Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/21/09


  • Cotchery and Smith both inactive
  • Jets aligned Washington as the “x” on the second play of the game, Bills matched up with LB Ellison on Washington – Washington ran a hitch and go, The safety to that side (the short side of the field) was able to get over the top: Incomplete in a tight window
  • LG Faneca not the player he was, Gets beat too often in one-on-one matchups
  • Sanchez footwork must be broken down into 2 categories: His drop away from center, which is excellent; and his footwork in the pocket, when he can’t plant and deliver on time, which is frenetic and poor
  • Sanchez average arm strength, Cannot drive the ball down the field
  • Sanchez not getting a clear picture right now, Not seeing things develop – He’s playing with no confidence in his ability to let it loose when timing and anticipation are required
  • Jets clearly were trying to get the ball to Washington in space, both in the run game with toss plays and in the pass game by splitting him wide
  • Rookie S Byrd showed excellent change of direction and range as a deep safety
  • Both of Jones long runs, 64 yds and 71 yd TD, came out of “Heavy” with 6 OL on the field; They were both inside zone runs
  • Bills LB Ellison a bad tendency to overpursue and abandon his back side gap responsibility; Cut backs effective against the Bills defense
  • Sanchez was aiming the ball, Dropping his shoulder and pushing it a little bit – Clearly not letting it loose
  • “Heavy” package with 6 OL clearly a significant part of the Jets running game
  • Jets pass offense very simple in design, Clearly trying to protect Sanchez, No downfield route combinations
  • Sanchez first 2 picks were not bad reads, I could understand why he threw the ball, They well designed plays in which Sanchez got the anticipated coverage – The throws were just a little inaccurate, a problem Sanchez had at times at USC
  • Sanchez continued to show a really troubling tendency to fall away from some throws, as if he was afraid of contact; I have serious concerns about his pocket toughness
  • Sanchez third interception was all Sanchez: He was throwing to Edwards out of the huddle, He did not read the coverage at all, and most disturbing was Sanchez falling away from the throw with no pressure on him
  • It’s evident to me that Sanchez has not yet figured out what throws he can make and what throws he can’t make at the NFL level; He hasn’t intuitively figured out what the definition of open is in the NFL
  • Rookie DE Maybin played very few snaps, even in the nickel package
  • Sanchez looked like he was playing scared, He was not pulling the trigger on easy reads and easy throws, He was clearly afraid to make a mistake


  • Bucs went “cover 2” on the third play of the game, It was 3rd + 10: Delhomme just overthrow Smith on a post route matched against S Jackson
  • Piscitelli not very good in space, Struggles to break down and tackle as an alley run support defender
  • Bucs a lot of 2 deep looks before the snap with late rotation of a safety into the box as an add-in run defender; Good tactic against a run first offense like the Panthers with their predominant run personnel and formations
  • Panthers clearly played to minimize the impact of Delhomme – The old adage of playing to the limitations of your QB
  • MLB Ruud more of an athletic mover than a physical player, Very good running down the seam in pass coverage – Ruud a bad tendency to stop his feet and turn his shoulder when taking on lead blocks in the run game
  • Bucs defense played well in the first half, The Panthers gained 112 rushing yards but they did not physically dominate at the point of attack
  • Panthers a diverse and multi-dimensional run game with a lot of formations and backfield action to dictate defensive movement
  • LT Gross struggled again in pass protection, That’s 2 weeks in a row
  • Delhomme’s first interception was not the kind of mistake a veteran QB should make: He was late on an in-breaking break at the intermediate level, and that brought the back side underneath defender into play
  • Jackson 26 yd interception return TD was a missed read by Delhomme, He did not account for Jackson at all – Delhomme’s head and eyes clearly indicated that he thought Jackson was not a factor on Muhammad’s crossing route
  • Bucs defense has no physicality at the LB position: All 3 are runners and movers, They take nothing on
  • Bucs defense a lot of mental busts in the run game, They were not physically beaten as much as they were mentally beaten
  • Stewart a more complete runner than Williams, More physical and stronger and more decisive downhill

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  1. The Firm says:

    Good stuff, Greg. Riddle me this. How long do the Panthers flounder before they replace Delhomme with Feeley? I realize they are still winning games in spite of him, but you have to think they are incredibly one dimensional right now.

  2. Idiot Savant says:

    One would think…but they also signed him to another contract at the beginning of this year and that seemed odd too.

  3. Adam Caplan says:

    FYI: Greg isn’t avaiable to answer questions. We just post what he sends us each day.

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