Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Twelve 11/30/09 Notes


Austin 49 yds on game’s second play: He was matched on Asomugha, who was in press position; It was “man free” coverage and Austin beat him at the line of scrimmage – Asomugha was clearly looking for inside help, but S Huff jumped the inside cross by Bennett
One thing Williams is not very good at is coming back to the ball, He does not do that instinctively – That’s one reason he’s a better receiver on the move, He’s not a throttle down and stop receiver
Deep safety S Huff showed excellent explosion downhill attacking intermediate routes
Scott really stood out on the Raiders defense, He showed a versatile skill set aligning as a starting LB in the base 4-3 and at DE in the nickel – Last season he flashed as a pass rusher at DE
“Wildcat” with Choice taking the direct snap was used 3 times in the Cowboys first 4 possessions, each time with an unbalanced OL: [...]

Week 12 Reaches


Matt Ryan vs. Tampa Bay – We really believed this might be a breakout season
since he did well as a rookie and they added veteran TE Tony Gonzalez to the
mix. For whatever reason, Ryan has regressed this season and he hasn’t showed
any signs of consistency. However, he did play well against the Giants last week
and he faces a lowly Buccaneer defense which can’t stop anyone. This is a good
week to get Ryan in your lineup since Tampa Bay is going to make a defensive
scheme change this late in the season.

David Garrard at San Francisco – He’s been a little inconsistent (I dropped him
in one league recently), but Garrard still is ranked #14 in most standard
scoring leagues. The thing that helps him is he’ll run the ball a little and
they have a hard time sustaining their running game. The 49er secondary has not
played consistently well all season and this matchup sets up well for Garrard to
put up good numbers.

Vince Young vs. Arizona – A few things have really helped Young since he’s been
back starting. The defense has finally gotten healthy in the secondary and the
Titans aren’t playing from behind much. In that event, Young isn’t being asked
to throw the [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Eleven 11/27/09 Notes


LB Johnson played in the nickel, He did not start and he hasn’t all season; Daniels was the nickel corner
Gilberry and Magee played on the DL in the nickel, First round pick Jackson did not play in the nickel
RB Moore had problems with blitz pick up; The Chiefs clearly attacked him with pressure and forced him to block, and he was physically beaten on a number of occasions
Chiefs a DL and LB rotation in the nickel: At times Dorsey and Edwards played DL, and Walters played LB
Mendenhall ran downhill with power and a physical presence, He’s a strong and powerful runner with burst and acceleration
Roethlisberger much more effective late in the down than early in the down, He’s more reactive and improvisational than proactive and disciplined
Johnson was a dynamic playmaker in this game: He was active, fast, and explosive in his movement; Very effective as a blitzer
Foster replaced an injured [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Eleven 11/26/09 Notes


Cowboys at times aligned with 3 TEs in power formations; Redskins matched up with 4-4 personnel, with Blades as the 4th LB
Cowboys clearly scaled back offensively, A lot of 2 and 3 TE personnel packages, A lot of tight formations, An emphasis on running the ball
Redskins defense looked fast and active, They seemed to be playing at a faster speed than the Cowboys offense
Cowboys clearly constricted their pass game, both in terms of personnel and route combinations
FS Landry was flying around, He played with great speed and explosion, He was a dominant player in this game – The Cowboys offensive approach allowed him to play closer to the line of scrimmage
Cowboys clearly tried to hide Romo in this game; They game planned to minimize his impact on the game with their personnel, formations and play calling
Romo not a confident QB right now, He did not process information quickly or see things in their proper [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Eleven 11/24/09 Notes


Vikings OL a lot of leakage in the run game, Overall it’s not a consistent run blocking OL
I don’t think Peterson’s lack of patience as a runner helps his OL at times: Peterson is not a vision runner, He’s a violent explosive runner who attacks and then sees and reacts
Curry did not play in the Seahawks nickel package
Lucas was the third corner in the dime package, and Milloy was the third safety
Trufant looked like he lost some speed, He struggled a bit to run on deeper routes, He looked at times as if he laboring a little
Favre has unbelievable field awareness and vision, He knows where everybody is and manipulates defenders like no other QB in the NFL; Harvin 25 yds on 3rd + 9 in the third quarter was a great example of Favre moving MLB Hawthorne to create a clear passing lane
Vikings a lot of 3 WR personnel in this game, regardless of [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Eleven 11/23/09 Notes


Revis again predominantly matched up on Moss when Moss aligned on the outside
Welker and Faulk the keys to the Patriots pass offense, They provide the sustainability factor
Welker inside slot on the 3 receiver side of a 3×1 set matched on a LB, Matchup advantage Patriots
Patriots did a great job with personnel and formation dictating favorable matchups for Welker on linebackers and safeties – It also defined the throw for Brady quickly, and therefore negated the Jets pressure concepts
Moss 4 yd TD came on “Smoke”, It was a called run
Jets did not show any consistent ability to rush Brady unless they blitzed, Welker 43 yds on 3rd + 7 came against a 3 man rush with 8 in coverage
Patriots had a great read on the Jets pressure concepts, especially the zone blitz schemes; Receivers quickly ran to open areas and Brady got the ball out fast
Jets underneath defenders did a poor job in the first half, Too often they stared at Brady instead [...]

Week 11 Reaches


David Garrard vs. Buffalo – The Bills have more injuries on defense than any team in the NFL and Garrard’s offensive line has really been improving the last few weeks. He should do quite well and certainly is worth starting if you’re struggling to find someone to start.

Marc Bulger vs. Arizona – The Ram offensive line has really improved of late and they really protected him well last week against an aggressive Saint defense. Bulger faces a suspect Cardinal secondary, so he’s worth a shot if you’re really desperate for help this week.

Running Back

Chris Wells at St. Louis – There seems to finally be a set role for Wells in the rotation the Cardinals have at the position. He’s had 31 touches in the last two games and he should get double-digit touches against an average Ram defense. He’s worth a shot as your #3 RB.

LeSean McCoy at Chicago – He still needs to improve in pass protection, but the Eagles don’t have much of a choice, he has to be the guy at running back for them with veteran Brian Westbrook out for perhaps several more weeks. McCoy has good versatility and is capable of putting up good [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Ten 11/20/09 Notes


Bush not very instinctive as a runner, He doesn’t really have an innate feel for working in traffic and confined areas, He’s a gaping hole runner
Brees first interception came off a zone blitz, Brees correctly threw hot to TE Thomas but LB Vobora did a great job flying to his coverage responsibility and hit Thomas just as the ball got there
Eckel was the FB when the Saints utilized 2 back sets
Rams treated Bush as a receiver, not as a running back: When the Saints had Bush on the field with a TE and 3 WRS, or a second back and 3 WRs, the Rams played their dime personnel package with S Dahl as a LB – The Rams even did this inside the 5 yd line: Bush 3 yd TD out of shotgun
Long played both DE positions, but primarily on at RDE
Bush clearly dictated the personnel package the Rams played, and how they matched up: Bush 15 [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Ten 11/19/09


Gates looked very smooth and fluid; He’s a “Joker” who aligns all over the formation and wins against corners as well as linebackers and safeties – Gates gives the Chargers personnel and formation flexibility
Babin got meaningful snaps at DE in the Eagles nickel package; At times they moved Cole to LDE, with Babin at RDE – Babin also played in the base 4-3, at both DE positions
Chargers used the “Wildcat” with Naanee taking the direct snap in the shotgun; Also used the “Wildcat” with Tomlinson
Tolbert 20 yd TD catch came against Eagles “cover zero” blitz; Tolbert contacted and controlled S Mikell on the blitz, then ran the quick angle route inside; MLB Gocong overreacted outside, and was out of position to react to Tolbert
Eagles aligned Cole at both DE positions quite a bit
Jones and Harris both played significant snaps at SS
Gocong and Witherspoon were the Eagles LBs in the nickel
Tomlinson just does not [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: Week Ten 11/18/09 Notes


In the Colts nickel package, Powers played inside with Jennings on the outside
Patriots had success running the ball out of shotgun with Faulk against the Colts nickel package – Bracket and Sessions were the LBs in the nickel
Moss at his best as a vertical route runner, and a bender; He’s not a lateral receiver with agility and quickness – He runs go routes, seam routes, deep over routes (the 55 yarder v. the Colts)
Moss 55 yds was a great play: Patriots 6 OL on the field to dictate Colts base 4-3 personnel, Moss in the slot inside TE Watson, Play action with Brady under center, Moss deep over route versus “Tampa 2”, Brackett just impacted enough by play action so that Brady made the throw over the top of him
Brady more and more comfortable in the pocket, His elite pocket movement is almost all back to where it was
Colts a much more multiple defense this season, More [...]

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