Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/20/09 Notes


  • Peterson great ability to stop and start, change direction, and cut back – Safeties are critical as run support players versus Peterson, Must take good angles and tackle: Landry bad angle on Peterson 26 yds on second play of the game
  • Favre great job moving and manipulating safeties with his body and his eyes: He moved S Reed on Shiancoe on 19 yd TD, and then made a great throw away from Reed
  • Favre developing a rapport with Rice, Making throws to Rice even when he’s well covered and there’s not much room to get the ball in: Rice 19 yds on second TD drive
  • Webb and Nakamura played in the Ravens dime package
  • Two things stood out re: Vikings offense: Wide splits by the outside receivers to spread out the Ravens defense, and the Vikings use of multiple TE personnel packages
  • Lewis jumped out on film: Physical, aggressive, disruptive, instinctive – He looked outstanding in the middle of the Ravens defense
  • Vikings predominantly kept 2 blockers in the backfield when Favre was in the shotgun in long yardage situations; Vikings protection first against an aggressive pressure defense
  • Viking success in the run game with full flow lead strong and then misdirection cutback weak, Peterson a great cut back runner
  • Lewis and Landry both out of position on Rice 63 yds off a quick slant, Favre manipulated them with his head and his eyes and his pump
  • CB Walker struggled in man-to-man coverage, A liability as a coverage corner
  • Vikings utilized offensive movement that crossed the formation both before and after the snap, Very effective against 4-3 fronts
  • Peterson 58 yds a great concept by the Vikings: Balanced “12” personnel, Rice motioned across the formation removing both the corner and the safety from run support to the back side, S Reed had to be in the run front because of the TE as the third block and the closed formation to that side – Peterson cut back run to the side of the field where force was compromised
  • Rice 58 yds on final FG drive came against “quarters”, so Rice was matched one-on-one with CB Walker; Great block by Kleinsasser on DE Bannan, Great throw by Favre 62 yds in the air
  • Vikings do a great job eliminating back side run force with formation, shifting and motion, and then utilizing Peterson’s outstanding cut back ability – It’s the Joe Gibbs principle in the run game of controlling run support


  • DE Allen a much better run defender than people think; He uses his hands really well, Keeps his body and his legs free – He is arguably the best DE in the NFL
  • S Johnson struggles with recognition and range as a single high safety
  • Vikings defense is quick reacting and plays fast
  • MLB Henderson plays downhill in the run game very effectively, Does  a great job releasing his DTs from double teams
  • Rookie T Oher had a tough time in pass protection when matched one-on-one with Allen
  • Winfield got hurt, replaced by Paymah – Griffin moved to RCB and Paymah played LCB
  • Vikings a lot of designed movement with their DL and LBs, They slant and scrape; Overall, they attack and penetrate
  • Rice was not really utilized in the Ravens offense throughout the first half until they got to the 2 minute offense
  • McGahee looked tentative running the ball, He was running east-west too much and not attacking downhill
  • DT Williams really disruptive on the inside versus both run and pass
  • Rice 22 yd TD came out of hurry up, no huddle and the Vikings defense was not set; Vikings defense made substitutions and was still moving just before the snap
  • Rice played the second half in place of McGahee
  • Ravens went shotgun on the large majority of their second half snaps
  • Flacco very good getting the ball out quick, and to the right receiver; He gets a clear picture quickly
  • DT Kennedy flashed as a rotational DT: Showed quickness and burst as a pass rusher
  • Paymah beaten on Clayton 32 yd TD: The coverage was “man free”, I thought Paymah made a mistake playing Clayton outside-in rather than inside-out given the wide split of Clayton; Paymah opened up immediately on Clayton’s release, which said that he was playing defensively and scared – If Winfield is out, Paymah can be attacked
  • Mason 12 yd TD also came out of hurry up, no huddle and the Vikings defense was again not set – Great job by the Ravens
  • S Johnson made the mistake on Rice 33 yd TD; He was the alley run support defender and he took too much of an inside path, putting himself out of position – Johnson did not play outside–in to the ball, He out leveraged himself
  • McGahee did not play a snap after the second play of the third quarter
  • Vikings defense changed their tempo in the second half with the big lead, They were less challenging and aggressive, They played more “cover 2” concepts
  • On the final drive for the Ravens, the Vikings defense did not play soft; They were challenging with blitz and they aggressively defended the 35 yd line, which was the goal line in that situation
  • Flacco very decisive with his reads and throws, Quick and compact delivery with a very smooth and easy motion


  • Saints do so much with formation variation to dictate matchups; They force the defense to decide how they want to match up – It eventually comes down to how the defense chooses to defend the WRs: Do they track them with their corners regardless of where they align, or do they anchor their corners on the outside and then match up to slot WRs with LBs and safeties?
  • Sean Payton dictates the pre snap phase, so he can better win the post snap phase – It’s a great concept that works so well because of Brees and his ability to immediately recognize and process defensive snapshots
  • No QB processes information in its proper sequence better or quicker than Brees
  • Saints do an outstanding job with receiver distribution and location, putting a tremendous burden on the defense to identify and match up: Colston 28 yds on second TD drive, He aligned as the inside slot receiver on the 3 receiver side and was matched against LB Pierce and S Brown
  • Meachem 36 yd TD came out of “12” personnel against “cover 2”: Meachem’s tight split got him matched on S Brown on his vertical route
  • Saints clearly went after Giants safeties Johnson and Brown in the pass game; They did it with formations and play calling
  • Giants clearly did not have any confidence in their corners to play single coverage on the outside; This evidenced by the fact that they did not play one snap of single high safety coverage in the first half
  • Giants game plan was clearly to rush 4 and play coverage, as opposed to pressuring Brees with blitz; They could not generate any consistent pressure on Brees with a 4 man rush
  • Given how the Giants chose to play, with their emphasis on coverage and not pressure, they were out-schemed by the limitations of their personnel in the secondary, especially at the safety position
  • Giants played a lot of 2 deep zone coverage concepts, which demand pass rush pressure in order to be successful; The Giants were unable to generate consistent pressure, so the voids in the coverage were exposed by Brees and the Saints receivers
  • The Saints OL did an outstanding job; Umenyiora and Tuck were not factors in this game – I believe the Giants felt they could get pressure with their down 4, especially given the relative weakness of Saints OTs Bushrod and Stinchcomb
  • Saints a lot of slide protection in this game, which allowed for help on both Umenyiora and Tuck – Payton did a great job protecting his OTs with the slide protection concepts


  • An overlooked element of the Saints defense is how well corners Greer and Porter are playing; Saints play a lot of man-to-man concepts and both corners are playing at a consistently high level right now
  • Saints played some 3-4 fronts, with Evans the fourth LB replacing DT Ayodele – Then Fujita got hurt and Evans took his spot at OLB in the 4-3
  • Saints played a high percentage of single high safety coverages with Sharper the deep safety reading routes and the QB
  • Manning just overthrew Smith on 3rd + 5 for what would have been a TD on the Giants second series; Sharper vacated the middle in the coverage scheme and Smith was behind the defense on a seam route
  • Mitchell was the fourth LB in the 3-4 front after Fujita got hurt
  • Giants had problems with the Saints pressure schemes, Too many rushers were not accounted for – Rarely see that with the Giants
  • Saints LBs play downhill with aggression in the run game, They attack gaps and often force backs to change direction in the backfield – Vilma showed up as a downhill player, Speed and instincts
  • Manningham 15 yd TD came against a 3 man rush with 8 in coverage, Sharper just missed another interception
  • S Harper got in clean on his sack and forced fumble that the Saints recovered at the end of the first half
  • Rookie Beatty replaced an injured McKenzie at RT in the second half
  • Greer interception came out of overload blitz concept with S Harper and LB White rushing from Manning’s front side, It was the weak side of the Giants formation; RB Bradshaw went the wrong way in pass protection and Harper got in clean – Manning clearly read the blitz and knew he had Nicks man-to-man on the outside against Greer
  • Very impressed with the Saints defense: They played fast and aggressively, They were proactive, They challenged the Giants offense


  • Any bad weather or bad footing makes it easier for the passing game
  • Titans played a lot of “cover 2”, which is a very good bad footing coverage, since the corners are more read and react players rather than quick movement players
  • Welker 48 yds on first quarter FG drive came against “cover 2”: Welker was aligned on the outside with Moss in the slot; They both ran vertical routes, attacking the deep safety Hope, who clearly cheated toward Moss – Straight line routes in bad footing, Really well done by the Patriots
  • Moss 42 yd TD on 1st + 10 off fleaflicker action: Patriots balanced “12” personnel with minus splits for both Welker and Moss; Titans surprisingly matched up with nickel personnel, with third corner CB Williams aligned over Moss – Fleaflicker a great play call in bad footing: Moss started easy and then just accelerated, and the Titans secondary had to turn and run, which was not easy in the bad footing
  • Brady unbelievable throw to Moss for the 28 yd TD in the second quarter; Brady moved out of the pocket to his left, and threw across his body as he was getting hit
  • Patriots did absolutely the right thing by making this a passing game, They had the advantage
  • Titans secondary continued to make numerous mental mistakes, which were not a function of the weather but were accentuated by the bad footing
  • Patriots knew exactly how to play in the bad weather; They did not have to change anything about their offense, they just had to pick the kinds of plays that worked best in bad weather
  • Patriots effectively utilized 3×1 sets with both Welker and Edelman on the field at the same time aligned in double slot formations; I would expect to see more of this as Brady gets more comfortable with more snaps and more games, and the Patriots can utilize more 4 WR personnel packages
  • Brady threw the ball well given the weather conditions, but there was nothing special about the way he threw; Many of his completions were a result of breakdowns by the Titans pass coverage


  • Johnson 59 yds on the first play of the game was a WR screen; The Bengals zone blitzed from the side of the screen, which eliminated 2 second level defenders and gave Johnson more running room after the catch – Great call, Did the Texans anticipate the defensive call?
  • LT Brown very athletic, both as a pass protector and in the zone run game – Will be an All-Pro LT
  • Rookie Johnson a very versatile player for the Bengals: Utilized as both a pass rusher from the DE and DT positions, and a coverage defender – A very good athlete with excellent movement skills
  • TE Daniels the wild card in the Texans pass offense: He aligns all over the formation, and moves like a big WR
  • Slaton starting to look a little quicker laterally, especially in a confined space; Still not showing much short area burst and acceleration
  • Texans had success with the WR screen, whether it was Johnson on the game’s first play (59 yds) or Slaton aligned at WR (38 yd TD)
  • LB Rivers a solid player against the run, Good sideline-to-sideline movement – Not a special athlete or a special player
  • Texans pass game a good combination of sustaining and explosive; They do a great job with route combinations against anticipated coverages
  • DT Sims showed up on film, both as a run defender and as an inside pass rusher; Significant improvement from his rookie season
  • Texans a very good screen team, both out of the backfield and to WRs on the perimeter
  • Schaub knows how to play QB but he’s limited physically; The ball generally comes out quick to the right receiver, but every once in a while his arm strength limitations show up – He can’t throw the ball to the perimeter unless it’s a hitch or a quick out; He can’t throw comebacks
  • Texans pass game very effective against off coverage on the outside, No disruption of the routes and Schaub’s refined sense of timing shows up

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