Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Nine 11/12/09 Notes


  • Hawk started at ILB in place of the injured and inactive Chillar; Rookie Matthews started at OLB
  • Woodson played safety at times in the Packers base defense (in place of Bigby), with Williams outside at CB – In the nickel package, Woodson was the slot corner, and Bigby was the second safety with Collins
  • Packers even played nickel at times versus the Bucs base personnel, like 1 back and 2 TEs; In that package, Woodson essentially played as a LB
  • Hawk really struggled with change of direction, He’s a heavy mover, Not a lot of quick twitch – At his best as a downhill box run defender; A 2 down player, not an impact defender
  • CB Harris played a lot of press coverage, Back to his comfort level as a corner
  • Freeman has a low delivery point for a tall man, His throwing angle makes him smaller than his 6’ 5 ½” height; He also drops the ball too low, near his waist – Historically, you don’t see QBs change their deliveries much (like a Philip Rivers)
  • In the Packers dime package, they has Woodson and Williams on the inside, either matched on a the third WR or the TE; Woodson matched up to Winslow – Bush was the extra corner and he played on the outside
  • It’s clear that DC Capers has installed a multiple defense in terms of personnel packages and responsibilities; It takes time to learn and feel comfortable with, and the Packers are still going through the growing pains
  • Rookie DL Raji played at DE, not NT – That’s been the case all season
  • Kampman was beaten on the TD pass to Ward; He was playing as a stacked LB, and he had to read a bunch release and decipher a lot of information quickly – That’s not Kampman’s strength
  • Freeman showed the ability to throw on the run, Excellent throw to Winslow for 17 yds off designed movement to his left – Good tactic by the Bucs, Freeman comfortable on the move and the read is simple and defined
  • Freeman needs work on his footwork on his drop, Very choppy with no rhythm – This is the kind of thing that always surprises me: What have the Bucs been teaching him over the last 3-4 months?
  • There is absolutely no precision to Freeman’s drop into the pocket, He’s undisciplined and unrefined – He has a long way to go to be an NFL QB
  • Bucs OL had a lot of leakage in both the run game and pass protection; A lot of missed assignments, especially in the run game
  • Woodson is really a good player, About as versatile a DB as there is in the NFL – Similarities to Rod Woodson
  • LG Zuttah really had a tough afternoon: He was consistently beaten by both power and speed, He stood out in a negative way
  • Overall, Freeman was not very accurate; He was very scattershot – I could tell that he’s not a naturally accurate passer
  • Freeman made a big time NFL throw to Winslow for 22 yds to start the Bucs fourth quarter TD drive: Velocity and accuracy – He was in the shotgun, and he was clearly more comfortable with the drop and set; Less moving parts, Shorter distance to drop
  • It was interesting the Bucs put Freeman in the shotgun on the majority of the snaps on that fourth quarter TD drive
  • Packers defense played well, They were not responsible for the loss


  • Peppers playing with more intensity play after play than I have ever seen him; He looked explosive and fast; His dynamic athleticism really jumped out
  • Saints offense very patient and methodical, They run the ball with conviction and commitment regardless of the score
  • Bush is a difficult matchup in the passing game, He was viewed by the Panthers as a WR when the Saints had 3 WR and Bush on the field – Panthers at times went dime with Wesley as the sixth DB
  • Panthers played predominantly with their nickel personnel to match up to the Saints 3 WR sets, even when Bush was on the field – They did that because of the speed of LBs Beason and Davis
  • Meachem becoming a bigger factor in the Saints pass game, He’s running more routes in the route tree
  • Henderson 63 yds on 3rd + 3 in the third quarter: A man-to-man coverage situation, The Panthers put S Martin on Bush instead of a LB, That dictated single high safety coverage, Henderson beat CB Gamble off the line on the quick slant with room to run, Deep safety Harris took a bad angle
  • The bottom line is that Bush dictates matchups in the passing game
  • When you play the Saints pass game, you must defend 3×1 sets; What makes it difficult is that they align with different receivers in different locations – Meachem 54 yd TD was a great example: They had 3 WRs to one side, and TE Shockey split as the “x” on the single receiver side; The Panthers did not adjust their coverage properly, and had LB Beason running the seam with Meachem
  • Meachem 21 yds on critical fourth quarter FG drive was also a 3×1 set with 3 WR to same side and Shockey split to the other side as the “x”; Great seam throw by Brees against “cover 3”
  • Johnson replaced the injured Davis in the fourth quarter; Davis out for the season with a torn ACL
  • Saints an incredibly efficient offense: Balanced with run and pass; Diverse and multi-dimensional in terms of personnel, formations and play calling in both the run game and pass game – They are clearly committed to running the ball, regardless of the game situation and their location on the field
  • Saints offense beats defenses with scheme, design and outstanding execution more than with individual skill position players – Brees consistency and accuracy are critical to the Saints ability to sustain offense


  • Light still inactive; Rookie Vollmer started at LT
  • Patriots utilized the unbalanced line with LT Vollmer at TE on the right and TE Watson at LT; Maroney 10 yds on the second play of the game
  • Great interception by Davis matched man-to-man on Moss; Moss a deep post route and Davis ran with him stride-for-stride, Moss got no vertical separation
  • Maroney not consistent pressing the hole; He has a tendency to change direction in the backfield when there’s too much separation between him and the OL – Not a decisive and instinctive runner
  • Dolphins clearly comfortable matching up man-to-man on the outside as their initial game plan approach; Predominant single high safety coverages in the first quarter
  • It was clear rookie CB Davis could run with Moss; Moss did not separate on vertical routes, even on his outstanding one-handed catch
  • Aiken was predominantly the Patriots third WR
  • Patriots offense balanced in terms of personnel, formations and play calling; They utilized both shotgun and conventional formations effectively, including running the ball well out of multiple TE sets
  • Rookie CB Smith not playing with a lot of confidence right now, He’s not as challenging and aggressive as he was earlier in the season, More passive
  • Patriots very multiple with personnel packages and formations; The Dolphins defense never really settled in – Brady clean pockets without any pressure, A comfortable QB
  • Faulk a versatile player who aligned all over the formation, and was used extensively in the pass game: Angle routes out of the backfield, Conventional screen passes out of the backfield, Bubble screens from the WR position
  • Jones was the Dolphins nickel corner, He played over the slot; He also played safety in the base personnel package, as he has for the last number of weeks
  • Brady looked more relaxed and calm in the pocket, As comfortable as he has looked all season
  • Porter a non-factor, both as a pass rusher and a run defender; Patriots did not give him any special attention, He was not consistently double-teamed

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