Cosell’s Coaching Tape: 10/20/09 Notes


  • S Wilson stood out as an add-in defender in the run game, Played with aggression and tenacity – Texans safeties Wilson and Pollard have played the run effectively the last couple of weeks
  • Reeves was the Texans nickel corner, as he has been the last couple of weeks; Rookie Quin moved inside over the slot
  • Bengals pass game too constricted by design, They need to attack with more frequency at the intermediate and deeper levels, They have the QB and the receivers to do that – I’m sure their concern is their OL, which is not very athletic as pass protectors
  • CB Robinson aligned over Ochocinco regardless of side, as long as Ochocinco was positioned outside and not in the slot – Texans have been doing that with Robinson all season, matching him up to the opponents number one receiver
  • Benson 10 yd TD was a zone run to the strong side, with a nice cutback by Benson – Bengals are a predominant strong side zone running team, It’s a high tendency
  • Palmer missed a big play opportunity in the second quarter when he had Ochocino behind the defense on a deep post, Palmer ran up in the pocket instead of setting his feet and delivering, Pass was underthrown which allowed Robinson to recover and make a play
  • Palmer missed some opportunities in this game, I certainly don’t know their reading progressions out of route combinations against specific coverages but there were a number of plays where Palmer did not throw to the open receiver
  • Rookie Barwin has a chance to develop into a quality pass rusher, Moves well and with quickness – At this point he’s too straight line as a rusher, Needs to channel his natural athleticism into better change of direction
  • Bengals offense plays to move the chains much more so than attack with the pass
  • Bengals offense never got into a rhythm into this game, a combination of their inability to run the ball with consistency and their defense’s inability to get the Texans offense off the field – Bengals have evolved into a volume offense powered by the run game, They need plays and they didn’t get enough against the Texans
  • Rookie Cushing has a chance to be a dominant LB, He never comes off the field and plays both the run and the pass very well, An excellent athlete with movement and aggression
  • I don’t think Palmer will be happy when he watches the film of this game, Too many missed opportunities that were there


  • Campbell clearly uncomfortable right now, No sense of timing and rhythm, Was not pulling the trigger on easy throws that were immediately defined
  • Campbell not patient right now, Was not allowing route combinations to develop, Was hurrying himself with no pressure – Campbell playing with no confidence
  • Redskins receivers struggle to win on isolation routes where they are matched one-on-one on corners; That has been the case all year – This also makes it tougher for Campbell, who is not a precisely accurate passer against tight man coverage
  • Portis has lost his short area burst, He no longer gets through small cracks at the point of attack – Also lacks stop and start, and change of direction; He can no longer make unblocked defenders miss (McGraw tackled him in the open field)
  • The interior 3 of the Redskins OL was a liability in the first half when Campbell was in the game
  • Chiefs consistently added a safety into the run game, They were clearly not afraid of one-on-one matchups on the outside in the pass game
  • Redskins receivers can’t beat man coverage with any consistency
  • Here’s the cliff notes version of the Redskins offensive problems: They can’t run the ball, Portis is a shell of his former self, The receivers can’t consistently win versus man coverage, Campbell is a very uncomfortable QB right now with no sense of pocket feel or timing
  • The Redskins OL could not get second level defenders blocked in the run game


  • Roethlisberger the most talented QB in the NFL in terms of overall physical tools
  • NT Rogers still dominant on the inside, C Hartwig had a difficult time
  • Browns did a lot with pressure schemes  out of their nickel personnel to try to confuse the Steelers OL and Roethlisberger when it came to declaration of who’s rushing and who’s dropping into coverage; They often dropped DL into coverage
  • Steelers went predominantly no huddle on their fourth series to change the tempo; Roethlisberger effective in the no huddle – It produced a 7 play TD drive
  • Roethlisberger much more comfortable and effective versus blitz this season, Much quicker processing information and getting the ball out of his hand to the right receiver
  • A significant part of the Browns game plan was to rush 3 and drop 8 in coverage, It was not effective (Wallace 29 yds, Miller 8 yd TD)
  • Steelers stayed with the no huddle on their next drive, and scored another TD
  • Steelers had a lot of success in the passing game against the Browns nickel package
  • Browns defense was aggressive and challenging; They blitzed and they played man coverage, especially in the red zone – They put a premium on the Steelers pass protection, and the Steelers did a good job against the pressure schemes
  • Steelers pass game very diverse and multi-dimensional, They attack at the intermediate and deeper levels off play action, They work both the edges and between the numbers – They are tough to defend
  • Mendenhall continued to run with power, Clearly a more confident runner now
  • Roethlisberger interception came against “2 man” coverage,  He tried to hit Ward down the seam but nickel back Adams had undercut the route and Roethlisberger had no angle to get the ball in
  • Steelers have a complete offense: They can sustain offense with the run game, and they are explosive with the pass game


  • Broncos do a great job with their pressure concepts out of their nickel personnel package
  • DC Nolan clearly felt comfortable with nickel LB Woodyard matched man-to-man on TE Gates, Nolan did that on the first third and long of the game
  • Broncos came out blitzing, both out of their base 3-4 and their nickel package – They played “cover zero” on the game’s 7th snap, on a 3rd + 9: Floyd 20 yds with a TD saving tackle by Bailey
  • One thing that really stands out re: the Broncos defense is that their secondary is physical, and they tackle
  • Sproles missed the hole on the 3rd + goal run from the 2 yd line, He did not follow his blocks into the designated point of attack; If he did, he had a chance to score
  • Rookie S McBath flashed when he replaced an injured Dawkins: Athletic and physical, Played with the same tempo as Dawkins
  • The Broncos defense plays fast, with great effort and intensity – What also stood out, and I notice this every week, is the play recognition and discipline with which they play snap after snap; They understand their responsibilities, and consistently execute them
  • Bailey predominantly aligned over Jackson when Jackson was aligned on the outside
  • Rookie Ayers starting to play faster, with the kind of quickness he displayed in college at Tennessee; Broncos align him at LB, DE and DT in their nickel package
  • Broncos attacked and challenged the Chargers offense with a high percentage of blitz, both in normal and down distance situations and in long yardage situations
  • Chargers offense struggling with run/pass balance issues right now, No rhythm to their offense – They need to find out if Tomlinson can still be an effective lead back, Not necessarily 25 carries a game but enough to feature a consistent run game – Tomlinson had moments when he looked quick laterally, although he clearly does not have that special burst and acceleration anymore
  • Dumervil played the run very well, Used his hands well to keep separation and disengage from blocks
  • Broncos LBs do a great job attacking the QB when they have man coverage on a back, and the back blocks; All part of the aggressive mentality and mindset fostered by DC Nolan
  • Broncos defense challenged the Chargers offense all game: High percentage blitz, A lot of man coverage concepts; It’s a proactive defense that reads formations and plays quickly, and reacts with conviction and aggression

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  1. Huskies says:

    Can we get a little more insight on how Vincent Jackson and Malcom Floyd are operating in the SD offense. With the SD running just not operating effectively and the poor SD D letting opposing teams rack up points, I have to think the SD passing attack is going to be all out each week.

  2. PackFan says:

    Sounds like all 3 former USC linebackers are beginning to make significant impacts on their respective pro squads; quite the trio to have played at the same time on the same college team.

    Will be interesting to see the kind of day castoff Cedric Benson has against his old team while current unfortunate Matt Forte continues to struggle, and Thomas Jones – the guy they originally gave away to just move up in the 2nd round – runs wild for the Jets.

    Thanks again for the insight.

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