Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Ten 11/19/09


  • Gates looked very smooth and fluid; He’s a “Joker” who aligns all over the formation and wins against corners as well as linebackers and safeties – Gates gives the Chargers personnel and formation flexibility
  • Babin got meaningful snaps at DE in the Eagles nickel package; At times they moved Cole to LDE, with Babin at RDE – Babin also played in the base 4-3, at both DE positions
  • Chargers used the “Wildcat” with Naanee taking the direct snap in the shotgun; Also used the “Wildcat” with Tomlinson
  • Tolbert 20 yd TD catch came against Eagles “cover zero” blitz; Tolbert contacted and controlled S Mikell on the blitz, then ran the quick angle route inside; MLB Gocong overreacted outside, and was out of position to react to Tolbert
  • Eagles aligned Cole at both DE positions quite a bit
  • Jones and Harris both played significant snaps at SS
  • Gocong and Witherspoon were the Eagles LBs in the nickel
  • Tomlinson just does not have the lateral agility and explosiveness that he once had, No longer has the same balance and body control that consistently made the unblocked defender miss
  • Chargers OL much better at the point of attack in the run game versus the Eagles, Stronger with their double teams
  • Witherspoon did not look like he could run very well, His lateral movement and sideline-to-sideline speed were lacking
  • When CB Brown got hurt, the Eagles played Patterson at RCB; In the nickel package, Patterson moved inside over the slot, and Robinson came in at LCB
  • On Naanee’s 20 yd TD, the Eagles zone blitzed and played 3 under / 3 deep behind it; Samuel abandoned his deep third responsibility and allowed Naanee to get behind him
  • RT Clary was injured and replaced by Dombrowski, who clearly struggled in pass protection in one-on-one matchups
  • Rivers attacked Patterson on the final FG drive in the 4th quarter, Patterson gave big cushions on the outside
  • If the Eagles are forced to line up with Patterson and Robinson in their nickel package, they will have a tough time in coverage
  • Big play on Chargers final FG drive was Gates 17 yds on 3rd + 6: Eagles matched CB Patterson on Gates on the inside, Gates whip route beat Patterson, Great throw by Rivers
  • Eagles defense never got into an attacking rhythm against the Chargers defense, although their DL at times overmatched the Chargers OL
  • Rivers very accurate, especially in critical down and distance situations: He’s aware and decisive with his throws


  • Moreno 28 yds on game’s first play: The design of the toss play compromised the Redskins outside force, but you could see that Moreno lacks quickness and explosion; Moreno methodical in his movement, almost stiff at times, and he has no vertical burst
  • Moreno also a tendency to bounce to the perimeter too much instead of attacking downhill; That’s the difference between being a college runner and an NFL runner
  • Marshall 40 yd TD on 3rd + 10: Redskins 4 man zone exchange with “cover 3” behind it; Rogers jumped Marshall’s stutter-go and was out of position to play deep third responsibility – Redskins clearly anticipated getting pressure with their blitz concept, but the Broncos protected with 7
  • Broncos very multiple with their personnel and formations, McDaniels does a great job
  • Hall made the coverage mistake on Marshall 75 yd TD; It was “cover 3” and Hall was responsible for the widest vertical route and that was Marshall – Marshall did a great job selling run off the line of scrimmage, and Hall reacted accordingly
  • Broncos used the “Wildcat” with Moreno taking the direct snap in the shotgun
  • Redskins dime package featured Tryon and Moore, Tryon was the 3rd corner and Moore was the third S
  • Orton should have had a third long TD in the first half, He overthrew a wide open Royal early in the second quarter
  • Broncos attacked the Redskins secondary deep, often with double moves; They clearly felt it was a weakness that could be exploited – They always went “max pro” when they threw deep to keep Orton secure in the pocket
  • Smoot replaced Rogers at RCB after the Marshall 40 yd TD
  • Rookie Jarmon impressive, He played DE in the base 4-3 and DT in the nickel package: Good initial quickness and burst, Clearly a good athlete
  • One thing that stood out immediately about Simms was that he had poor field vision, He did not see things well, He focused on one receiver for too long even when it was evident the coverage was taking that away
  • Orakpo again stood out, He’s fast and explosive with the ability to both turn the corner and bull rush with power
  • Moreno had an 11 yd run in the fourth quarter in which he looked much quicker and more fluid with his change of direction, He looked much less choppy with his footwork – One thing that does stand out is the he runs hard, with desire and effort
  • Simms clearly not ready to play at this point, Maybe more reps in practice will help but he was overmatched mentally and did not throw the ball well


  • Curry needs to do a better job of finding and reacting to the ball in the run game; The goal is the most direct path to the ball, Curry too caught up in taking on blocks that are not in the path of the runner
  • Jennings and Milloy played in the dime package for the Seahawks; In the nickel, Jennings played on the outside, with Wilson inside over the slot
  • Seahawks 3 man rush schemes a significant part of defensive approach, Coverage rather than pressure, Close down the windows for Warner
  • Cards OL struggled early, LG Wells was getting handled physically
  • Cards tendency in third and short (2-4 yds) is to line up in the shotgun spread and throw the ball
  • There was a 3rd + 10 in the second quarter when the Seahawks aligned with 3-1-7 personnel, 7 DBs on the field – You rarely see that in the NFL
  • DT Mebane stood out: Excellent initial quickness, and a great motor
  • Breaston 28 yd TD came out of “21” personnel versus Seahawks 5 man rush with “man free” behind it; Breaston great move to turn Trufant around
  • Seahawks went with soft zone coverage schemes in the 2 minute at the end of the first half, Warner took the Cards right down the field for a FG
  • Cards 13 play TD drive to start the second half was mostly out of 2 back sets, Wells 10 yd TD came on 4th + 1 with Fitzgerald aligned at a LOS TE position
  • Wells excellent skill set: Downhill burst and acceleration, Explosiveness to the perimeter for a big man – His outside explosion is impressive
  • Seahawks predominantly stayed with the coverage approach in the second half, again using 7 DBs at times
  • Warner processes information very quickly both before and after the snap, and most importantly, he processes it in its proper sequence; That’s why he is such a good timing and anticipation passer
  • Cards OL started driving the Seahawks DL off the ball in the fourth quarter, That was evident on Wells 13 yd TD and 29 yd run on the next drive – Cards run game was a game winning factor in the fourth quarter
  • Fitzgerald 18 yd TD in the fourth quarter came against a 5 man rush with “man free” behind it; Great back shoulder fade throw by Warner, who knew what he had immediately – Fitzgerald beat Lucas

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