and Chester at RT – They also threw the ball out of 6 OL personnel
  • McGahee ran downhill with purpose – That’s the barometer for his role in a given game: If he attacks downhill he gets carries, If he runs laterally he sits on the bench
  • Rice a tough inside runner for a man his size, Similar size and build to Emmitt Smith; Quick and explosive with a very strong lower body, Great balance and body control
  • Steelers defense did not seem to have the physical presence we are using to seeing, They did not dictate the terms of engagement
  • S Clark can be attacked in the pass game with combination routes, and double moves
  • Ravens clearly made this a physical game with their extensive utilization of 6 OL and the running game; Overall, their offense was more physical than the Steelers defense
  • Steelers picked up their blitz frequency and tempo in the fourth quarter
  • Rice 44 yd catch on 4th + 5: Ravens motioned to a 3×2 empty set, Steelers matched up with Farrior on Rice, Rice ran an inside angle route, Great throw by Flacco and then Rice was unbelievable in the open field
  • Rice an incredibly versatile back, very similar to Jones-Drew: Rice is more elusive and shifty, Jones-Drew is more powerful


  • The concern with the Colts is always their tackles Johnson and Diem in pass protection, Both are average pass blockers and can be beaten in individual matchups – Manning’s outstanding timing and his unparalleled internal pocket clock often compensate for their flaws
  • Texans matched CB Robinson on Wayne all over the field
  • Colts OL really struggled through the first quarter into the second; Manning’s first interception, to Cushing, was the result of the pocket collapsing quickly
  • Texans played a good percentage of “2 man” coverage, which is what the Patriots predominantly played – It’s a good coverage against the Colts because it puts the burden on Collie and Garcon to win
  • Texans very aggressive with man coverage concepts on the Colts first TD drive: A high percentage of “2 man” with press, and then they went “cover zero” behind a 6 man rush on the Garcon 9 yd TD – Manning read the “cover zero blitz”, Garcon great route against nickel corner Reeves
  • Both of Manning’s first half interceptions the result of poor play by his offensive tackles, Manning forced to move and throw uncomfortably
  • Colts predominantly aligned with their 3 WR personnel, just like they did in the first matchup with the Texans, and the Texans played nickel, with Quin in the slot and Reeves on the outside
  • Addai for the second week in a row looked quick and decisive, Good feet and quickness into and out of the hole
  • Overall the Texans defense played well, They were active and looked quick on film
  • Colts utilized double teams on the inside against the Texans DTs as a primary feature of their run game, and it was effective getting Addai to the point of attack
  • Pass protection will the issue the Colts face going forward, They are a passing team with an average at best OL
  • There’s a definite connection between the Colts focus on the short to intermediate pass game, and the weakness of their OL as a pass protection unit – Manning does not push the ball down the field the way he used to
  • Texans had some success with the reduced front, where they covered the C and 2 guards of the Colts with DL and dictated one-on-one matchups; Another way to exploit the weakness of the Colts OL
  • Classic Manning on fourth quarter TD drive: Texans big hit on Addai catch on first play of the drive and they celebrate, Manning rushed the Colts up to the line and quick snapped against a Texans defense that was clearly not ready – Collie 31 yds down the seam
  • Manning utilized the sprint draw effectively against the Texans man coverage concepts
  • Colts run game clearly has been more of a factor the last 2 weeks, It’s been effective when used

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