Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 11/13/09 Notes


  • NT Franklin stood out, Played with strength and leverage and quickness – A force on the inside in the 49ers run defense
  • Young showed timing and anticipation on 18 yd out route to Washington on the first play of the second series; Excellent throw from the pocket with bodies around him
  • Titans ran the option, Young pitched to Johnson for 5 yds on the second series; Something defenses must prepare for – The Titans ran the option 3 times
  • Young great throw to Gage for 49 yds out of “12’ personnel, Play action on 2nd + 5, Gage deep corner route versus single high safety coverage – Young threw it 55 yds in the air with great accuracy
  • Johnson made a great block on LB Willis on Young designed QB run TD
  • Young sack on 3rd + 9 came from a corner blitz as part of a 5 man rush with a “man free” coverage concept behind it, Corner blitz got in clean – Titans receivers ran vertical routes, Young nowhere to deliver the ball quickly
  • Johnson moves at a different speed than everybody else on the field, It’s truly remarkable; No back in the NFL outruns angles better than Johnson – What also stood out was that he was a tougher inside runner than his size and outside explosiveness would lead you to believe
  • Titans passing game very limited in route design; Titans did not really utilize a straight drop back pass game – Very few passes by design were thrown to the WRs
  • Titans offense at this point must control down and distance to have any chance to be effective, they need to be able to utilize Young’s movement as a weapon in both the run game and pass game and you can only do that if you stay on schedule
  • Titans had success in the run game with “Counter” to the strong side of the formation from the offset “I” weak: Johnson 26 and 41 yds
  • What stood out was how well WR Washington blocked in the run game, especially on the “Counter” plays
  • Scaife 15 yds on 3rd + 4 in the fourth quarter was a great example of how effective Young can be when the Titans control down and distance; Young designed movement broke down the discipline of the defense and created the play
  • LB Willis is a man: He’s the best LB in the NFL – His play recognition and field speed are remarkable


  • Hester 42 yds on the first series was an unbelievable throw by Cutler; Rodgers-Cromartie had excellent coverage on the go route – What was interesting was the single high safety Rolle rotated to Bennett’s side; Cards clearly comfortable with Rodgers-Cromartie singled up on Hester
  • Highsmith started at ILB for the Cards in place of the inactive Hayes
  • S Wilson a liability in pass coverage, He’s a box defender – He’s a LB more than a safety
  • Bears came out throwing the ball, and they attacked the Cards vertically
  • Cards matched up Rodgers-Cromartie on Hester regardless of which side Hester aligned
  • Cards a predominant dime defense in long yardage situations; Brown was the third corner, and Ware was the third safety – That personnel package has been consistent throughout the season when Ware has been healthy
  • DE Campbell can be moved in the run game, Tendency to play too upright and lose leverage
  • Cutler makes throws that not many other QBs can make, He throws with outstanding velocity and is very accurate when his feet are set
  • Cutler too many sandlot tendencies, He needs to become more refined and precise with his drops and his footwork in the pocket – He’s as physically gifted as any QB in the NFL, but he must become more disciplined in his overall game
  • Both tackles Pace and Williams struggle in pass protection, That does not help Cutler’s comfort level in the pocket
  • Olsen utilized more as a “Joker” in this game, aligning all over the formation; He was clearly a bigger part of the passing game
  • Cards defense was active, They do not have a dominant pass rusher; Dockett a dynamic and versatile athlete but not a pass rusher in the Freeney or Ware mold


  • Turner showed burst and acceleration to the perimeter, It was evident on his 33 yd run on the first series
  • Tryon was the Redskins nickel corner, aligned inside over the slot – Orakpo played RDE in the nickel, He aligned next to Haynesworth
  • Ryan a little impatient in the pocket, A little too quick to move – Right now he’s not very comfortable
  • McIntosh interception was an incredibly poor read by Ryan; Booker was surrounded by defenders, There was no window at all to get him the ball – A good example of Ryan’s problems: He is not seeing things clearly at the intermediate and deeper levels of the defense
  • Landry is as fast as any safety in the NFL from point A to point B; He’s an explosive athlete
  • Falcons WRs block in the run game, They give effort
  • Turner 30 yd TD was a great example of scheme in the run game: It was toss crack out of a bunch formation to the left; TE Gonzalez was the inside receiver in the bunch; He crossed the formation at the snap and 2 second level LBs reacted to him, removing them from the play side – Great pulling lead block by LT Svitek on Smoot
  • Orakpo very impressive, particularly when aligned at RDE; He’s an excellent pass rusher with both power and speed
  • Orakpo and Haynesworth very effective with stunts; They really posed problems for LG Blaylock and LT Svitek
  • Landry a very poor tackling attempt on Turner’s 58 yd TD in the fourth quarter, plus a lack of effort by Hall – Falcons 3 WR personnel on 1st + 10, which they do not do that often, and they really spread the field with the formation; Redskins matched up with nickel, but the spread formation dictated 6 in the box, which is exactly what the Falcons wanted
  • Falcons run game really well schemed in this game, They were able to manipulate the defensive front mechanics of the Redskins

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  1. Joe says:

    Love the parts about Cutler. It was excrutiating to watch him last night. So much talent, and no head to go with it. In the red zone against the 49ers last night he stared down Olsen on both picks. A great tool for him to begin using would be the pump fake. I think it would make a world of difference.

    He needs such a strong mentor to coach him that I don’t know there is such a person. If he settled himself, developed a team first mentality, and changed his attitude then he could be as good as Carson Palmer. But that’s asking a lot and I don’t think even the Patriots could get him to buy in.

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