Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/29/09 Notes


  • Vikings clearly game planned to defend the Steelers run game with 7 in the box; They played 2 deep in normal down and distance situations when the Steelers had “12” personnel on the field
  • Vikings also game planned to play “Tampa 2” in long yardage, must pass situations; They felt their front four could generate consistent pressure on Roethlisberger, and they needed to protect corners Paymah and Griffin
  • Vikings a high percentage of zone coverage concepts, including on 3rd + 2 in the second quarter; 3rd + 2 is almost always a man coverage situation, but the Vikings were committed to zone in this game
  • Wallace 40 yd TD in the 2 minute came out of 3 WR personnel versus “Tampa 2”; The tight bunch formation distorted MLB Henderson route progression reading, and he sat too low, allowing Wallace to work behind him
  • Mendenhall continued to look good: He ran downhill with quickness, acceleration and power – He ran with excellent pad level
  • Steelers offense never seemed to get into a flow, They only ran 49 offensive plays – They had three 3 and out series in the first half, and one 4 play and punt series, so they did not have enough volume to find a rhythm and get deep into the playbook
  • The high percentage 2 deep zone concepts played by the Vikings clearly had Roethlisberger and the Steelers passing out of synch; Roethlisberger clearly had no rhythm, He did not have a clear picture and did not deliver the ball with any sense of timing and precision
  • Steelers OL did an outstanding job in pass protection, Vikings predominantly rushed 4 and they did not generate any real consistent pressure on Roethlisberger
  • When the Steelers got the ball with 6:02 left and a 3 point lead, the back was Moore – What was even more interesting was the Vikings continued to play out of a 2 deep shell
  • Overall this was not a good offensive performance by the Steelers; It was erratic and inconsistent – They never found any rhythm


  • Tomlinson lacks the explosiveness in the open field that he used to have; That was evident on his 36 yd run – What’s Tomlinson’s role in the Chargers offense now? He was clearly utilized as the feature back versus the Chiefs
  • Vrabel struggling to move with any quickness, He looked slow with no explosiveness to his movement
  • Jackson 51 yds on second quarter FG drive was a great play call against “Tampa 2”, Chiefs rushed 3 and dropped 8; Jackson ran his deep route against backup S McGraw, who lacks range and ball skills – Chiefs had an extra defender in coverage, and it still came down to a mismatch of a backup safety on a big play WR
  • Chiefs at times had Dorsey aligned at DE and Vrabel at DT in their nickel defense
  • Gates looked very quick, Smooth and fluid, It was really noticeable on his 25 yd screen on the second quarter FG drive
  • Rookie DE Jackson again did not show up on film, Not a physical player at the point of attack – Jackson at times moved inside at DT in the nickel package, Too upright at the snap, No leverage and therefore no power
  • LB Belcher showed up on film for the Chiefs, Played in their nickel package and flashed quickness and explosiveness – Belcher and Johnson were the Chiefs nickel LBs
  • S Brown had a tough time tackling from the safety position, He particularly could not tackle Sproles
  • Dorsey not an explosion player as a pass rusher, Methodical and predictable in his movement
  • LB Mays again flashed: Excellent change of direction and lateral quickness
  • Chiefs clearly made a coverage mistake on Sproles 58 yd TD catch, No one accounted for Sproles when he flared out of the backfield
  • Chargers made big plays in this game: 4 plays (2 Jackson 51 yd catches, Tomlinson 36 yd run, Sproles 58 yd TD catch) accounted for 196 of the Chargers 403 total yards – No sense of rhythm to the Chargers offense because the run game is so uneven

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  1. John says:

    Greg – thanks for lending some credibility to what all of us fantasy geeks (myself included) think. I love that your influence and experience are tool that the Guru and the rest of the guys on the site can use to make super informed fantasy football decisions. Also, as a guy who’s never played organized football, you’ve enlightened me to so much more than I’ve learned watching the television broadcasts. Thanks so much.

  2. Michael says:

    Why is there hardly any reviews of Eagles games?? The entire season so far, and I havn’t seen 1 Eagles game reviewed. With all the contraversy about Reid’s pass-happy play calling that puts players in poor situations to succeed, and McNabb’s inaccuracy, and the fans calling for Kolb while others think he would have thrown more INT’s than TD’s, and the claims of such poor blocking, it seems there would be quite a bit to film study on. I have never seen a team play action so often, that doesn’t actually run the ball – as if it is fooling anyone. Certainly not any defense. 3rd and long, with constant defensive pressure, a lack of any running and they are still calling play action??? At what point does this fall on Coach Reid as being clueless?? Sure would enjoy some quality Cosell film study on such things.

  3. Matt Camp says:

    Please read ALL of the reviews before you make a comment like that:

    (That’s from 2 days before this was published)

  4. Joe says:

    This information is invaluable. Greg’s familiarity with film is blatantly evident. I’ve worked for a couple NFL teams and these game notes are better than the notes that some NFL Personnel staff turn out. How have teams not offered him an insane amount to add him as a consultant to its personnel department?

    I invite you guys to take a look at his articles over at Sporting News. They’re not recent but still offer valuable information. Greg has a lot of knowledge to offer, just check out this article…

    Thanks Greg. Keep up the great work.

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