Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Nine 11/11/09 Notes


  • Eagles continued to get FB Weaver more involved in the run game as a feature back; He ran 8 times, the same as last week versus the Giants, almost all out of single back sets
  • McNabb often does not pull the trigger on stick throws into tight windows against zone coverage; He has a tendency to wait until the receiver breaks into the open void, and by then it’s too late – McNabb is not an anticipator
  • Cowboys align Ratliff at DT in their 4 man DL in their nickel package, and he has quickness and explosion as a pass rusher
  • Maclin beat “quarters” coverage with a post route early in the second quarter, He ran by CB Jenkins and S Hamlin was slow to respond; The problem was Ware beat LT Herremans (who was slow off the ball) to the outside and hit McNabb as he delivered – It could have been a TD
  • Eagles OL really struggled in pass protection, They were beaten in individual matchups more than by scheme – Once Peters got hurt, the 2 guards, LG Cole and RG Andrews, had a tough time, plus Ware was a tough matchup for Herremans at LT
  • There were some plays in which the Cowboys rolled coverage to Jackson, and other plays in which they played more conventional zone coverage concepts – McNabb is not the kind of passer that normally tries to make stick throws
  • Celek a very good short to intermediate receiver, but he is a below average blocker in the run game
  • What really stands out when you watch the Eagles offense is that they have no staple run game, either out of 1 back or 2 backs; Over the last 2 weeks, the closest concept they have to a staple run game is F Weaver out of single back / 2 TE sets
  • McNabb second interception was a poor throw: Maclin post route versus “quarters” coverage on 1st + 10; McNabb the wrong throw, Too flat with no trajectory and well underthrown
  • Cowboys a predominant “quarters” coverage defense on 1st + 10, Eagles did not do a good job consistently attacking the “quarters” coverage with their play calling
  • Maclin struggled to get off press coverage; It really showed up on the Eagles final play, on 3rd + 10 when McNabb left the pocket and was sacked by Butler – Cowboys surprisingly played press man free coverage and rushed 5, Eagles “max pro” with 8 man protection; McNabb overly focused on the rush never planted his back foot
  • McNabb erratic in this game, both from a mental and physical standpoint; Did not see things clearly and was too scattershot – There were opportunities for Jackson that McNabb did not capitalize on
  • Eagles OL very inconsistent, They can be defeated individually in pass protection


  • Grant very mechanical and robotic, Does not stop and start with any quickness, No snap to his change of direction – His yardage is a function of the opponent and the score
  • Bucs played a lot of press man coverage on the outside, Much more than I expected to see; They challenged the Packers WRs
  • Rodgers at times did not get a clear picture, Did not process information in its proper sequence – That resulted in him holding the ball too long
  • Barber beaten badly on Driver 32 yd TD, A man coverage concept and Barber jumped the slant on Driver’s slant and go
  • I was surprised I did not see more blitz schemes from the Bucs defense through the first half, given Rodgers difficulty with pressure
  • Rodgers at his best as a timing and rhythm passer, Plant his back foot and deliver the football – When he can’t do that, his footwork breaks down, as does his balance; Rodgers a tendency to throw balls off balance when he moves
  • Rodgers clearly showing a tendency to anticipate pressure, At times he broke down in the pocket when he did not need to; A little bit shell shocked, Perceiving pressure
  • Rodgers was not sacked in the first half, but went down 6 times in the second half
  • Packers receivers were not giving Rodgers quickly defined looks against the press coverage of the Bucs corners; What was interesting was that the Bucs played a lot of zone behind the press look, blurring the read for both the receivers and Rodgers
  • Bucs very little blitz in this game, They relied almost exclusively on the rush of their 4 DL
  • Cox replaced Mack as the Bucs nickel corner during the game, Mack had struggled with an injury going the game and he was beaten on Jones 74 yd TD in the first quarter although he had good coverage
  • Green looked quicker than Grant running downhill, Low center of gravity with power and momentum, A more physical runner than Grant
  • Grant ran hard in this game, Ran with some toughness between the tackles – He’s a week-to-week runner
  • Packers OL struggled with stunts and movement, They are not an athletic unit; Rodgers was consistently throwing out of a hole, even against 4 man rushes


  • Law was the Broncos nickel corner, playing his first game
  • Broncos very confident in the ability of their secondary to cover, A lot of man coverage concepts
  • Steelers only 18 first half plays, Not enough to get into a rhythm
  • Mendenhall ran hard, He generated downhill momentum, He ran with power and burst
  • Steelers approach in the second half on their first couple of possessions was more 3 WR personnel package
  • Peterson sack and forced fumble, Ayers fumble recovery TD: Peterson beat LG Kemoeatu to the outside, which was Roethlisberger’s blind side
  • Mendenhall 24 yds on third quarter TD drive was “counter weak” with LG Kemoeatu pulling to the right; It came out of 3 WR personnel – So did Mendenhall 28 yds on the next series
  • Mendenhall a one back runner, Do not see a FB in the backfield with him
  • Holmes the “x” in the Steelers 3 WR personnel package, What he does as well as any receiver in the NFL is make every route look the same off the line of scrimmage – He may be the smoothest route runner in the league
  • Steelers attacked and broke down the Broncos defense in the second half primarily out of 3 WR personnel, both running and throwing – Broncos were in their nickel personnel package
  • Steelers pass game very good at breaking down defensive discipline, whether it’s through Roethlisberger movement or the receivers reacting to the movement and causing breakdowns in coverage: Wallace 25 yd TD was a great example
  • Mendenhall 36 yds on final TD drive: Great burst and acceleration, He outran the angle of S Hill
  • Steelers ran the ball very effectively against the Broncos defense; They were more physical

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  1. Stretch says:

    G.Cosell thanks for your confirmation on starting the Cowboys DST. You mentioned that “Packers OL struggled with stunts and movement, They are not an athletic unit; Rodgers was consistently throwing out of a hole, even against 4 man rushes.”

    I’m 5-4 in the playoff picture with 4-games left to go.

    Keep the insight coming….

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