Dynasty League Prospects

The following are players to look at for the future who have yet to break
out, but have value for future seasons.


Kevin Kolb/Philadelphia – Next year, he’ll be on the final year of his four-year
rookie deal. But the coaches remain very high on him and they were very pleased
with what they saw from him in his two starts. In fact, a team source said
there’s no reason why Kolb can’t be one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL if he
gets to start next year. It will come down to how veteran QB Donovan McNabb
plays the rest of the season. If McNabb struggles and they miss the playoffs or
get knocked out early, Kolb will likely be the starter next year. He’s seen as a
more accurate passer than McNabb and with the frequency that they throw with,
Kolb could put up big numbers if he gets the job.

Chad Henne/Miami – Like with Kolb, I first saw Henne play during Senior Bowl
week and I was very impressed. In fact, I thought Henne threw the ball better
that week than Joe Flacco did. Henne has a strong arm and I like how he places
the ball away from the defender and on the correct shoulder for the receiver to
catch it. The problems that he has are two fold. He doesn’t always process
information quickly enough and his receivers are well below even average by NFL
standards. But over time, he’ll understand better what he’s being asked to do
the more he plays. The upper management knows they need major help at receiver
and down the road, in a few seasons, they’ll get it. So in years 2011-2012, he
should be a decent starter.

Running Back

Chris Wells/Arizona – Don’t blame his rotational role on Wells. He
signed his rookie contract a few weeks too late and he got hurt on the first day
of practice in training camp. So he got way behind and gave Tim Hightower a huge
advantage. Keep in mind the Cardinals drafted Wells to be the main ball carrier
at some point and that should happen in year two and beyond.

LeSean McCoy/Philadelphia – His role is dependent upon what the team does with
veteran RB Brian Westbrook. If the injury prone Westbrook comes back for 2010,
that will almost certainly be his last season as an Eagle and probably his last
as an NFL player. If you’re willing to be patient, the talented McCoy could
payoff down the line. The coaches love his versatility and he’s proven to be a
quick study.

Jonathan Stewart/Carolina – The Panthers have a dilemma. Do they re-sign RB
DeAngelo Williams after his contract expires in 2010 or do they let Stewart take
over? Or do they trade Williams after this season is over? Most likely, both
backs will share playing time again in 2010 with Williams being the main ball
carrier again. But long-term, Stewart makes more sense to take over because of
his solid build. Carolina uses a power running game and Stewart is the best fit
for that profile.

Donald Brown/Indianapolis – Unfortunately, he’s been dealing with a lingering
shoulder injury for several weeks, so his role hasn’t increased as we thought it
would. However, keep in mind the team drafted him in part to a lack of
confidence in RB Joseph Addai, who is signed through 2010. Look for a RBBC next
season, but Brown’s role should increase. The coaches believe he’s a more
decisive runner than Addai. If you’re willing to be patient, the versatile Brown
could really pay off in a few years for fantasy owners.

Shonn Greene/New York Jets – His role is dependent upon what the team does with
veteran RB Thomas Jones. Jones is signed through 2010, but it’s unlikely they
would re-sign him past then based on his age. So if you’re willing to be patient
with the younger back, Greene could pay off down the line. They want to use a
power running approach on offense to limit the amount of times QB Mark Sanchez
has to go back to pass. Greene is a great fit for what they’re looking for and
he could be pretty solid in 2011 and beyond.

Mike Bell/New Orleans – It’s rare that we’ll look at backs in RBBCs, but Bell
will always have a role because he brings something to the table that the other
two backs don’t have–that’s power. Because the Saints score like crazy and have
leads in the second half in many games, Bell has a chance to be the finishing
back in those games. That’s why they signed him and are expected to sign him
long-term. If you’re looking for a #3 RB for the future, he’s worth a shot.

Jamaal Charles/Kansas City – It’s believed that the coaches want to go to more
of a spread offense, but because of major offensive line issues, they haven’t
been able to do that this season. However, expect the Chiefs to address their
offensive line in the draft and in free agency. If the offensive line makes
major improvements, using a spread look probably will happen. Charles is a much
better fit for that scheme, so he would have increased value.

Kolby Smith/Kansas City – Smith is a more powerful runner than Charles and he’s
more decisive. His future role will depend on what the team does in free agency
next year along with the draft. But there’s a decent chance that Smith will be
involved in the running game no matter what they do.

Wide Receiver

Malcom Floyd/San Diego –

Michael Crabtree/San Francisco –

Jeremy Maclin/Philadelphia –

Laurent Robinson/St. Louis –

Pierre Garcon/Indianapolis –

Johnny Knox/Chicago –

Jordy Nelson/Green Bay –

Brandon Tate/New England –

Mohamed Massaquoi/Cleveland –

James Jones/Green Bay –

Robert Meachem/New Orleans –

Mike Wallace/Pittsburgh –

Kenny Britt/Tennessee –

Andre Caldwell/Cincinnati –

Brandon Gibson/St. Louis –

Deon Butler/Seattle –

Tight End

Jermichael Finley/Green Bay – Unfortunately, he got hurt just as he
started to take off this season. Finley is one of those new wave flexed out
tight ends that have become a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses. There’s
nothing not to like about him. It would be a surprise if he didn’t start next
years and for years to come. He’s in a good passing offense and he has a solid
quarterback to work with. He should be one of the NFL’s top-10 TEs starting next

Jared Cook/Tennessee – Our Greg Cosell called him a "Shannon Sharpe
type" of tight end. If you’ve heard Cosell speak, he usually doesn’t bestow
praise like that liberally. Cook is perhaps the most athletic tight end out of
this year’s draft class. He can run better than some receivers. He has a few
things going against him, however. The Titans are deep at the position with
veterans Alge Crumpler and Bo Scaife still on the roster. The other problem that
remains is uncertainty at the quarterback position. But eventually, Cook is
going to become a major factor, just how soon remains to be seen.

Chase Coffman/Cincinnati – He was one of this year’s top pass catching tight
ends coming out of the draft. However, Coffman is a poor blocker and also needs
to get stronger. The Bengals are a little down on him, so it will take him a
while to gain a significant role. But when he does, Coffman, like his father,
Paul, has a chance to be a solid pass catching tight end.

Travis Beckum/New York Giants – He’s yet another one of these athletic tight
ends that will be flex out quite a bit as a receiver. Beckum needs to get
stronger physically, but he really can run. Eventually, he could become one of
the Giants’ top passing options, but well down the road.

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27 Responses

  1. KCMiller3 says:

    Great list!

    I am especially interested in your analysis of Mike Bell.
    I never thought of him as having much keeper potential.. just a year-to-year fill-in type player.
    In fact, he is not even on the latest RB Keeper Rankings.


  2. Adam Caplan says:

    These are for dynasty leagues, not keeper, big difference.

    But feel free to ask about any players’ future you want here. I have a pretty good grasp of what teams think of most players.

  3. CH3 says:

    Hard to see how Kolb has any value until 2011 (his contract expires in 2010) given McNabb’s presence. Are you hearing that they might shop him?

  4. Adam Caplan says:

    McNabb could be gone after the season if he continues to be inconsistent. They already know what Kolb can do and they remain very high on him.

  5. Ariakis says:

    More dynasty/keeper stuff!! Thanks.

    What’s your take on Buffalo’s TE Shawn Nelson? Is he capable of hitting top 12 or should I move on to free up the roster space for other sleepers?

    Can you go a bit deeper at RB both for later this year options who may emerge as the next Mendenhall and for future options that may be on the ww?

  6. Adam Caplan says:

    Problem with Nelson is he’s on a team with an average QB and a bad passing game.

    If you have some RBs you want me to take a look at, list them here. I’m posting analysis by position here each day.

  7. ariakis says:

    I’ll send some rookie idea questions some other time but for now I have a big dynasty trade I’m pondering.

    I in a standard non PPR with 2 RB/2WR/1UTIL slot 12×24 I have Jacobs, Gore, and Westbrook at RB and SSmith, RWhite, MAustin, and RMoss at WR plus guys like CBuck, RJennings, Wallace, and Garcon.

    I can get from a division rival I’ll play in week 14 or 15 either RBrown/RWilliams or PThomas/MBell plus Berrian (yuck) for Jacobs, Rankin, and SSmith. I’m trying to see if he’ll do it for Shiancoe instead of SSmith since I have Gates and his TE1 is Pettigrew but I doubt it.

    So … looking at weeks 14-16 75% and future value 25% what is your take? I was going to do either without selling low on Smith.

  8. Adam Caplan says:

    FYI: I’ll be only looking at dynasty league related questions for the future here.

  9. Adam Caplan says:

    I forgot to add Jermichael Finley to that list.

  10. Adam Caplan says:

    Revised list:


    Kevin Kolb/Philadelphia –

    Chad Henne/Miami –

    Running Back

    Chris Wells/Arizona –

    LeSean McCoy/Philadelphia –

    Jonathan Stewart/Carolina –

    Donald Brown/Indianapolis –

    Shonn Greene/New York Jets –

    Mike Bell/New Orleans –

    Jamaal Charles/Kansas City –

    Kolby Smith/Kansas City –

    Wide Receiver

    Malcom Floyd/San Diego –

    Michael Crabtree/San Francisco –

    Jeremy Maclin/Philadelphia –

    Laurent Robinson/St. Louis –

    Pierre Garcon/Indianapolis –

    Johnny Knox/Chicago –

    Jordy Nelson/Green Bay –

    Brandon Tate/New England –

    Mohamed Massaquoi/Cleveland –

    James Jones/Green Bay –

    Robert Meachem/New Orleans –

    Mike Wallace/Pittsburgh –

    Kenny Britt/Tennessee –

    Andre Caldwell/Cincinnati –

    Brandon Gibson/St. Louis –

    Deon Butler/Seattle –

    Tight End

    Jermichael Finley/Green Bay –

    Jared Cook/Tennessee –

    Chase Coffman/Cincinnati –

    Travis Beckum/New York Giants –

    James Casey/Houston -

  11. Ariakis says:

    Can you compare the relative future “values” of McCoy, Mendenhall, James Davis, Shonn Green, Donald Brown, and other non-starters who may start next year?

    Going back to my above question – It’s not so much sleepers but it’s certainly dynasty related as I think I left out that league was a dynasty format. The short question is for weeks 14-16 this year for a contender plus future dynasty value would you rather have Jacobs, Pierre/Bell, or RBrown/RWilliams?

    My take is Brown/Williams may cancel each other out a bit and frustate owners who aren’t starting both and risking both coming up small in certain weeks. They are also the oldest.

    Jacobs has huge upside but hasn’t met it and seems to have a tough stretch run.

    I am leaning towards accepting it with the Saints RB pair as while they are unstable, they seem to have a more straightforward pecking order and are the youngest and on the best team.

  12. Adam Caplan says:

    I can only look toward next and and future years for players here.

  13. Adam Caplan says:

    Just added analysis of the QBs. RBs next.

  14. Adam Caplan says:

    Can you compare the relative future “values” of McCoy, Mendenhall, James Davis, Shonn Green, Donald Brown, and other non-starters who may start next year?>

    For next season as we stand now and lots can and will change:

    McCoy-depends on BWB coming back or not. If he does, high-end backup. If he doesn’t, #2 RB with upside.

    Davis-Assuming Lewis is gone, possibly #3 RB, but depends on who the coach is, scheme, and who they draft and sign in free agency.

    Mendenhall-Rock solid #2 RB or better.

    Greene-Way to early to say, we need to see if Jones comes back. But if he doesn’t, #3 RB with upside.

    Brown-Depends on Addai coming back or not. If he doesn’t, possible #2 RB depending on what they do in draft/free agency.

  15. Ariakis says:

    Good update thanks! A couple other names for consideration – Tashard Choice, Goodson (DWill is questionable and a free agent after the year), Ringer (LenDale may go after this year), Jacoby Jones, and possibly Ken Ogletree looking darn effective last week.

  16. Adam Caplan says:

    I’ll add Jones because he could start in future seasons with Walter’s contract ending soon. Choice has no future with Dallas in a significant role at this point. Goodson the same. Williams is signed through 2010.

  17. Stretch says:


    What’s your take on QB J.Freeman going forward. He looks pretty good in his debut. Tampa Bay will have above average O-line when they get C J.Faine back in the line-up.

    Plus they will need to hire a legitimate OC to the coaching staff. Greg Olson is not the answer.

  18. Adam Caplan says:

    Not much, Freeman looked bad actually and Cosell confirmed exactly what I saw. Poor mechanics, bad release point. Don’t like the way he throws the ball at all.

  19. Stretch says:


    What about WR S.Aiken long term prognosis with the recent injury history to WR B.Tate?

    He did flash against Tampa Bay in London.

  20. Adam Caplan says:

    Only reason why Aiken is in the rotation is because of Tate’s injury situation. Aiken’s real role is on special teams, he’s one of the best special teams players in the NFL.

  21. Ariakis says:

    FYI – I heard that Aiken is hurt thus the production from Edelman … the newest (oldest) Patriots WR3 to reach for.

    Adam – You may want to reconsider Choice and chat with John who really seems to push Choice’s value. That said, reports out of Dallas have MB3′s thumb acting up which is why Choice played most of the 2nd half. The lack of rushing in itself is inexplicable but IMO he is the Cowboys best RB until Barber and/or Felix get 100% healthy.

  22. Adam Caplan says:

    Aiken has no future in their passing game unless others are hurt.

    Barber looked fine last week. Choice has been a non-factor. In fact, only runs he’s getting are out of wildcat.

  23. football guy says:

    Hey Adam, what do you think of David Thomas? In Cosell’s recent game notes, he said Thomas is a good receiver with decent movement ability. I’m not sure what the Saints do with Shockey but maybe Thomas could make him expendable?

    Last year, you made a great call on Celek. Any similarity?

  24. Adam Caplan says:

    Problem is that Thomas has to compete for the ball against 5 other players each week.

  25. Chad-Pepper says:

    What do you think of RB Justin Forsett? I have him in my keeper league and am not sure if I should keep/protect him. Could you give your thoughts on what you believe his future value may be?

  26. Adam Caplan says:

    Too early to say at this point. A lot more will be known based on the final six weeks plus how Jones looks when he comes back.

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