Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Eleven 11/24/09 Notes


  • Vikings OL a lot of leakage in the run game, Overall it’s not a consistent run blocking OL
  • I don’t think Peterson’s lack of patience as a runner helps his OL at times: Peterson is not a vision runner, He’s a violent explosive runner who attacks and then sees and reacts
  • Curry did not play in the Seahawks nickel package
  • Lucas was the third corner in the dime package, and Milloy was the third safety
  • Trufant looked like he lost some speed, He struggled a bit to run on deeper routes, He looked at times as if he laboring a little
  • Favre has unbelievable field awareness and vision, He knows where everybody is and manipulates defenders like no other QB in the NFL; Harvin 25 yds on 3rd + 9 in the third quarter was a great example of Favre moving MLB Hawthorne to create a clear passing lane
  • Vikings a lot of 3 WR personnel in this game, regardless of down and distance
  • Harvin 23 yd TD on 1st + 10 came out of 4 WR personnel, Shotgun empty set versus Seahawks dime package and quarters coverage; Harvin inside slot on 3 receiver side of 3×2 set worked against LB Hawthorne, Mismatch favored the Vikings – Great protection and a strike by Favre
  • Favre speed of decision making and accuracy in the red zone is remarkable
  • What stood out in this game was Rice blocking in the run game: A lot of effort and energy – He’s becoming a complete receiver
  • Mentally I don’t think I have ever seen Favre play better, He processed information in its proper sequence so quickly it seemed as if he was directing the action on the field
  • Seahawks defense played passively by design with little blitz and few snaps of man coverage, and Favre’s speed of decision making and accuracy just made the defense look even more reactive


  • Charles needs space to run effectively, He’s not an effective between-the-tackles runner, He has no physical presence, He’s much better on the edge – The Chiefs know this and they ran him primarily on the perimeter
  • Smith also lacks any physical presence as a between-the-tackles runner – Overall, the Chiefs lack any effective inside running game
  • Steelers defense a lot of independent movement before the snap from their nickel package, They often have only 1 defender with his hand on the ground; They confuse OL mentally and force them to move laterally with quickness and decisiveness
  • Rookie DL Hood was part of the Steelers nickel package in this game, Tendency to stand up at the snap and lose his leverage and power – Right now, he’s just an athlete playing DL, not a football player
  • Cassel just an average NFL thrower with an average arm; Ball comes out erratically, sometimes with a little juice on short to intermediate routes but mostly he’s a functional space passer who needs room to step and throw to have any chance
  • Pope 21 yd TD was the result of a coverage mistake by CB Gay
  • Cassel great seam throw to Long for 30 yds on 3rd + 9 on fourth quarter TD drive: Steelers only rushed 3 and played a 2 deep shell behind it, Townsend ran down the seam with Long but was too far behind Long to impact the throw
  • S Clark was beaten on Chambers 47 yds on fourth quarter TD drive, It was a “6 pump” route (an intermediate dig and go) and Clark cannot jump the dig as the deepest defender to that side – Play showed the limitations of Cassel’s arm, It should have been an easy TD but Cassel just couldn’t get the ball out far enough to the wide open Chambers
  • Steelers defense was not dominant in this game, Chiefs did a good job of minimizing pressures with formations and personnel and maximum protection schemes
  • CB Taylor dropped a certain interception on the play before Chambers 61 yds in OT
  • Steelers lack of recognition of the route combination on Chambers 61 yds in OT, You normally do not see this from the Steelers defense
  • This game really showed the absence of Polamalu, Steelers secondary was not challenging and proactive


  • Johnson dictates predominant 8 in the box, single high safety coverages; That leads either to “cover 3” (zone concept) or “cover 1” (man free), Regardless it becomes man-to-man on the outside and it’s easily defined for Young in the pass game
  • Texans spied on Young at times in their man-to-man coverage schemes
  • Young looked very comfortable, Poised and aware
  • Young great deep throw running to his left to Washington, Washington dropped the ball
  • Young dictates both pass rush schemes and coverage concepts in 3rd and 6+ situations: A lot of soft 4 man rushes, and a lot of zone coverage so defenders can keep their eyes in the backfield
  • Titans continued to utilize the triple option, primarily in shorter yardage down and distance situations, with anywhere from 2-6 yds to go; It’s very difficult for the defense, dictating flow one way then isolating a back side defender with Young and Johnson screaming at him
  • Britt 13 yd TD on 3rd + 3 really showed Young’s growing confidence level, It was designed movement off play action and Johnson was wide open in the flat for the first down, Young waited and hit Britt on the over route from the back side
  • Cushing great instincts and great reaction time, He plays downhill fast
  • You can tell defenses right now have no conceptual framework for defending the triple option, especially with its initial zone run action to the other side
  • Texans increased their blitz frequency at the start of the second half, First time Young panicked in the pocket was in response to an inside blitz by LB Ryans, Johnson picked up Ryans with no problem but Young did not trust his protection and never set in the pocket
  • Johnson’s best trait as a runner may be his patience, That allows him to use his unbelievable explosion
  • Robinson dropped a certain interception in the third quarter, Young’s only bad read of the night: He clearly read man coverage, and did not account for Robinson dropping back underneath the deep corner route by Washington
  • The progression reading concept for Young is clearly 1, 2, then run; The other thing that’s noticeable from film is that there are no full field reads in the playbook for Young, It’s all half field reads with a limited progression element
  • DE Williams not a factor in this game

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