Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/20/09 Notes


Peterson great ability to stop and start, change direction, and cut back – Safeties are critical as run support players versus Peterson, Must take good angles and tackle: Landry bad angle on Peterson 26 yds on second play of the game
Favre great job moving and manipulating safeties with his body and his eyes: He moved S Reed on Shiancoe on 19 yd TD, and then made a great throw away from Reed
Favre developing a rapport with Rice, Making throws to Rice even when he’s well covered and there’s not much room to get the ball in: Rice 19 yds on second TD drive
Webb and Nakamura played in the Ravens dime package
Two things stood out re: Vikings offense: Wide splits by the outside receivers to spread out the Ravens defense, and the Vikings use of multiple TE personnel packages
Lewis jumped out on film: Physical, aggressive, disruptive, instinctive – He looked outstanding in the middle of the Ravens defense
Vikings predominantly kept [...]

Week Six Reaches


David Garrard vs. St. Louis – He was bad last week, but he didn’t have his best passing target. Mike Sims-Walker is back, so Garrard should be able to put up good numbers against a suspect Ram secondary.

Jason Campbell vs. Kansas City – I know, Campbell has been bad. It doesn’t help that LT Chris Samuels is out, so there’s some downside risk. The upside is that the Chiefs have no pass rush and they’ve had coverage problems all season. I’m using Campbell this week for a bye week replacement and I’m expecting 220 yards or more and a TD in that role. That’s realistic production.

Running Back

Mike Bell vs. NY Giants – We’re told he’ll be getting goal-line carries from here on out, so Bell has a chance to score every game. While he’s not likely to post good yardage against a solid Giant run defense, he’s a decent bet to score. Not a bad #3 RB.

Tim Hightower at Seattle – He’s averaging about six catches/game, so Hightower is a rock solid #3 RB starter in PPR leagues every week. Against Seattle, he’ll get a decent amount of touches, so start him in that role.

Leon Washington vs. Buffalo – We [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/14/09 Notes


Schaub’s lack of arm strength really noticeable when he throws to the outside
Slaton looked like he was bracing for contact on some of his runs, Not the same dynamic runner he was a year ago – He looked stiff and mechanical in his lateral movement
Schaub a pure timing and rhythm intermediate passer who must be protected
SS Wilson played like a LB in this game, He played predominantly in the box and was used as a blitzer
Cards played a lot of single high safety coverages, which forced Schaub to throw the ball to the outside: Excellent defensive approach, since Schaub’s weakness is throwing the ball to the perimeter
Texans do an outstanding job with their route combinations to break down anticipated coverages
Slaton showed flashes of quickness and lateral explosiveness, but they were splash plays – He wasn’t the consistent perimeter threat and tough inside runner that I thought I’d see
Brown was the Cards nickel [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/13/09 Notes


Broncos opened the game in the “Wildcat” (“Wild Horses”) formation with Moreno in the shotgun, and Orton split left; Patriots a lot of defensive movement before the snap to adjust: Patriots defended it well, but S Meriweather missed an easy tackle for no gain: Moreno 12 yds on “Counter”
Broncos base runs of the “Wild Horses” formation: Counter, Inside zone, “Wam” concept
Moreno a tough downhill runner with some lateral agility and quickness, Limited burst and acceleration’
Wilfork played DT in the Patriots predominant 4-3 front; He was dominant
S McGowan a tough physical player: Strong in the box versus run, and he showed the ability to match up man-to-man on the TE
Broncos a personnel and formation based offense; From their spread look, they try to get WRs matched on the inside against LBs – It’s an offense structured to minimize the limitations of Orton
McDaniels really understood the Patriots defense, and did an excellent job with formations and play [...]

Caplan’s Reaches: Week Five


David Garrard at Seattle – It’s getting to the point with him that we may not be calling him a reach much longer. Garrard is starting to look like one of the best values in fantasy football this season. He’ll face a struggling defense, and his much improved offensive line has been giving him a lot of time to throw the ball. Look for him to post at least two TDs and 225 yards in this matchup of two bad defenses.

Kerry Collins vs. Indianapolis – The formula has been the same every week. Their secondary causes Collins to throw the ball more than the coaches want, and he posts big passing numbers. Nothing looks to change against the high-powered Colt offense. Look for big numbers again from Collins.

Running Back

Chester Taylor at St. Louis – We see no way that the Rams will be able to hang in this game, so Taylor figures to have his chance to post good numbers later on. Look for him to post 50-70 yards and a score in this matchup.

Sammy Morris at Denver – With veteran RB Fred Taylor out, Morris’ role will increase. What we like about him is his versatility. He’ll [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/7/09 Notes


Ingram and Harvey started at OLB in the Jaguars 3-4 front
S Nelson was again the nickel corner aligned over the slot for the Jaguars; Russell came in at S in the nickel
Jaguars much more aggressive early in the game with blitz; ILBs Durant and Smith played downhill with aggression
This was a different Jaguars defense in terms of intensity and tactics: More blitzing, more pressure schemes, more stunting – Titans OL was overmatched though the first quarter
Titans clearly tried to go back to basics, The offensive focus was Johnson running the ball
Collins was not sharp, He missed some routine throws in which the receiver was open
Jaguars went with predominant zone coverage based schemes in the second half with a 30-3 lead; First play of the second half they rushed 3 and dropped 8 in coverage
Britt gets in-and-out of breaks with quickness for a big man, Not vertically explosive
Collins third quarter interception was not his fault: [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/6/09


Steelers came out throwing: First 3 plays, all were 1st down plays – The Steelers offensive approach is clearly the pass sets up the run, Stretch the field horizontally and vertically first and that creates running lanes
Mendenhall downhill decisiveness and explosiveness, He ran with power and great body lean – Great job pressing the hole and impacting second level defenders
Mendenhall showed the ability to stop and start, Good change of direction and acceleration
Steelers started their second drive with 4 consecutive Mendenhall runs, for 20 yds
Steelers high percentage formations with Holmes the single receiver to one side, Often dictates the “x iso” matchup with Holmes one-on-one versus the corner
Chargers made a lot of assignment mistakes, Played with a glaring lack of discipline
Chargers generated no consistent pass rush pressure on Roethlisberger, whether it was from their base 3-4 or their 4 DL in the nickel
Chargers 3 DL in their base 3-4 front were consistently moved in the run game
Corners [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/5/09 Notes



What again stood out was how well Suggs plays the run, Much more physical than people believe
Patriots began the game with Maroney as the lead back, not Taylor: Why? Taylor quicker in the hole, and more explosive downhill
Brady still not comfortable in the pocket: Too much movement, Not still and settled, A little quick and hurried
Ravens attacked Brady with a good percentage of blitz: Smart tactic because both Brady and the Patriots overall passing game is out of rhythm
Suggs beat LT Light one-on-one on his sack and forced fumble that resulted in Ravens TD
5 of the 6 plays on Patriots 3rd quarter TD drive came out of the shotgun, including the 2 runs
Moss 14 yd TD on 3rd + 4 came against “cover zero”; Moss was matched on Foxworth
13 of the 14 Patriots plays on their 7 minute FG drive in the 4th quarter came out of the shotgun
Welker is the key to the [...]

Week Four Reaches

Last week was strong as most of the listed reaches at RB and WR scored. Lets go
for it again in Week Four:


Jason Campbell vs. Tampa Bay – I had him here last week and he came
through so we’ll give it another try against a very bad defense that doesn’t
challenge any offense.

Eli Manning at Kansas City – The Giants face a defense which has no pass
rush. The only negative for Manning here is we wonder how much he’ll have to
throw, but when he does, he’ll have success. He’s worth a look if you’re hurting
because of byes.

Kerry Collins at Jacksonville – Have to think the Titan offensive line
has no trouble against the Jaguar front-four in this game. The Jaguars simply
have no pass rush, so Collins should be able to have success enough to be a
solid low-end starter for fantasy owners this week.

David Garrard vs. Tennessee – Titan starting CB Cortland Finnegan is not
expected to play and he’s the best player in their secondary. Garrard should
have decent success in this game in what could be a high-scoring game.

Running Back

Donald Brown vs. Seattle – Have to like this matchup against an injured
Seahawk D. Brown has been closing games and that should continue this [...]

Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/1/09 Notes


LB Sims was inactive, Rookie Levy started in his place
LB Dizon at times played in the nickel for the Lions, Hobbs was the nickel corner aligned over the slot
Campbell still a little too slow with his footwork and his delivery; Still too much of a windup, which really hurts him when there are bodies around him – Campbell lacks a refined sense of pocket movement
LB Levy can really run, His speed and lateral pursuit really stood out
WR Thomas very slow in and out of his breaks, Too many steps when he throttled down to make his break – Lateral quickness and separation clearly an issue
RG Rhinehart impressive: Physical, tough, played with determination and effort – More of a phone booth player than an athletic mover
On Moss 57 yd TD, CB Henry showed little understanding of his zone coverage responsibilities; The Redskins route combination distorted Henry’s recognition of his deep third coverage, and he sat [...]

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