Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/30/09 Notes


  • Texans OL struggled early with the 49ers pass rush, The 49ers quick pressure prevented some downfield opportunities for Schaub
  • 49ers front seven active and disruptive through the first quarter; Smith in particular was impressive, defeating individual blocks
  • Texans utilizing Daniels very effectively, aligning him in atypical locations to create and dictate matchup: Great example was Daniels 31 yds matched against LB Willis
  • On 3rd + 5 on the Texans first quarter TD drive, the 49ers matched dime corner Hudson man-to-man on Daniels, and LB Willis on Slaton; The 49ers clearly believed Daniels was a more explosive receiving threat than Slaton – Daniels beat Hudson, 12 yds and a first down
  • Texans split Slaton wide outside the numbers as a significant part of their offense, Gets him the ball in space without bodies around him – Plus they will occasionally have him run go routes from the split position, Normally he’s matched against LBs or safeties
  • 49ers got consistent pressure on Schaub throughout the first half, They hit him a number of times both with 4 man rushes and with blitz
  • Texans a well schemed and designed offense with a lot of shifting and motion, and the alignment of backs and receivers in atypical locations – Daniels 42 yd TD came out of “13” personnel (1 back and 3 TEs), Schaub play action boot with a throw back element: Great design
  • Daniels has become more and more of a movable chess piece each week in the Texans offense; He’s a “Joker”, a receiver that’s effective from all positions and whose movement dictates matchups for himself and others
  • Texans a very diverse, creative and multi-dimensional pass offense with multiple personnel packages, formations, shifts and motions – They maximize Schaub’s decision making ability, and his short to intermediate passing skills, and they take calculated shots down the field
  • 49ers defense was active and disruptive, They looked fast on film – A lot of defensive movement, Stunts and slants
  • 49ers caused all kind of problems for the Texans in pass protection, Schaub did not have a clean pocket consistently in this game
  • Slaton again not as laterally quick and explosive as he was a year ago, Not as dynamic in space – Plus Slaton has become a fumbler, and that will impact his carries as the season progresses
  • DL Smith another outstanding game, A disruptive force as both a run defender and a pass rusher
  • Brown has no lateral agility as a runner, He’s all straight line, He needs a hole to run through at the point of attack
  • Interesting that the Texans, with a 3 point lead and 3:38 left in the game, came out throwing – No confidence in their run game


  • Rams opened the game in their dime package, with third corner Butler aligned over Clark in the slot and S Dahl in the box at a LB position – Laurinaitis was the only LB on the field
  • There may not be a more precise route runner in the NFL than Wayne, No receiver comes back to the ball better
  • Clark 27 yd TD came out of “12” personnel, Slot right with Wayne in the slot and Garcon split wide, Clark LOS TE to the left with a closed formation to that side – This was a formation I had not seen at all thuis season from the Colts, Another wrinkle in the pass game; Unbelievable throw by Manning
  • Rams played with their dime package on the Colts first series, then went to their base 4-3 personnel on the second series – Both series ended with Colts TDs
  • Laurinaitis does a good tracking the ball and instinctively working through traffic, but his physical skill set for a starting MLB is just average; Not very quick laterally, and lacks explosive movement
  • Brown excellent patience and vision, Good downhill burst and acceleration
  • Colts pass game expanding in terms of formations, More multiple when it comes to personnel alignment
  • The most overlooked element of Manning’s game is his accuracy, He is precise with his throws in terms of ball location and his consistency with his accuracy is remarkable

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