Week Seven Reaches

Note: Players are in no particular order.


None that would qualify as reaches.

Running Back

Laurence Maroney vs. Tampa Bay – We know he’s not a good back, but the
Buccaneer run defense is almost non-competitive. If you were ever going to start
Maroney, this would be the matchup to do so as your #3 RB.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis vs. Tampa Bay – This game should be a blowout and
Green-Ellis could pile up the carries in the second half when the game is out of
reach. He’s a more decisive runner than Maroney, so start him as your #3 RB.

Jonathan Stewart vs. Buffalo – The Bills are very small in their front-seven and
the Panthers have one of the NFL’s biggest offensive lines. Stewart has been up
and down this season, but he should be way up in this game. Start him as your #3
RB as the coaches continue to call running plays so they can get it out of QB
Jake Delomme’s hands.

Mike Bell at Miami – The Dolphin run defense is solid, but look for the Saints
to get up big in this game, so Bell could be the back that finishes the game.
Look for him to score and to post at least 60 yards on the ground.

Donald Brown at St. Louis – This is a matchup where the Colts should have their
way for most of the game. Brown could post more than 12 carries or so in this
game and he’s worth a shot as your #3 RB/flex player.

Leon Washington at Oakland – He was solid last week and he’ll face one of the
NFL’s worst run defenses. The Raider front-four is slow so Washington should be
able to get to the second level on some runs. Start him as your #3 RB/flex

Wide Receiver

Austin Collie at St. Louis – I’ll go to the well a third time with
Collie. He’ll face an average Ram secondary which lacks a good nickel coverage
defender. He should be able to post 4-5 catches, so start him as your #3 WR/flex
player in PPR leagues.

Steve Breaston at New York Giants – I’m not even sure if you can call him a
reach at this point because he’s averaging just about six catches/game. But he
doesn’t start for his team and Breaston isn’t a player you would normally start
probably unless the matchup is good. The Giant secondary finally got exposed
last week and if the Cardinal offensive line can pass block well in this game,
then Breaston could be heavily involved. The Giants are likely to struggle
covering the Cardinal receivers without starting CB Aaron Ross in this game.
Breaston is looking like a rock solid #3 WR this week.

Mike Wallace vs. Minnesota – This one looks easy on paper. Viking starting CB
Antoine Winfield isn’t expected to play. If he’s out, then Wallace will draw
either Karl Paymah or Benny Sapp. Either way, Wallace is going to get a good
matchup. And even if Winfield plays, Wallace, a supreme deep threat, should be
able to make a big play or two since Paymah or Sapp still probably would have to
cover him. Start him as your #3 WR.

Miles Austin vs. Atlanta – The Falcons lost their best cover cornerback in Brian
Williams and they might have one of the worst groups of cornerbacks in the NFL.
Look for Austin to make a big play or two, so start him as your #3 WR.

Hakeem Nicks vs. Arizona – The Cardinals have journeyman CB Ralph Brown as their
nickel back and he can be easily beaten. Look for Nicks to score in this game,
so start him as your #3 WR.

Mario Manningham vs. Arizona – The Cardinals really weren’t challenged much last
week, but trust us on this, they don’t have a good secondary. They lack a good
cover cornerback (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has struggled almost all season),
so the Giants should have their way in this matchup. Manningham makes sense to
start as your #3 WR.

Johnny Knox at Cincinnati – He’s scored in three out of his last four games and
faces a Bengal defense which is having problems at their nickel back position.
Starting FS Chris Crocker has been handling that role, but Knox is easily much
faster. Start him as your #3 WR.

Andre Caldwell vs. Chicago – The Bear secondary still is having coverage issues
and Caldwell shouldn’t have any problem against his likely matchup against
veteran CB Nate Vasher who was demoted earlier this season. Caldwell is starting
to gain the trust of QB Carson Palmer and he’s worth a shot as your #3 WR.

Isaac Bruce at Houston – This game could potentially be high scoring and Bruce
could catch more passes than first expected. He makes for a decent #3 WR this
week in PPR leagues.

James Jones at Cleveland – Remember how good he was two years ago? Last season,
Jones dealt with a lingering knee injury and he never recovered until earlier
this year. With backup WR Jordy Nelson out, Jones’ role should increase this
week. He’s worth a start as your #3 WR if you’re desperate.

Tight  End

Jermichael Finley at Cleveland – They struggled to cover Steeler TE
Heath Miller last week and Finley moves better than him. So look for Finley to
be aligned all over the field and he’ll find enough success for you to use him
this week against a weak Brown defense.

Vernon Davis at Houston – The Texans haven’t given up much production to tight
ends so far, but if you look closely at who they’ve faced, you would notice
Dustin Keller was the best one and he had a productive game. This could be a
high-scoring game, so Davis figures to be fairly involved.

Jeremy Shockey at Miami – He’s been moving around better of late and the
Dolphins don’t cover the tight end well because their linebackers and safeties
don’t move well enough. Shockey should up decent enough numbers this week for
you to start him.

Ben Watson vs. Tampa Bay – The Patriots don’t really have a true third receiver
with rookie Julian Edelman out. They’ll use Watson, veteran WR Sam Aiken, and
possibly rookie WR Brandon Tate in that role. Still, Watson could see more
passes than usual coming his way against the Buccaneers poor cover safeties in
this game.


Green Bay at Cleveland – For whatever reason, the Brown offensive line
has regressed significantly this season. The Packers will likely blitz QB Derek
Anderson in this game and Anderson already has eight turnovers in his four games
(three starts).

Indianapolis at St. Louis – The Colts should blow out the Rams and that’s when
their pass rush will expose the revamped offensive line. Look for a decent
amount turnovers and sacks from the Colt defense this week.

New England vs. Tampa Bay – I have to think that the Patriots will disguise
their blitzes to confuse QB Josh Johnson. The Patriots will get up big in this
game because the Buccaneer defense is terrible, so Johnson will have to throw.
That’s when he will make mistakes.

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11 Responses

  1. KCMiller3 says:

    Thanks for the picks Adam. Would you start Maroney, Green-Ellis, or Bell over Jacobs this week? (3ps/50yrd 6pts/TD)


  2. Adam Caplan says:

    Check the projections/rankings for all lineup questions.

  3. KCMiller3 says:

    I am asking for YOUR personal opinion since Maroney, Green-Ellis, and Bell are YOUR personal reaches on YOUR blog post.

    I have listened to the FG podcast and know that YOU often do not start YOUR players in the same order they are ranked on the site.

    I am asking if YOU would start one of YOUR OWN reaches over Jacobs if you had the choice.

    Thanks for any additional help YOU can offer to a paying subscriber, responding to something YOU posted on YOUR blog post.

  4. Mike says:

    Cosign this post KCMiller3. If you take the time to ask a specific question like yours, the least someone on the site can do it to cobble together a 3 sentence answer. If it were me, I would start BGE over Jacobs for the simple that the 2nd half of his game will basically be him running out the clock up by 50. Jacobs will likely be swarmed under by the Card’s D. Good luck this week!

  5. KCMiller3 says:

    Thanks Mike! I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Good advice. Good luck to you as well!

  6. Adam Caplan says:

    FYI: I’m not here to answer fantasy questions. I only post my reaches here. That’s the only function of this area.

  7. KCMiller3 says:

    I have one more thing to add…

    Adam – Why even offer reaches if we can just look at the rankings to see if one person should be started over another? I am assuming your reaches mean you see something more than just what the rankings show. If this is the case then my question is a legit one. It is easy to list “reaches” if you aren’t willing to back them up in a tangible way (as they relate to other “starters”).

    Basically, your comment really bothered me (and I have seen you post similar comments to other people). I have been a subscriber for a while and I remember when the mentality of the staff was completely different. It used to be all of us working together to figure out the fantasy landscape. Somehow this site has gone from a “we” mentality to an “us” vs. “them” mentality. I remember when staff like Scott Pianowski and others would be on the message boards helping out subscribers with specific issues and questions. I used to even get PM’s from staff with their own rankings and suggestions. I actually remember some staff asking for opinions from the members (respecting their own knowledge of the game). Now, we (as subscribers) mostly get police responses to our questions even in the chat rooms. Don’t get me wrong, the information you all give is still top notch, it always has been, but I miss the days of it being about helping out your subscriber both as a whole and individually. I realize that some sites don’t even read their members comments and you all seem to (even if you aren’t willing to help out specific members). The fact that you at least see the questions is helpful.


    It is like when a town as a local hardware store, a hangout spot where the owner is willing to discuss specific advice to specific people. Then Lowe’s comes into the area and the personal touch leaves. Having specific products and larger selection becomes more important that the personal connection.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like Lowes just like I still like this site, but I do miss the way things were.

    The way I have seen staff respond and talk to subscribers on the boards this year would have been considered rude and disrespectful years ago. It takes just as long to respond in a positive and helpful way as it does to respond in a negative way.

    I would at least ask you all (especially you, Adam) to at least consider treating each customer as if you would like them to stay a customer, as if you want them to be satisfied and not they they are all annoying, stupid (know nothing about football), and simply don’t understand the site rules. Yes, you will get by just fine on your name alone, and your excellent information BUT there is still a lot to be said for that small town hardware store feel. I don’t think this site is so far gone that we can’t go back to a “WE” instead of an “US vs. THEM” mentality.

    Something to at least consider.

  8. Adam Caplan says:

    FYI: I never said I’m here to answer questions, that’s the thing you need to understand. I’m actually taking time away to do other work just to do reaches every week. My function for working for the site is to oversee content and provide information only. So you’ll need to accept that. I give my feelings on each matchup in the game center and on our podcasts.

  9. Rick says:

    Quick question, I want to start my second TE Heath Miller, I also have Dallas Clark. I need to sit one of these running backs (Jonathan Stewart, Steven Jackson, or Ryan Grant) to put Miller in for a Flex. Would you sit one of them to put Miller in or leave it.

  10. KCMiller3 says:


    Tough decision but I would probably leave Miller on the bench this week. If it is PPR it would be a tougher choice but I think Stewart finds the endzone at least once this week.


  11. Lark says:

    So exitced I found this article as it made things much quicker!

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