Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/23/09 Notes


  • Rookie Ellison started at S for the Chargers
  • ILB Burnett not very physical, A runner and pass defender more than a run defender
  • Broncos do a lot in their pass game with 3×1 sets, which includes bunch formations; It’s difficult to play man-to-man to the 3 receiver side in 3×1 sets, so that helps define the coverage for Orton before the snap – Great coaching by McDaniels to help Orton
  • Orton 4 seconds in the pocket on Gaffney 27 yds on second quarter FG drive; Chargers rushed 3 and dropped 8 in zone coverage, No pressure on Orton, Gaffney found the void in the middle of the coverage
  • Scheffler gives the Broncos passing game a lot of flexibility, He aligned all over the formation and that dictates and defines coverage before the snap of the ball – Again that helps Orton be a more efficient QB
  • In this game, when Scheffler was split wide, the Chargers aligned with SS Ellison over him – That matchup favored the Broncos, Quick hitches and stop routes against the bailed Ellison
  • Merriman no longer has any explosiveness to his movement, He’s not sudden or powerful – A shell of his former self
  • Chargers defense not fast as a unit, They looked slow versus the Broncos
  • Orton good accuracy in the short to intermediate areas, That’s what kind of passer Orton is
  • Scheffler 19 yd TD on 1st + 10 came with Scheffler split wide right outside the numbers matched against S Weddle man-to-man; Chargers ”man free” coverage behind a 5 man rush
  • Broncos had great success in the pass game out of 3×1 sets: Short, well defined throws for Orton that moved the chains and sustained offense
  • Chargers no consistent pass rush, No individuals that won one-on-one matchups with OL
  • CB Cromartie clearly better as a man-to-man corner; At least when he plays man he’s engaged in the process, He actually competes unlike he does when he plays off zone coverage when he gives little effort
  • Scheffler 52 yds in fourth quarter came with him split wide right outside the numbers matched against S Weddle, It was a quick hitch with Weddle jumping the throw and missing, Scheffler run-after-catch
  • McDaniels does not ask Orton to do very much in the pass game, Very few combination routes at the intermediate and deeper levels – McDaniels doing an outstanding job maximizing Orton’s short passing strengths and camouflaging his downfield limitations


  • Jaguars take their shots downfield in the passing game predominantly out of run personnel and run formations, off play action with “max pro”: Holt 41 yds on first series, Sims-Walker on third series
  • Rams were aggressive with their blitz concepts, with mixed results: They were able to get people clean to Garrard, but they also had some coverage breakdowns – They have been increasing their blitz frequency almost on a weekly basis
  • Rams clearly had some assignment issues on the back end in coverage, Too many breakdowns that created voids in their zone coverage concepts
  • Jaguars too many protection breakdowns, Too many times rushers got in clean on Garrard
  • Long continued to play both DE and DT
  • Garrard had 2 interceptions dropped in the third quarter, The passes were right in the hands of Bartell and Dahl
  • Rams defense looks fast on film, They are clearly more comfortable with Spagnuola’s concepts – Their schemes and play speed compensate for an overall lack of talent
  • Rams attacked with more blitz on 1st + 10 in the second half, They reacted to the Jaguars tendency to throw down the field off play action on first down
  • Garrard’s third quarter interception was a tipped ball, Not Garrard’s fault
  • Jaguars a run-based offense, both in terms of personnel and formations; The pass game works off the run game
  • Beginning late in the third quarter, and through the fourth quarter, the Jaguars went with a lot of “22” personnel packages (2 backs and 2 TEs); They are a running team, and must stay on schedule to generate any offensive consistency
  • Little 36 yd interception return TD was an unbelievable read by Little, He read the flare action by Jones and the throw by Garrard -  spectacular individual play
  • Jones-Drew had 2 long runs in the second half out of the shotgun: 26 and 18 yds
  • Sims-Walker excellent hands and a big body, Effective in the middle of the field between the numbers; Worked both on the outside and in the slot – A very effective receiver in the Jaguars pass game approach: He’s primarily a short and intermediate route runner and that’s the focus of the Jaguars pass game, They are not a vertical team and Walker is not a vertical receiver
  • Rookie MLB Laurinaitis a work in progress when it comes to run/pass recognition, Can be attacked in the play action pass game
  • Rams defense will get better as the season progresses, They will be a deceptive and disruptive defense that creates some big plays and turnovers

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  1. Stretch says:

    G.Cosell once again great input on the Chargers Defense. “Rookie Ellison started at S for the Chargers”. Now I am definitely adding TE S.Ryan to my line-up this week against San Diego.

    I’m in a mandatory TE league plus I have M.Lewis on bye.

    I also noticed you have more games & days added to your Coaching Tape.

    Keep it coming.

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