Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Eight 11/6/09 Notes


  • Rookie Martin started at FS for the Panthers, Munnerlyn and Wilson were the nickel and dime corners versus the Cards 4 WR personnel packages
  • In the Panthers nickel package, Marshall moved inside over the slot, amd Munnerlyn played on the outside
  • First thing I noticed was the press position played by the Panthers corners on the Cards WRs, They challenged the Cards receivers at the line of scrimmage – A lot of man coverage concepts
  • LT Gandy struggled to get Peppers blocked in the pass game, unlike last season in the playoffs when Gandy dominated Peppers; Peppers played with quickness and tenacity
  • Panthers defense played with an aggressive mentality, They looked fast and proactive
  • Panthers did not blitz much at all; They relied primarily on their 4 DL to rush, and combined with a multiple mix of zone and man coverage concepts that did not Warner to define throws quickly, they were able to generate consistent pressure
  • Peppers played one of his best games in a long time, He played to his outstanding athletic ability and was dominant
  • Warner not sharp mentally in this game, He was not processing information as quickly as he normally does
  • Panthers rushed three and dropped 8 in coverage on a number of snaps in 3rd + long situations – Panthers clearly played a coverage based defense, not a pressure based one
  • Martin excellent range as a deep safety, He can cover ground with the ball in the air – Great example was his interception on a deep corner route by Fitzgerald near the end of the first half
  • MLB Beason can really run, Great sideline-to-sideline range – Overall, he’s an impressive player
  • Wells excellent skill set for an NFL runner, yet he is not getting more snaps and more carries: Why?
  • Martin second interception was a great job of CB Lucas reading the route combination in his zone coverage responsibility; It was “cover 3”, and Lucas read the corner route by Urban coming into his area, dropped off Breaston and then hit Urban just as the ball arrived
  • Outstanding game by the Panthers defense both mentally and physically – They prevented the Cards pass offense from generating any consistent rhythm with a coverage based approach behind a predominant 4 man rush, Warner often did not get defined looks and did not pull the trigger on intermediate throws


  • Packers opened the game with 2-4-5 personnel; Kampman, Chillar, Barnett and Matthews were the linebackers – This personnel package was game planned because the Vikings had base “12” personnel on the field (1 back and 2 TEs)
  • LB Hawk only played when the Packers used the 3-4 front
  • The Packers 2-4-5 was clearly their base personnel package in this game, not the 3-4
  • Shiancoe 12 yd TD came out of “12” personnel versus Packers 2-4-5; Shiancoe was split wide right as the “z” receiver, Great route adjustment in reaction to CB Williams jumping the quick curl
  • With the exception of a 33 yd run, the Packers did an outstanding job defending Peterson and the Vikings run game in the first half; Vikings OL an average group, Very little movement at the point of attack, Peterson nowhere to run
  • Vikings now incorporating “smoke” into their offense, Favre threw it to both Rice and Harvin – A sign of Favre’s increasing comfort level with his young receivers
  • Favre throwing the ball as well as I have ever seen him throw it, Outstanding velocity and accuracy
  • Harvin 51 yd TD was a pass Favre never should have thrown, A forced throw into the middle of the field – Favre right now throwing with tremendous confidence
  • Favre had consecutive passes in the third quarter in which the ball could easily have been intercepted: First one bounced off Peterson’s hands, Second one his arm was hit by a blitzing Barnett and the ball went up in the air – How would our perception of Favre’s play have changed if one of those passes was intercepted?
  • LT McKinnie not a good player, A poor run blocker with no power and limited movement skills – There’s no physicality to his game, He’s a soft player
  • Packers played predominant zone coverage schemes, Some snaps of man-to-man but primarily zone out of their 2-4-5 with Woodson in the slot
  • Berrian 16 yd TD in the fourth quarter came against a Packers zone blitz with an overload concept, S Collins tried to disguise his coverage intentions but was late in reacting, Collins was responsible for Berrian
  • Favre again outstanding on third down, Some great throws against both coverage and pressure


  • It’s clear from studying tape that the Broncos use a very limited audible system for Orton
  • Broncos had pass protection problems, A combination of individuals getting beat and scheme breakdowns with Ravens rushers getting in clean
  • Surprisingly, LT Clady struggled in this game; You don’t see that much at all – LG Hamilton showed up in a negative way, He was physically handled on a number of snaps
  • Polumbus replaced an injured Harris at RT: He looked awkward and un-athletic
  • As the game progressed, it was evident the Ravens focused on 2 tactics defensively: Multiple pressure schemes, and sitting on routes in their predominant zone coverage concepts – Overall, Ravens defense played a much higher percentage of zone in this game than they had been previously this season
  • Johnson a “Joker” for the Ravens defense: Aligned in many different positions, and used in a variety of ways
  • Moreno not a fluid stop and start runner with smooth change of direction, He’s a little mechanical and herky-jerky
  • Orton is not an anticipator, Bad tendency to wait until he sees receivers break open; In the NFL, if you wait, you’re late – This tendency to be consistently late with throws showed up particularly on intermediate routes
  • Broncos threw 13 screen passes in this game, They had no intermediate and vertical passing game
  • Orton basically a statue in the pocket, He does not show much in the way of pocket movement and mobility
  • The other thing that really stands out when you watch Orton is that he does not drive the ball down the field, Arm strength is an issue
  • Broncos normally a very good pass protection offense, but they clearly struggled recognizing and reacting to some Ravens blitzes
  • Broncos passing game approach and the limitations of Orton make it difficult for WRs Marshall and Royal to produce big plays down the field; It’s a limited and constricted pass game

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    Interesting to read that the Vikings o-line is nothing special, kind of assumed they were above average.

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