Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Eleven 11/26/09 Notes


  • Cowboys at times aligned with 3 TEs in power formations; Redskins matched up with 4-4 personnel, with Blades as the 4th LB
  • Cowboys clearly scaled back offensively, A lot of 2 and 3 TE personnel packages, A lot of tight formations, An emphasis on running the ball
  • Redskins defense looked fast and active, They seemed to be playing at a faster speed than the Cowboys offense
  • Cowboys clearly constricted their pass game, both in terms of personnel and route combinations
  • FS Landry was flying around, He played with great speed and explosion, He was a dominant player in this game – The Cowboys offensive approach allowed him to play closer to the line of scrimmage
  • Cowboys clearly tried to hide Romo in this game; They game planned to minimize his impact on the game with their personnel, formations and play calling
  • Romo not a confident QB right now, He did not process information quickly or see things in their proper sequence – No precision or discipline to his game
  • Cowboys put Romo in the shotgun more in the second half trying to generate some semblance of a passing game, More spread formations
  • There was absolutely no timing and rhythm to the Cowboys passing game
  • Redskins defense dominated the Cowboys offense, It was a big time butt whipping
  • Cowboys OL still struggled with quickness and speed
  • Redskins corners Hall, Smoot and Rogers are beatable, They play with a lot of cushion and they have a tendency at times to guess and make mistakes – Overall, they do not really challenge WRs
  • Romo winning TD pass to Crayton was classic Romo: Austin wide open on a corner route within the timing of the play, but Romo did not deliver the ball; That allowed Orakpo, who beat LT Adams, to get pressure on him – Then Romo made a great improvisational play
  • The more I watch Romo the more I see a QB who has not really improved in the last 3 years: No consistent discipline to his game, Too much randomness


  • Finley a “Joker” in the Packers offense: He aligned all over the formation, even as the “x” (single wide receiver) outside the numbers in spread formations
  • Grant very mechanical and robotic, No crispness to his change of direction, He has very stiff hips, He‘s a gaping hole runner – Overall, he just has a limited skill set as an NFL RB
  • The one thing Grant showed was a little downhill speed, both when he hit the point of attack and when he got clean to the edge
  • Rodgers much more decisive and efficient against man coverage concepts, It’s defined quicker and he gets the ball out; His internal clock problems crop up more versus zone coverage
  • Jennings 64 yd TD on 1st + 10 came out of 4 WR personnel with TE Finley, Rodgers empty set – An aggressive personnel package and formation on first down, Jennings beat CB Brown at the line of scrimmage on the inside slant
  • Bly was the 49ers nickel corner, When they went dime Smith was the 6th DB
  • Nice 2 minute drill by the Packers at the end of the first half, They ran 7 plays in 1:40 without using a TO and kicked a FG
  • In the first half the 49ers generated almost no pressure on Rodgers, either with a 4 man rush or the few times they blitzed
  • Wilhelm started at ILB for the injured Spikes, and he’s a significant drop off in talent, recognition and overall toughness and intensity; It was noticeable on film, Wilhelm was a liability in the run game
  • Wilhelm was replaced in the middle of the third quarter by rookie McKillop, but Wilhelm came back in the fourth quarter – That ILB position was clearly a problem for the 49ers
  • Rodgers first sack came out of empty on first and 10, RT Tauscher was beaten immediately to the inside by Haralson, Rodgers had no chance
  • A consistent and balanced game for the Packers offense: Rodgers was efficient, and the score allowed to stay with the run and give Grant carries


  • Packers base 3-4 in this game as their foundation personnel group
  • 49ers utilized the “Wildcat” with Gore taking the direct shotgun snap
  • Woodson again played some snaps at safety in the Packers 3-4 defense; Woodson is the “Joker” of the Packers defense
  • Smith’s tendency is to have to see the throw before he pulls the trigger, Not a consistent timing and anticipation passer
  • Packers continued to be very multiple with personnel packages, pressure looks and coverage schemes – Woodson and Bush at times played LB in the dime package
  • Raji getting more snaps at DE in the base 3-4: Great quickness for a man that size, A suddenness to his movement
  • 49ers OL was overmatched at times in pass protection, both individually and more often against blitz, especially from the inside – Overall it was a poor performance by the 49ers OL, Smith got the crap beat out of him
  • Packers a lot of slot and corner blitzes in this game, from their nickel and dime packages – A very aggressive game plan approach, which was not surprising, plus a lot of disguised coverage looks
  • 49ers played the entire second half with Smith in the shotgun, with the exception of one play; On that play, the 49ers began a drive at their own 1 yard line, and he threw an interception
  • Smith very erratic in terms of arm strength, Some balls come out well while others hang
  • Davis had success running the middle seam out of 3×1 sets when he was the inside slot receiver on the 3 receiver side; Davis at his best as a vertical seam route receiver, Explosive speed for a man his size – 24 yd TD in the fourth quarter came out of that formation, LB Mathews ran down the seam with him
  • Jones replaced Kampman when Kampman was injured and lost for the season in the third quarter; Poppinga also got snaps at that position
  • Crabtree again showed great ability to snatch the ball with his hands -Harris was physical with Crabtree at the line of scrimmage, and Crabtree at times struggled with that, which was not surprising since he’s not playing against Kansas State anymore
  • Gore tough and physical in blitz pickup, plus he showed good recognition
  • Smith best chance to be an NFL QB is in the shotgun, He is clearly more comfortable; He needs functional space to deliver the ball, He has to be able to step into his throws with room in front of him – This is more likely on a percentage basis out of the shotgun


  • Cox and Brackenridge started at CB for the Jaguars, Allen started at MLB in the 4-3
  • In the Jaguars nickel package, Nelson moved from safety to slot corner, and Smith (the former Steeler) came in at safety
  • Rookie Levitre played LT for the Bills, He had been the LG for the majority of the season but injuries forced the Bills to put him at LT (his college position)
  • Bills utilized the “Wildcat” with Jackson taking the direct shotgun snap
  • Jaguars predominant 4-3 front in normal down and distance situations against base personnel, A definite transition from the first half of the season when they were primarily a 3-4 team – Jaguars 4-3 stack was a featured front against the Bills
  • Bills used 6 OL as part of their running package with Meredith as the 6th OL aligned at TE, They also threw out of that personnel package
  • Fitzpatrick always looks like he’s struggling to throw the ball at the intermediate and deeper levels, He does not have a fluid delivery – At times the ball comes out with some velocity, especially between the numbers in the intermediate areas
  • Jackson aligned all over the formation, used as a “Joker”; He caught a quick slant as the “z” receiver
  • Jackson a better runner than Lynch; Lynch some lateral quickness but no juice, No snap to his movement
  • Jaguars predominantly played a 3-4 front against 3 WR spread formations, although they played 4-2-5 on every snap on the Bills 2 minute drive at the end of the first half
  • Fitzpatrick orchestrated a great 2 minute drive at the end of the first half: 1:58 and 2 timeouts, and the Bills went 76 yards for a FG
  • Fitzpatrick checked at the line of scrimmage to Owens 98 yd TD, He saw the safety on Owens side down in the box and knew he had Owens one-on-one on the outside against CB Brackenridge – Owens ran right by Brackenridge, Great throw by Brackenridge
  • In the second half, the Bills moved Levitre back inside to LG and played Scott at LT
  • Evans had a 53 yd TD nullified by a penalty on LT Scott, It was a great play by both Fitzpatrick and Evans
  • Fitzpatrick threw too many balls with no clear definition of the coverage, He was lucky he did not throw more interceptions
  • Jaguars aggressive and challenging with a 3 point on the Bills final drive that ended with Smith interception; They blitzed on the final 3 snaps, and it was a Nelson blitz that forced the high throw to Owens that Smith picked off
  • Jaguars more multiple defensively in this game than they were earlier in the season

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