Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/30/09 Notes


v Turner looked slow and plodding, A one speed runner with little burst and acceleration; There were also times he braced for contact as opposed to initiating contact with power and pad level – Overall, he looked like a shell of the runner he was a year ago

v Another thing that stood out about Turner was his lack of stop and start, his inability to change direction with any quickness – He was methodical and robotic

v Falcons OL physical and mauling, but un-athletic and definitely not laterally quick – Cowboys dictated individual matchups at times and won , like Spears beating RG Dahl for a sack

v Cowboys played more 4-3 gap concepts out of their 3-4 than 2 gaps concepts, The reason was to attack the gaps with penetration quickly against the Falcons un-athletic OL – Cowboys were effective with this tactic, NT Ratliff was dominant inside

v Cowboys want Ware aligned on the open side, away from the TE, so that he can work one-on-one with the OT

v The Cowboys matched up with 3-5 personnel against the Falcons “22” personnel sets (2 backs and 2 TEs) – Snelling 31 yds in the second half came out of “22” versus Cowboys 3-5

v Snelling much quicker than Turner, Noticed the difference immediately when he came in the game and ran the ball – Snelling was the better runner in this game

v Newman a solid NFL corner, nothing more; Not the kind of cover corner you can line up on a top WR and expect him to shut down that WR

v Falcons pass game constricted right now, Very little in the way of downfield routes and throws

v Ryan showed a tendency to be a little impatient in the pocket, at times not waiting for intermediate and downfield routes to develop – Does he not trust his OL, which clearly has struggled this season?

v Cowboys front seven looked much quicker and faster than the Falcons OL

v Still felt as if Ryan was forcing some passes to Gonzalez; The Cowboys at times played that tendency, doubling Gonzalez in critical third down situations

v Falcons a lot of 2 TE personnel sets, fewer 3 WR packages unless down and distance dictated; Felt that the Falcons attacked less with personnel and formations than they did a year ago, which has been consistent throughout this season – The Gonzalez factor?

v Ware caused Jenkins interception in the second quarter: He quickly beat LT Baker to the inside, forcing Ryan to move and make a hurried and  undefined throw

v Turner looked for the big run too much in this game, He must be a sustaining runner not a big play back – He was not helped by his OL, Turner not a creator

v Two guys who really showed up for the Cowboys: NT Ratliff and SS Sensabaugh

v Falcons right now have no offensive balance due to their inability to run the ball


v Moss 37 yds on first quarter TD drive was a post/cross combination, Welker from the slot ran the post and Moss ran the deep cross; The interesting part was that TE Watson was split wide outside of Welker – Bucs blitzes and played “man free”

v Tate got a lot of snaps in the Patriots 3 WR personnel packages, Clearly the Patriots want to find out he can fill that role as the season progresses

v On Talib interception Brady was throwing deep to Tate, who was the other WR in a 2 WR set with Moss; Moss was the primary receiver, but Brady came off him and threw to Tate – Talib came from the backside, Brady did not account for him at all, It was also an inaccurate throw by Brady

v Brady still not setting his feet off pocket movement as consistently as he did before his knee injury, More off balance throws on the move – The result is that he leaves some plays on the field

v Patriots do a good job with their TEs aligning them in atypical locations: Baker and Watson split wide outside the numbers in spread formations, dictating matchups and coverage

v Brady still showing the tendency to pull his front leg back as he’s delivering the ball when there are bodies around him, Clearly still subconsciously concerned about his injured left knee – This prevents him from driving the ball on certain downfield throws

v Moss looks slow on film, There’s no snap to his movement, He is not the vertical threat he was in his prime, His catches will now come off designed and orchestrated plays in which the route combination beats the defense (like his 37 yarder in the first quarter) or short throws in which he finds voids in the coverage – He’s a very limited receiver in terms of the route tree he can run

v Watson 35 yd TD was a great example of shifting dictating coverage: Watson was initially minus split right as the single receiver, with Welker and Moss on the left; Maroney motioned out of the backfield outside of Watson, making Watson the slot receiver – The Bucs were in a “man free” coverage and matched up by putting S Piscitelli on Maroney and LB Hayes on Watson; Watson ran by Hayes and Brady hit him on the seam route

v Patriots utilized more empty sets in this game than in previous games; I would expect them to continue to do that, with Brady more comfortable each week, Welker getting back to health, TEs that can align anywhere in the formation and the possible emergence of Tate as a viable 3rd WR

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