Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Eight 11/4/09 Notes


  • Lt Staley injured on the first play of the game, He was replaced by veteran journeyman Sims
  • Colts often align DEs Freeney and Mathis very wide in passing situations, Very difficult for OTs to play with solid technique against them, It often looks like the tackles are in recovery mode as soon as the ball is snapped
  • Colts DTs struggled to stalemate and win versus double teams in the run game
  • Crabtree great ability to stop on a dime and break; Outstanding lateral explosiveness as a route runner
  • Smith’s interception was on Crabtree, He did not run through the skinny post with speed and acceleration but rather throttled down – Part of the learning curve
  • 49ers could not get ahead of the down with their run game, Too many 2nd + long situations
  • Smith still struggled at tmes to drive the ball on intermediate and sideline throws that demanded some velocity, There’s not a lot of snap to his throws
  • Smith very comfortable in the shotgun in the 2 minute at the end of the half – Throughout the entire first half, he was decisive and poised in the pocket
  • 49ers pass game very limited in this game, They did not attack down the field with their route combinations
  • Jennings played nickel corner for the Colts
  • Colts increased their blitz frequency in the fourth quarter, A much more aggressive Colts defense – Although on the final 49ers drive they did not blitz on any one of the 6 snaps
  • Smith erratic with his velocity: At times the ball came out with some juice, especially when he could step into the throw in a comfortable pocket; Other times it didn’t come out cleanly – Overall Smith threw the ball well, a significant upgrade over Hill; Smith gives the 49ers more dimensions in the pass game
  • One thing that was apparent was that Smith was a comfortable player; He was calm and composed


  • Romo 2 inaccurate throws to a wide open Williams on the Cowboys first series, Both should have been completions – Romo clean pocket with no pressure both times, These were on Romo
  • Cowboys a predominant 2 TE offense with Witten and Bennett
  • Trufant was the nickel corner in this game, He played his normal LCB position with Wilson moved inside over the slot
  • Seahawks a high percentage of blitz in the first quarter, They were aggressive and challenging although they did not blitz well, Poor coordination between rushers in terms of attacking lanes, Allowed the Cowboys to pick up the pressures easily
  • Austin a polished a route runner, Understands how to set up corners
  • Hurd 36 yd TD came against a Seahawks zone concept, Rookie LB Curry carried Witten too far inside and could not respond to Hurd’s shallow cross
  • MLB Hawthorne stood out on film: Excellent play recognition, Instincts and awareness, Closed on the ball with quickness and speed
  • Jones great lateral explosiveness, He can stop and start and change direction exceptionally well – Dynamic running skills
  • Seahawks predominant zone coverage concepts in the secondary
  • Romo still not very good when it comes to blitz recognition and execution, He’s a little slow processing information and reacting with precision
  • Cowboys did not attack downfield in the pass game in the first half, More short to intermediate routes – Concern about Seahawks high percentage blitz, and ability to pass protect?
  • In the second half, the Cowboys countered the blitz by throwing deep on their first couple of possessions; They did not have success – Romo not a comfortable QB against blitz, Tends to be perceive pressure and resort to his sandlot tendencies
  • LT Adams had trouble with the bull rush, Tendency to play too upright and allow rushers to get underneath his pads
  • Curry too many mistakes in pass coverage, Still struggling with processing information in its proper sequence – He made the mistake on Jones 30 yd catch in the third quarter
  • My sense watching Romo is that he’s not real comfortable throwing to air, leading his receivers across the field on deep crossing routes; He shows a reluctance to pull the trigger on those kinds of anticipation throws
  • Overall, a methodical and patient performance by the Cowboys offense against a Seahawks defense that was aggressive with blitz and pressure, although they played predominantly zone coverage concepts

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Would really like to see Alex Smith succeed and become at least a solid starter for the 49ers. He seems like a class act.

  2. TM says:

    Is there any way you could scout the Bills offense, particularly marshawn lynch?

  3. Alex says:

    It’s obvious that you don’t think much of Romo based on your past notes, do you think he can ever develop this late in his career (29 yrs old)?

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